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The Countdown Begins


Away go the trips to Jerry Smith’s, the jack o’lanterns, and the colorful leaves. After celebrating Thanksgiving, many people start to get into the holiday spirit with Christmas just on the horizon. Traditions such as sledding, trips to Chicago, and tree decorating come into full swing. Not only is Christmas known for the long winter break it gives its students, but also for the immense amount of spirit it brings to almost everyone. Continue reading The Countdown Begins

The Importance of Exposing Sexual Abuse


The last four months (at time of publication) have yielded a bevy of terrible allegations of sexual assault against members of both the Hollywood and Washington elite, with hundreds of women coming forward to accuse famed actors, producers, and politicians of sexual assault. Following several firings, apologies, and falls from grace, the unprecedented accusations have rocked those of celebrity status in America. This recent spate of allegations began in October, when the New York Times published a story detailing multiple accounts, now including over fifty women following the initial report, of sexual assault by producing giant Harvey Weinstein. Weinstein, then head of Miramax films, denied all allegations, but the damage was done. Continue reading The Importance of Exposing Sexual Abuse


short story by ANALICIA TORRES

My chains rattled with an unbearable amount of screeches and clanks. The pain in listening to the metal grate against the stone was enough to drive anyone insane, even me. It was a wonder I hadn’t pried the loose nail in the sconce out and forked it through my skull already. I thought about it, too— fantasized, actually. I dreamt about the day where the manacles didn’t chafe my skin and the sound of feet approaching didn’t make my stomach curl in on itself and squeeze everything inside me to the surface. The torches— or torch I should say, considering the others died out days ago— didn’t give off the warmth I’d hoped they would. Instead, their flickers of life left me with the same guttural pain they always did. Not for the fact that they were murderous flames only held back by a single wall, but the fact that, in some way, I related to that very monster. We were both bound to this dank room of cold seepage and the musty smell of death further down the way without a way of escape other than the person who will carry us out of here. Continue reading MOTHER

The Most Stressful Time of The Year


Even after months of dedication and hard work, your success or failure in a class can hinge on a single, heavily weighted assignment — the final. To further complicate matters, many schools compress all course finals into a single week. This may understandably seem like a recipe for stress and dread, but there are a number of ways to improve your performance during finals week. Here are three to try this winter: Continue reading The Most Stressful Time of The Year

Through the Wire: 15 Years Later


In 2002, up and coming music producer, Kanye West, seeked to create and release his first song. Two weeks prior, West was driving his Lexus late at night in Los Angeles and fell asleep behind the wheel. He crashed his car, in a near death accident, and was transported to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. There he would go into an emergency surgery where the doctors would perform a facial reconstruction procedure and wire his jaw shut. Thus, Through the Wire was born. Most artists would not record their debut single with their mouth wired shut, but Kanye West is not “most artists.” Continue reading Through the Wire: 15 Years Later

We Should All Be Feminists


Chimamanda Adichie, the author of We Should All Be Feminists, gives her point of view on feminism through telling her own stories. This novel is a short, eye-opening read on Adichie’s interpretation of feminism. Reading the title, one would think that the author’s motive is to persuade the reader to believe their opinion. After reading, you will realize this is not her intention at all. Continue reading We Should All Be Feminists

Christmas Gift Help


Christmas is known for a time of giving, loving, and spending the holiday with family and friends. Often times, Christmas presents are a way to show loved ones how much you care about them. This is a tricky part of the giving season, because sometimes we can’t think of the ‘perfect gift’. Well we have the answers and the best ideas to suit your struggles! We have made list ideas (that are popular in time) for some of the people we want to give back to the most. Continue reading Christmas Gift Help

Chicago Cubs Second Baseman #9


Javier “Javy” Baez, was born in Bayamon, Puerto Rico, on December 1, 1992. Baez and his mother, three brothers, and sister moved to Florida in 2005. His family made the move to Florida so his sister Noely could receive medical treatment for her spina bifida condition. Javy’s sister Noely died on April 8, 2015, at the age of 21. Baez took a leave of absence from Iowa Cubs to spend time with his family, coping with the loss of his sister. Continue reading Chicago Cubs Second Baseman #9



Should students be allowed to grade their own teacher?  If students could grade their teacher it would lead to more efficient and better learning for the students.  Some teachers have the thought that they can sit around and just make the kids figure out how to do the work themselves and not teach their students.   Continue reading Grading



There was once a vast grove. Tall, towering trees with leaves that blanketed the earth from the fierce light of the sun. Patches of clovers and tiny buttercup flowers were carefully nestled among the green, vibrant colors and strands that were laced with dew. Living within these trees and plants were animals of many kinds. There was Finch, a talkative bird, with soft brown speckles feathers that blended in perfectly to her surroundings. There was Frog, and Toad, the two different but very close friends. There was Squirrel, he was a grey creature that never seemed able to stay still. Lastly, there was Turtle, who was very shy. Continue reading Talk

The Truth is Just One Page Away: The Dangers of “Fake News”


I have a pair of beat-up old gray Converse high-tops that I, in a fit of boredom, decided to subject to my admittedly middling artistic talents one bright afternoon this last Thanksgiving break. Armed with a black Sharpie, I simply let the pen flow and looked for aesthetically pleasing results. While working on this time-filling project, one thought seemed to percolate down through my subconscious thoughts of politics, my future as a journalist, and my view of the world into the ink that slowly filled the canvas shoe: The truth is just one page away. Cryptic and certainly not what I had expected from what was a simple artistic outlet for a boring day, that phrase has bounced around my head all day since my little project. The more I thought about it, the more I agreed with my own statement. After some pondering of the matter, I realized that the phrase represents every sentiment I associate with modern politics and the state of the world. Continue reading The Truth is Just One Page Away: The Dangers of “Fake News”

