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Just Breathe


Today, it is becoming more and more common that we turn on the television or pick up our phones and read a new headline that broadcasts yet another tragedy. This past October was the Las Vegas shooting at a Jason Aldean concert. It seems that every day there is something on the news that tears us down and makes our country feel like nothing but a bloodbath. Depression in our nation is on the rise, but maybe there is a simple way to lessen the pain of it: turn off the news. Continue reading Just Breathe

Plot Armor: Why Superhero Screenwriters Fear Killing Off Heroes


The rise of superhero movies on the small and silver screens has given fans of superheroes some of the most well-realized and detailed looks into the world of their favorite characters. With the coming Justice League movie on November 17, the third Thor sequel, Thor: Ragnarok, coming November 3, and the third and fourth Avengers movies debuting in 2018 and 2019 respectively, the superhero genre has taken up on of the premiere slots in each year’s blockbuster roster, and have subsequently performed exceedingly well. Continue reading Plot Armor: Why Superhero Screenwriters Fear Killing Off Heroes

Tremper Takes on Hamilton


When prompted to complete a task as difficult as casting the hit musical Hamilton, with the aspiring actors/actresses being anyone and everyone in the senior class, I was very intrigued. I questioned what I should focus on and overall decided that my casting wouldn’t be made based on talent or involvement in various drama programs, or gender, or race, etc. but solely on personality. The finalized list is posted below. This casting was written simply based on my opinion and is not meant to offend anyone (I’m talking to you, Connor Johnston). Continue reading Tremper Takes on Hamilton

Why Exercise?


Exercise can be defined as an activity that requires physical effort, executed notably to sustain or improve health and fitness in which not many adults nor teenagers undertake. Studies have shown that a majority of the people who attempt to exercise regularly, quit due to the lack of motivation. Experts recommend that both adults and teenagers obtain “60 minutes or more of moderate to vigorous physical activity each day.” Continue reading Why Exercise?

Why Camila Cabello’s Departure From Fifth Harmony Was A Good Thing


On December 18, 2016, the Fifth Harmony group Twitter account announced Camila Cabello’s departure. It caused an uproar among the site and made headlines. Everyone saw it coming, but no one knew it would happen so suddenly. This happened nearly a year ago, but I am about to tell you why her departure was the best thing to happen to both Fifth Harmony and Camila herself. Continue reading Why Camila Cabello’s Departure From Fifth Harmony Was A Good Thing

West Ham Dramatic Draw


Last week Saturday had a dramatic 1-1 draw to Burnley. In the 16th minute West Ham goalkeeper Joe Hart belted a ball from his own goal to only pass it to Mitchel Antonio on the other half of the field to score a goal giving West Ham a 1-0 lead. With this goal West Ham looked good and was hoping to keep the lead and score more goals in the game, but only to have  a disappointing action caused West Ham’s other striker playing that game, Andy Carroll. Carroll has a aggressive play to himself challenging every ball in the air, but this style of play hurt him in the end. Continue reading West Ham Dramatic Draw

Greek Peak


The Milwaukee Bucks’ All-Star forward, Giannis Antetokounmpo, had the game of his life Saturday night vs the Portland Trailblazers. Following a 116-97 nationally-televised loss Friday night against the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Bucks looked to rebound and get their second win of the season the following night. Leading into the game, the Trailblazers’ backcourt duo of Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum set out to dominate the Bucks offensively as the pair averaged a combined 50.7ppg. Antetokounmpo had other plans. Continue reading Greek Peak

The New Taylor


On Friday morning, Taylor Swift released the third single to her new album Reputation. The new single is named Gorgeous and no one was surprised to hear that it was about a guy. Ever since Swift dropped the song fans have been trying to dissect the meaning behind the single. The media has concluded that the song is about her current boyfriend Joe Alwyn. Swift and Alwyn have been keeping their relationship under wraps for the past few weeks though. Lines such as “ocean blue eyes looking into mine” and “I got drunk and made fun of the way you talk” all point to Alwyn as being the star of this song. Whether the song is referencing her current boyfriend or not, the song is still a very catchy and very relateable and it is by far the beat song on her album so far.

