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To many teenagers living in the world of high school, drama is a constant, pain in the you-know-what that every student faces. Whether it comes in the shape of family or friends or “enemies,” the stress of grades and exams, the overly-exaggerated loathing for teachers— every high schooler goes through it. And while breaking up with your best friend does seem an earth-shattering, end-of-the-world thing, ten years from now you can look back on it and laugh. Who knows— maybe you will be friends again in the future. Continue reading #WorthIt

Knit Wits


“It is a wonderful, healing experience that allows students to bond while overcoming challenges. And *next week* I’m bringing snacks.”   -Kionna Babel, President of Knit Wits.

We attended a Knit Wit meeting on Monday, November 13, 2017, to experience the club for ourselves. We learned, from instruction from Mrs. Orth and members of the club, how to cast on and the beginning stages of knitting. All members were well experienced, yet extremely motivating and helpful to our amateur knitting abilities. Mrs. Orth supplied the colorful varieties of yarn so students could eventually create something that is personal to them. Continue reading Knit Wits



Since the very beginnings of civilization, humans have been advantageously altering their food through a process known as “artificial selection.”  The term “artificial selection” was first coined by famed naturalist Charles Darwin; he used it to describe the quintessential process of breeding that allows the most useful traits of a species to persist, resulting in the fittest possible organisms. This ancient use of artificial selection acts as a predecessor to the modern breeding technique of creating GMOs, or genetically modified organisms. Continue reading On GMOs

HIE THEE TO THE HALL: Madrigal Feaste Arrives Soon at Tremper


The annual Madrigal Feaste is almost here! The show celebrates its 43rd birthday this December, bringing with it the massive set in Tremper’s cafeteria and hundreds of performers for four nights. But beyond the visible aspects of the performance like the set, performers, and show, the audience is rarely given a look behind the scene’s of KUSD’s biggest show. Hundreds of hours of work go into the show, from rehearsals to set building to production, and no 36 hours are more integral to the show than the Feaste Retreat, a weekend of singing, improvisation, and shredded vocal cords. Based on my experience as a jester, here’s what you can expect from this year’s Feaste after a day and a half in a hotel with its most prominent performers. Continue reading HIE THEE TO THE HALL: Madrigal Feaste Arrives Soon at Tremper

reputation Makes Its Mark


Taylor Swift’s highly anticipated sixth studio album, reputation, made its debut as it was released Friday, November 10, 2017, at 12AM ET. Within the first four days, 1.05 million copies were sold, and there were over 400,000 pre orders through iTunes and UPS. Her fifth studio album, 1989, sold 1.287 million copies within its first week. If expert predictions are correct, she will sell at least two million copies, breaking her own record. Within days of reputation being released, it instantly became the best-selling album of 2017. Continue reading reputation Makes Its Mark

Back to America


On Tuesday, November 7th, three UCLA freshmen basketball players were arrested in China for shoplifting. The freshmen were Cody Riley, Jalen Hill, and, most famously, LiAngelo Ball. LiAngelo Ball has faced the most criticism for his actions due to the fact that he in the younger brother of Los Angeles Lakers’ point guard Lonzo Ball. The players were suspended for their first game against Georgia Tech. The University has not announced what further disciplinary actions will be taken upon the players. Continue reading Back to America

When The Stress Gets To Be Too Much


As high school seniors, both of us definitely felt the pressure that comes with being a good student. Staying on top of all seven classes at every waking moment is far from a simple task. “I seriously had to ask my mom to call me in for my first two classes because I stayed up so late last night doing homework,” said senior Cora Shircel. “Never have I ever done that in my entirety!” Continue reading When The Stress Gets To Be Too Much

First Five Day Week


Within the month of November, KUSD students were happy to find only one full week of school in the entire month. In the first week, students had Friday off for “asynchronous learning” and the next Friday off in the second week due to the end of the first quarter. Sadly, for the week of November 13th, students are back to the grind with an entire five day week. Continue reading First Five Day Week

