Information about Counseling Services

The Role of the School Counselor

Your counselor is your primary contact in Student Services.  Counselors provide support to students in three areas:

  1. Academic/Educational:  Counselors work with students, parents and faculty to develop a plan that meets a student’s academic needs and interests.  Counselors work collaboratively with other professionals to identify barriers and assist students who are experiencing academic difficulties.
  2. Career/Vocational:   Counselors assist students in the development of plans for post high school training and education.
  3. Personal/Social:  Counselors assist students in dealing with challenging life situations which may impact their success at school.  Counselors work closely with other student support staff in addressing these issues.
Ways to meet with your counselor

  1. Students can walk in to meet with their counselor.
  2. Students can sign up for an appointment and will then receive a pass or will be called to meet with their counselor REQUEST A PASS
  3. Students may directly email their counselor

Parents who wish to contact the counselor are encouraged to call or email the counselor directly. Contact information for the counselors is listed on the Student Services/Counseling.

Counseling Meetings with Students:

Counselors see students formally and informally throughout their four years in high school.  Planned meetings include the following:

Freshmen:  LINK  crew

What is LINK Crew? -

Starting in the fall, counselors meet with groups of freshmen in order to introduce themselves, discuss goal-setting, share strategies for success at THS and highlight the resources available in the Student Services Department.  Students complete a questionnaire that assist the counselor in the first steps to develop a working relationship with each individual.  Freshmen Web Page

Sophomores:  Counselors will meet individually with each sophomore and develop an Individual Learning Plan (I.L.P.).   Counselors assist students in planning, monitoring, and managing their own learning, as well as, their personal and career development. Sophomore Web Page

Juniors:  Counselors will meet with students throughout the year and actively plan for the next steps in the post -high school planning process.  Counselors will share resources, including ACT preparation, college and career planning. Junior Web Page

Seniors: Counselors will meet with students throughout the year to provide information about post-high school planning.  Detailed procedures are outlined for students who are applying to college.  Seniors will meet individually with their counselors in the fall as they are completing college applications and/or with questions on other post high school options.  These meetings are student-initiated as each student is ready on his or her own time.
Senior Web Page