12 Ways To Say Goodbye


In Latin we say “Vale”,

entering through the doors for the first time.

In French we say “Bon Voyage”,

learning new things in our classes.

In Italian we say “Ciao”,

dancing our night away at Homecoming and Prom.

In Japanese we say “Sayōnara”,

acting in productions big and small.

In Spanish we say “Adiós”,

playing in sports all year long.

In Russian we say “Proshchay”,

singing and performing music in concerts.

In African we say “Totsiens”,

waiting for our last day to come.

In Arabic we say “Wadaeaan”,

receiving our diplomas at last.

In Chinese we say “Zàijiàn”,

turning our tassels from right to left.

In Portuguese we say “Tchau”,

hugging our friends as we say goodbye.