Honoring California


When will the NRA say enough is enough? It is so very heartbreaking to see what our country has come to after the last few years of devastating violence. Approximately 120 miles from Sacramento,the  rural town Rancho Tehama experienced a traumatic scene on Tuesday, November 14th. Police claim the suspect ran over an elementary school’s gate with his vehicle, and began shooting randomly. Continuing their investigation, police found he shot his neighbors after participating in a fight with them. For now they are saying his fight with his neighbors must of have been correlated with him driving to the school. Continue reading Honoring California

Walk On Water


Eminem has put out a new single called Walk on Water. The single has  a very special artist featured: Beyonce. No one expected this particular duo to ever make a song together, so the internet lost it when they saw these two legendary artists come together for a song. There were mixed reactions from people when they first heard the song. It was very different, nothing that Eminem has ever done before, it was slow and calm. Continue reading Walk On Water



Motivation is the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way, or the general desire or willingness of someone to do something. Everyone gets into these moods of sadness or even some might call it moods of depression. For some it is quite hard to crawl out of that hole. Here are a few tips on how to motivate yourself. Continue reading Motivation

Distinction Between Sasquatch and Yeti


Is there a difference between a Sasquatch, A.K.A a Bigfoot, and a Yeti? Are they the same bipedal humanoid, or is there more than one? This is the questions many have asked for decades. Geography is the most important aspect of this tireless investigation. As many are aware, the Sasquatch is native to the North America’s Pacific Northwest region. Most sightings have been in Washington, but there are many accounts of others all over the United States. Continue reading Distinction Between Sasquatch and Yeti

Super Unnatural


Ah, okay. I’m not one to rant about things I like that often, especially TV shows. Supernatural is an exception. The show has been going strong through twelve seasons and is now entering its thirteenth. I have got to say, props to the many writers, actors and producers for doing such a great job with the show so far. Actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles have been fantastic portraying the brothers Sam and Dean, it will be a sad day for many when the show comes to an end. Continue reading Super Unnatural



Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency currently worth $7,169 each. Cryptocurrencies are digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank. There are only 21 million bitcoins that exist making the price always fluctuate. Continue reading Bitcoin

Lil Pump


Rapping in this era of time has evolved into a lot of bass and auto tune.  The rap is called trap music where they talk about designer clothes money and other essentials.  Rapper known as Lil Pump grew up in South Florida and is 17 years old, rapping was the only way out for him.  Lil Pump was not the brightest kid in school, getting kicked out of high school in the ninth grade but then going to an opportunity high school but getting kicked out of that as well.   Continue reading Lil Pump

Steelers Escape with Nail-Biter Victory in Indy


The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Indianapolis Colts matched up on Sunday at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. It was a sloppy game early on that turned into an exciting finish. The Steelers were led by 80 rushing yards from running back Le’Veon Bell and 97 receiving yards from rookie wide receiver Juju Smith-Schuster; each of them scoring one touchdown. Continue reading Steelers Escape with Nail-Biter Victory in Indy

Chicago Cubs First Baseman; #44


Anthony Vincent Rizzo, 28 years of age; the Chicago Cubs astonishing first baseman. Drafted in the sixth round by the Boston Red Sox in the 2007 draft, Rizzo played in the minor leagues for the Boston Red Socks for three years. Rizzo was then traded to the San Diego Padres after the 2010 season; and Major League Baseball debut was on June 9th, 2011. Two years later he was traded to the Chicago Cubs, where he is still playing. Continue reading Chicago Cubs First Baseman; #44



Zlatan Ibrahimovic says he’d be happy to assume the No. 10 role upon his return to Manchester United. The former PSG man has been sidelined since suffering a crucial ligament injury in his knee back in April. Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has hinted the retired Sweden international could return before January, and Ibrahimovic says he wouldn’t mind playing in a different position now that Romelu Lukaku took the No. 9 role this season. Continue reading Soccer

