Grading Scale


Kenosha Unified Schools rank students using two parallel methods.  Both appear on the transcript and are used for college applications.  The first is the “Traditional Method” of counting all A’s=4 points, B’s=3 points, C’s=2 points, D’s=1 point, and F’s=0 points. This calculation places equal value on all courses.  The cumulative grade point average result is placed on the transcript each year and a class ranking developed from the cumulative grade point average for a student at each grade level listed.

The second method gives differing values to honors classes, regular classes and basic classes.  Grade point average on the weighted scale is computed and placed on the transcript with the rank developed from using these “honors” grade point averages in the same manner as using the Traditional Method.

All students are evaluated and ranked in two separate ways.  The weighted approach gives greater value to more difficult and demanding honors courses and thus a student with honors courses ranked on the weighted scale will rank higher.  The traditional 4.0 evaluation gives equal value to all courses regardless of difficulty.  These two methods allow for two perspectives on student achievement.


  • Quarterly rolls are calculated using both the traditional 4.0 grade point scale and the weighted grade point scale.  Students with a grade point average of at least 3.0 on the 4.0 scale or 4.3 on the weighted scale achieve honor roll status if they do not receive a grade lower than a C.
  • Grade point averages (GPA) and class ranks are calculated on both scales only at the end of each semester.  Both grade point averages and class ranks appear on student transcripts.

For comprehensive details about how Honors classes, Advanced Placement classes, and Youth Option Program classes contribute to the overall academic program for students at Tremper, refer to the first several pages of the KUSD High School Course Offerings booklet.  These booklets are available in the Student Services Office.