Cross Country Season


Cross country is not your average sport. Everyday the team spend hours running. Their workouts vary from 400 meter repeats to long eight miles runs. No matter what that day consists of, they are always forcing themselves to push themselves. If the average person was to look at their workouts for the week, they were be appalled by the intense workouts the athletes work their bodies to the breaking point. Continue reading Cross Country Season

Spooky Movies for a Spooky Season


BOO! It’s finally here! Spooky season. Cuddle season. Pumpkin Spice Latte season. The whole shabang! Recent studies have proven that Halloween movies are the best (don’t quote us on that). They bring much joy and spookiness to friends, families, ghouls, and goblins. Some Halloween favorites are Scream, Halloweentown, Hocus Pocus, Haunted Mansion, IT, Nightmare Before Christmas, and A Nightmare on Elm Street. Continue reading Spooky Movies for a Spooky Season

50K Less


Golden State’s super star Stephen Curry was fined $50,000 for throwing his mouthpiece in the direction of a game official during Saturday’s 111-101 loss to the Memphis Grizzlies. The NBA announced this Monday, hours before the Warriors and Mavericks were to tip off. The 6-foot-3 sharpshooter had tossed his mouthpiece while complaining about a no-call on a drive. He was immediately ejected. Kevin Durant was also ejected when he joined Curry in arguing with the officials, but the league didn’t announce discipline for Durant. However, this is not the only time that Curry has throw his mouthpiece. The NBA fined Curry $25,000 after he threw his mouthpiece during Game 6 of the 2016 NBA Finals and accidentally hit a fan. Curry, who occasionally tosses his mouthpiece to the hardwood when upset, realizes that if another incident arises, he could face a heftier fine or even possibly a suspension.


Five Christmas Movies to Watch This Holiday


After the year that we’ve had, you might be forgiven for wanting to curl up on your couch over the holidays. You could pretend that A Charlie Brown Christmas isn’t depressing as hell, sit through Hallmark’s yuletide offerings—or watch a movie you actually want to watch. To help you map out your holiday movie mega-marathon, here is a list of five Christmas movies that are the perfect way to distract yourself from the turn of another year, the office white elephant party, or your dad’s lethal fruitcake. Continue reading Five Christmas Movies to Watch This Holiday

Would You Take In A Refugee?


One of President Trump’s first actions after taking office was to put a travel ban on seven countries with a Muslim majority. This executive order halted tourists and people without a “bona fide” relationship with a citizen, as well as a ban on refugees from entering the U.S. for 120 days. The legality of this was questioned by federal courts repeatedly and protested in airports around the United States. It indefinitely banned Syrian refugees, of which there are 1.3 million displaced in the first half of 2017, and currently 65.6 million displaced people in all. Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt are hosting countries for Syrian refugees, and are all in great need of support. Should there be a ban at all? Due to the controversy this order sparked, President Donald Trump claimed that this ban was not specific to Muslims, it was an effort to stop terror and keep the United States safe. Continue reading Would You Take In A Refugee?

Influence of  Minors


The new generation of kids are introduced to a new world of things never seen before by anyone their age. A child, 10 years old, can be introduced to the world of drugs simply by logging onto the internet. These children will grow up knowing only the internet and the world of social media, most likely losing the social skills they need to prosper in this world. This, with all negatives put aside, can also be a very good thing. Continue reading Influence of  Minors

Who’s Ready to Shop?


Black Friday shopping is right around the corner; less than a month away. It falls on November 24th this year. Many large retail stores have already released their ads! A few being Kohl’s, Target, Costco, Walmart, Best Buy, etc. Stores have already put out the times that their doors will be opening, what items you will need tickets for, and online shopping is also available again this year. Over the years online Black Friday shopping has out beat the shopping in stores by 44%. The deals keep on getting better every year. Continue reading Who’s Ready to Shop?