Bears Lose to Packers for the Second Time


The Chicago Bears have lost to the Green Bay Packers again. This time they lost 23-16 at home on Sunday. The Bears have now lost two in a row. This was the third start for Packers backup quarterback Brett Hundley, who was 0-2 in his first two starts after he replaced Aaron Rodgers, who is out with a broken collarbone. Continue reading Bears Lose to Packers for the Second Time

ABC’s The Good Doctor: Sad Truths


Dr. Shaun Murphy of ABC’s new hit drama The Good Doctor is several things: determined, genius, and, the show’s main center, autistic. With a stunning performance by actor Freddie Highmore, the characters of this drama strike a particular chord with the audience that is too true to ignore. In the show’s first episode, it is known by viewers that Dr. Murphy has autism; however, he also has savant syndrome: a condition in which a person with disabilities shows a certain affinity for a skill. In this case, Dr. Murphy shows an adept ability for anatomy, which prompts his desire to be a surgeon at St. Bonaventure Hospital in San Jose. The show’s catchphrase “His greatest ability is his greatest challenge” truly does follow the show’s main plot with a disturbing truth. While challenged with the need to be a doctor and the struggle to overcome his superiors’ disdain, Dr. Murphy persists through the show to push himself and test the boundaries of his own mind. Continue reading ABC’s The Good Doctor: Sad Truths

The Greatest Peril of Living in Wisconsin


The feared “s” word: snow. We, living in Wisconsin, are often told, “This is what you get for choosing to live in this state.” But what makes this white cold substance so unappealing? Maybe it’s the fact that with snow comes the sub 32 degree temperatures. Maybe it’s the great increase of traffic and road collisions. Whatever it is, the fun of snow becomes diminished with every trouble we have to endure here in Wisconsin. Continue reading The Greatest Peril of Living in Wisconsin

On Separating the Art from the Artist


I was rather recently informed of a horrid detail that was prominent in the history of the popular Swedish band ABBA.  Apparently, the lead singer, Agnetha Fältskog, suffered from a serious fear of performing.  She combated this fear throughout her career with alcohol, traumatizing her body and mind.  With this information now added to my schema of the band, a favorite of mine to casually listen to, I did not know how to respond.   Continue reading On Separating the Art from the Artist

The Misconceptions of Political Correctness and Free Speech


President  Abraham Lincoln once said that a house divided against itself cannot stand.  From social debates to governing ideals, this quote holds true more now than ever. The debate over what constitutes political correctness has become increasingly relevant recently, be it over the validity of a person’s sexual orientation, the sensitivity, or the way the public responds to the ideals of others. It was especially relevant during the 2016 election, during which Donald Trump often called into question the culture surrounding political correctness that his platform called weak or overly sensitive. Political correctness suffers from not only the misconception that it represents weakness, but also the way the citizens of the United States regard free speech. Continue reading The Misconceptions of Political Correctness and Free Speech

Three DIY Holiday Decorations


There are so many ways to celebrate the holiday season. And between planning dinners for the family and throwing cocktail parties for friends, hosting can be overwhelming. For holiday hosts, you have to plan the menu, get groceries, cook the meal, plus, clean up before and after. Not to mention, you have to get your space all festive for the dinner or cocktail party. It’s actually possible to survive it by keeping everything simple. And that includes your festive decorations, including DIY décor. Now’s the time to let your creative instincts shine through as you watch your mantels, stairways, and tables come to holiday life. I have some great ideas for getting your house together effortlessly—from your entryway to your dining table. You can make all of these in a weekend or two with the company of friends and family. Continue reading Three DIY Holiday Decorations

Who EXACTLY is the next Bachelor?