Shadow and Dust

a short story by ANALICIA TORRES

The great clock  in the village’s square chimed. Several thunderous echoes boomed from the high tower that loomed over the bright city. The roarious crowd snapped their heads to look up at the small hand of the clock, their eyes watching in terror as the big arm moved in tortuous sweeps. With the sudden swiftness of a desert roadrunner, the citizens released a simultaneous shriek and ran, their business within the city long forgotten. Dust scattered in the wake of so many hurried footsteps; far off in the distance, a lone child wailed for the parents who had long forgotten him. Doors rushed to close, curtains ripped to shield the windows, shutters slammed shut to block out the darkness they knew was coming. A straggler swept up the abandoned child in his arms and stumbled to an open doorway. His foot crashed crookedly on the bottom step of a tavern; he landed on the ground in a heap of spilled coins and ribbons. The child rolled out of his grip and pulled at his arm to get him back to his feet. Continue reading Shadow and Dust

A List of Things That Do and Do Not Know Something

By JAROD STURYCZ – The Abstract Section

The color red will not know

If you are still looking at it.

The color purple does not know

It is royal.

Your watch does not know

That it reads the wrong time.

A quarter does not know

It is worth more than a dime.

A crown does not know

On whose head it is.

The color red knows

Its natural element burns.

The color purple will know

Status is not real.

Your watch knows

That it ticks.

A quarter will know

The sound it makes when dropped on the ground.

A crown will know

When it is no longer on someone’s head.


New Year, New Bucket List


This year is coming to an end quick and it will soon be 2018. We all have made great memories in 2017 so far, but it’s time to start thinking about plans for the upcoming new year. 2018 is your year to make an amazing bucket list. I’m sure we have all thought of certain things that we want to do in the future or always love doing every year, so why not just compile all of these components into one great list? Continue reading New Year, New Bucket List

Piercings Without Permission


To pierce or not to pierce. Many people in high school find themselves with the decision of asking their parents to get piercings or just getting piercings without permission. In high school many people are very close to being adults and want to make adult decisions on their own, such as getting piercings. Although they are very close to being able to legally making the decision on their own, some parents say no to new piercings. Continue reading Piercings Without Permission

School Rivalries


High school is a time for people to show school spirit with competitiveness in sports. With there being two or more schools people are bound to not like each other because of where the school boundaries end. Before 2006 people would show this competitiveness in person with fights or yelling matches. Now that the internet is popular and almost everyone is on it, people take their aggression and rivalries online. Continue reading School Rivalries

Link Crew


Join Link Crew to guide ninth graders through their first year of high school! Although only for juniors and seniors, Link Crew Leaders help transitioning freshman adapt to the high school experience “by adapting, supporting, and advising,” said junior Link Crew Leader, Jack Robbins. Advised by Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Chase, this energy filled club provides fun activities for everyone involved. Continue reading Link Crew

Team on the Rise: New York Knicks


The New York Knicks franchise has been plagued with one unsuccessful season after another for years on end, but could that change soon in the Big Apple? All the factors pointed to another bad season for the Knicks, if not far worse. The team has seen a massive amount of roster changes and transactions for a long time, which were meant to bring the team success, but gave them the opposite. Continue reading Team on the Rise: New York Knicks

Killing Net Neutrality Means the Death of Free Speech


Net Neutrality prohibits internet service providers from purposely slowing down your internet connection, censoring certain content, and blocking websites and applications. Net Neutrality is how the internet has worked in the United States forever, and it protects public libraries, schools, and you! The Federal Communications Commission intends to abolish Net Neutrality and allow internet providers the power to discriminate and control the websites you go on and what you see. Continue reading Killing Net Neutrality Means the Death of Free Speech

Angel’s Paws


Angel’s Paws is a foster based rescue located in Kenosha and runs completely on donations. This rescue is a small and often overlooked rescue, as it has no central building and isn’t advertised as publicly as the other rescues in Kenosha. It has been running for 11 years and consists of the creator of the rescue, the board, and two volunteers. Continue reading Angel’s Paws

Iranian Wrestling Codes


Alireza Karimi-Machiani is a wrestler that represents the country of Iran. During the past weekend he wrestled at the U-23 World Championships in Poland. In his match with a Russian opponent, he was winning 3-2 and was in complete control of the match. While Alireza was in his match, his coach saw that if he won he would have to face an Israeli opponent. At that time he screamed “Alireza lose!” Alireza refused at first but ultimately threw in the towel during the second period when his opponent easily took him down and leg laced him to the win. Continue reading Iranian Wrestling Codes

McGregor Speeds through Ireland


Conor McGregor has been fined 400 Euros after he was caught speeding in Ireland earlier this year. A court spokesperson told ESPN that McGregor appeared at Blanchardstown District Court Thursday where judge Miriam Walsh handed him a 400 Euro fine, which he has been given two months to pay. The spokesperson also confirmed that the UFC star was charged after he was caught breaking the country’s 100kph (60mph) national speed limit while traveling on the N7 in County Dublin on March 31. Continue reading McGregor Speeds through Ireland

Revival: Update


This past month there have been many rumors circling around the internet about Eminem new album. At first reports said the album would be released November 17, 2017. Many people were led to believe this was true. Fans were counting down the days until November 17th. While the days were getting close, there was still no official word from Eminem or anyone on his team. The day came fans were anxiously waiting for any sign that the album would release, but fans were disappointed when the album did not drop. This led fans to believe that the album did not exist and it was all just Eminem’s way of messing with us. Continue reading Revival: Update