Salary for College Athletes


College sports have the most competition out of all level of sports.  The reason why college sports are so competitive and exciting to watch is because the players know if they show their skill on the field, court and such they will make it to the professional level where they have the ability to make an income.  Playing college sports means a lot of workouts and missing school due to traveling. Continue reading Salary for College Athletes

Anthony Robles


Who would have thought one of the best lightweight collegiate wrestlers could claim this feat with only one leg? After being born with one leg for unknown reasons, Anthony Robles started wrestling in the eighth grade. In the beginning Anthony struggled but soon learned how to use his low gravity to his advantage. After going 5-8 his freshman year of high school, he finished his junior and senior year at 96-0 respectively claiming two state titles. During his senior year he claimed a National title. Continue reading Anthony Robles

They Have Returned


For almost a month , the two extremely popular YouTube gamers, Seán McLoughlin and Mark Fischbach, or commonly known as jacksepticeye and Markiplier are back from their own separate tours and short hiatus.  In my previous articles I have talked about the tours that McLoughlin had went on, yet I did not talk about Fischbach’s tour and month long hiatus. Continue reading They Have Returned

Giannis Antetokounmpo: Big Name, Big Performance


Giannis Antetokounmpo was selected 15th overall by the Milwaukee Bucks in the 2013 NBA Draft. Since that day, it’s been nothing but improvement on the court for him. Giannis grew up and lived in Greece until the draft pick by the Bucks that moved him to Wisconsin. He never played in NCAA college basketball, like the majority of the draft selections, as they are from the USA. This factor made the pick a risky move for Milwaukee, but one that’s paying off in huge ways. Continue reading Giannis Antetokounmpo: Big Name, Big Performance

Animal Abuse


People love animals. The tenderness for animals has gone beyond measure. We house some of them in our homes, treating our pets like family. Behind the love for these family members a horrendous truth has finally been revealed to the public.  Animals all around the world are serving a great deal of suffering. Every single day in countries around the world, animals are fighting for their lives. Continue reading Animal Abuse

Disadvantages of Not Drinking Enough Water


As simple as drinking water sounds, drinking a certain amount of water every single day can be very difficult. “Forty-three percent of adults drink less than four cups of water a day. That includes thirty-six percent who drink one to three cups, and seven percent who drink none.” Not drinking enough water each day can result in several negative effects on your body, both physically and mentally. Continue reading Disadvantages of Not Drinking Enough Water

Importance of Pursuing Foreign Languages


Although you may live in the United States where English is the most dominant language, it is crucial you consider learning a foreign language. Americans can be quite ignorant in thinking that everyone should be able to adapt to our main language. Little do most people know, our country is becoming more and more diverse. Roughly 50 million US citizens are Spanish native speakers, with English at about 200 million. We should be able to speak their language just as much as most people believe they should know ours. Almost three million Americans speak Chinese and two million speak French as well. Continue reading Importance of Pursuing Foreign Languages

Can Graffiti Be Considered Real Art?


Many people consider graffiti vandalism of property, and any style related with graffiti is considered rude, intrusive, and offensive. However, permission of such businesses to allow street artists to create murals on business walls is becoming more and more popular, thus considered an art. These exception walls, known as Permission Walls, legally allow the contribution of graffiti artists to add to their building’s walls to attract tourists and business with vibrant colors and attractive designs. While there is slight difference between such graffiti acts and permission walls visually, what these art forms really represent are vastly contradictory. Each of these can be viewed with amazement and awe, for they can be vivid, abstract, symbolic, or territorial, and there is no doubt that this art form is vast.

Broken Season


On Tuesday night the NBA season tipped off. The games featured were the Boston Celtics vs. the Cleveland Cavaliers followed by the Golden State Warriors vs. the Houston Rockets. However, the story of the night had nothing to do with basketball. Gordon Hayward, a new free agent signee and All-Star for the Boston Celtics, gruesomely fractured his fibula just five and a half minutes into the season. Hayward went up to catch an alley-oop when he landed awkwardly on his ankle, causing it to snap in half. The injury is thought to be one of the most severe injuries in recent sports history. The reaction from the players and the fans said it all. Players and fans from around the league rejoiced and sent their prayers towards Heyward via Twitter. This gut wrenching injury will surely sideline Heyward for the entire season.

Milky Chance


Milky Chance, a German indie group, which includes lead singer, Clemens Rehbein, as well as Philipp Dausch, and Antonio Greger. I, Alaina Snider, have been a fan for an ongoing four years now but despite this fact, I was unable to attend his most recent concert hosted by the Rave in Milwaukee. Although Mitchel has been a listener for a much shorter time period, he, indeed, was able to join the crowd of diehard fans. “I was very disappointed, as well as, jealous of Mitchel as he showed me videos from the concert,” Snider said in tears. According to Hudrick, his experience was one of a lifetime and he would definitely see Milky Chance again (hopefully with Alaina next time).