As Good Morning America announced, Arie Luyendyk was chosen to continue his journey for love on the 22nd season of The Bachelor. Six years ago, Luyendyk appeared on season eight of The Bachelorette and was a day away from proposing to Bachelorette, Emily Maynard. During the season finale before accepting a proposal from the season eight Bachelorette winner, Jef Holm, Maynard sent Luyendyk home, leaving him with a broken heart. Continue reading Who EXACTLY is the next Bachelor?

Astros’ Turf


The 2017 World Series was one for the books. Los Angeles Dodgers vs Houston Astros. Close and competitive was the nature for the first four games. Exciting action led to a cultivating Game Five, arguably one of the best World Series games ever played, followed by a Dodgers comeback in Game Six. All culminating to a decisive Game Seven. The two best words in sports provided the biggest stage for stars like Jose Altuve and Clayton Kershaw. The Astros had never won a World Series while the Dodgers have not won since 1988. This was the first time a Game Seven has been held in Dodger Stadium ; the hype and tension was real. Continue reading Astros’ Turf

Should College Athletes Get Paid?


In 2011 CBS and NCAA combined together to televise an event called March Madness where 64 collegiate Division 1 basketball play in a tournament. Since the two emerged in 2011, March Madness has made the two over 10 billion dollars. Not only is this number shocking due to it being in the millions, but the college basketball don’t get a single penny of this billion dollars. NCAA is an abbreviation for National Collegiate Athletic Association in the United States. Continue reading Should College Athletes Get Paid?

Holiday Sales


SALE!! Many see the word sale and think they are actually saving money but some stores bump up their prices and then put sale prices on their items to make it look like you’re buying something on sale. Many stores have been caught doing this on items to make a better or equal prophet than the items on sale. Continue reading Holiday Sales

iPhone X


There has been a constant buzz around school every since the new iPhone X was released. Everyone desires to have the new best thing, a and only a few people have actually gotten their hands on it. The new phone does not have a home button, but has a larger screen, slimmer size, and has the ability to take better photos. Students who have the phone are excited to show their classmates the new phone and enjoy the excitement and jealousy of their peers. It is an awesome new device that allows people to engage in the newest technology. Continue reading iPhone X

Average Hangout with “The Boyz”


We three are a part of a friend group which is a great coincidence because we are in the same Journalism class. The group that hangs out normally are Stephen, Eddie, Savion, Harry Orth, and Justus Siltala. The name “The Boyz” is unknown and not really clear, but the name naturally fits. We probably hangout, on average, once every two weeks. But  may not be often because of work and sports training. When we finally meet up it’s a fun time. Continue reading Average Hangout with “The Boyz”

Cody “No Love” Garbrandt


Cody “no love” Garbrandt grew up in Uhrichsville, Ohio, a small town in eastern Ohio.  Garbrandt, a professional UFC fighter, grew up loving anything that had physical contact from fighting, wrestling and boxing.  In Garbrandt’s high school sports career, his high school football team won state his senior year.  Garbrandt’s specialty was wrestling which led him to four state championships.   Continue reading Cody “No Love” Garbrandt

Who Do You Want Standing Next to You?


“Imagine a future moment in your life where all your dreams come true, you know? It’s the greatest moment of your life and you get to experience it with one person. Who’s standing next to you?” – Peyton Sawyer.

During your life you are going to experience lows and highs; during those lows and highs you should always have someone next to you to give you reasons; reasons to keep going. But who is that person? A parent, sibling, family member, friend? Why are they the person you chose? Continue reading Who Do You Want Standing Next to You?

Packers Lose Second Straight Game


The Green Bay Packers have lost again. This time against their division rivals the Detroit Lions 30-17. The Packers have a major quarterback problem. The backup quarterback Brett Hundley had a lackluster performance. He also looked unimpressive. He put himself in a difficult position to throw the ball when he decided to escape non-existent pressure. He missed a wide open player early in the game. This was an easy and massive win for the Lions. They were never in danger of losing the game. Continue reading Packers Lose Second Straight Game