Hayward Out for Season


It is opening night in Cleveland, Celtics vs Cavaliers live on national television. Gordon Hayward is finally under the bright lights awaiting his career to take off. However, only 5:11 into the first quarter, Hayward jumps up for a lob and awkwardly lands on his left ankle. Crashing to the floor, Hayward badly dislocated his ankle causing it to rotate out of it’s socket. The entire arena was in shock, including referee Monty McCutchen who was standing in front of Hayward at the time of the injury. McCutchen stopped the game as the medical staff attended to Hayward, who was sitting in shock. Celtics and Cavaliers players gave their condolences to Hayward as he was carted off. Celtics guard, Kyrie Irving, was seen almost in tears. This is the worst injury since Paul George’s compound tibia fracture in a 2014 USA Basketball scrimmage Continue reading Hayward Out for Season

TV Review: The Flash Season Four Hits the Ground Running


One of the flaws of the superhero format is the constant cycle of death and resurrection for popular characters. Recent films like Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Avengers: Age of Ultron have tried their hand at subverting this format by letting one of the heroes die, with mixed results. DC Entertainment obviously won’t let Superman stay dead (Spoilers, I guess), and Marvel Studios more or less got away with a character death because Quicksilver was an underdeveloped side character who had about ten total minutes of screen time. That brings us to our other speedster, the Flash. The CW’s hit superhero show seemingly killed the titular Flash at the end of it’s third season, locking him away in a “Speed Force Prison” as penance for creating an alternate timeline. This left the show without its lead character going into the fourth  season and fans with the burning question of when, if ever, they would see Barry Allen again. Continue reading TV Review: The Flash Season Four Hits the Ground Running



Sports are a vital part of a student’s lives. By setting aside a chunk of their day, students are able to release stress and tension from their day.  Sports can not only further physically but also mentally. Sports such as soccer and hockey that do not consist of set up plays enable students to work their brain and further their mental capacity. Thinking quickly about what to do on the field has many advantage to the brain. Continue reading Sports

Rookie’s First Shot


Last week on Monday Night Football, the rookie quarterback for the Bears got his first start of the regular season against the Vikings. Trubisky started off hot throwing down the field to his wideouts but got stopped on the first possession. Both teams over all struggled in the first half in getting any points. All together there was only five points scored; the  Vikings kicked a field goal and the Bears got a safety on Sam Bradford. Continue reading Rookie’s First Shot

Eminem’s Big Return


Marshall Bruce Mathers III, most known as by his stage name Eminem, has made a big return to the music world. While on the BET Hip Hop award show, he freestyled for the audience. No one knew what he was going to rap about. Eminem knew people were eager to see his return and see what he was going to rap about, so he used his platform and the opportunity to rap about the important things going on with our country. Continue reading Eminem’s Big Return



Foxcatcher is a movie that sheds light on what happened between Dave Schultz, an Olympic wrestler, and John Dupont, a wealthy man who loved the way Dave wrestled and brought him to his estate to start a wrestling club. In the beginning Dupont was fascinated with the idea of Dave running a magnificent club on his property. He provided him with a entire training facility and also paid athletes to wrestle there while housing them and their family, it was called the “fanciest wrestling compound this side of Stalingrad”. At the time there was no other place in America where this was happening; athletes were not paid at the Olympic training center and could not start families there. Dupont paid for wrestlers to travel to tournaments and compete and surely rewarded them nicely when they won. Continue reading Foxcatcher

Be Red See Red


The Arizona Cardinals have never had luck on their side.  Since the beginning of the 2015 season the cardinals have had a stellar line up.  There are many veterans on the defense and offense as well as, a lot of rookie to second year players.  On the offense the Cardinals have veteran players like Adrian Peterson, Larry Fitzgerald And Carson Palmer.  Those three players have the experience to not crack under pressure. Defensive veterans like Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu show their athleticism in the secondary position on defense. Continue reading Be Red See Red