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a short story by ANALICIA TORRES

To the students of Blatown High,  the girl with the muddy boots and ragged army jacket was odd. She never spoke, never ate lunch, never smiled, and never looked up from the floor. Some people wondered if she breathed. She was so pale and skinny that she always caused people to do double takes when they glanced at her: she looked like a ghost. And maybe she was. She’d gone to the school for all four required years, but never once had she raised her hand or been called on, nor did the teachers pay her much attention. No one knew where she lived, except the school administrators, who weren’t allowed to divulge a student’s private information; very few people knew her last name, for that matter. To the townspeople, she was an enigma, but nobody bothered to crack her. Continue reading Covers

Jenner’s Pregnancy Came By Storm(i)


Going on for about the past nine months, Kylie Jenner finally confirms what we have all been talking about. Kylie was in fact pregnant for nine months, yet kept it under wraps from the press and her fans the entire time. Not until the baby was actually born on February 1st, 2018, could the rumors finally be set in stone. After the baby’s birth, there were again rumors on what she named her little girl from Posi to Mariposa, yet these rumors were false. Kylie finally posted, on her instagram, a picture of her holding the had of her little girl with the caption “Stormi Webster” to put aside the fake names we all were guessing. At just 20 years old, Kylie’s friends and family expressed that she has always desired to be a mother, and therefore they have no doubt Stormi has a bright future. Although Kylie could have made million through her pregnancy, her decision to keep it a secret was only to benefit her and her baby’s health. Her fans wish her the best of luck and are so happy for not only her, but for Stormi and Travis Scott as well.

Perfect Valentine’s Gift


Valentine’s Day has passed and with the holiday comes many gifts given. While taking a poll in class, we found many different gift ideas. Some people go the traditional route with flowers and candy, but a lot of people have started to get more original. Mrs. Orth stated all she wanted was “Attention”, and a few other answers were a playlist on Spotify, a llama, and some home made crafts. While most people see this holiday as a reason to court their significant others, a lot of people are starting to say that personalized gifts are the way to go because it shows how much you know about the person you care about.   


Scruff or Clean Shaven


Most men have a hard time making a huge decision that is a part of everyday life. Should men go with a clean shaven look or try to pull off facial hair?  It’s very difficult for a man to pull off facial hair because the way their face is shaped.  So we went around to several classrooms of Tremper and asked the question “Do you prefer men with facial hair or clean shaven?” Each person had their own reason for their choice and answered confidently and quickly. Facial hair won the poll with 21 votes. Clean shaven came in a close 2nd with 15 votes. It’s amazing that people can have such different opinions on something as simple as facial hair.


Open Your Eyes

a short story By REAGAN BECKER

The pills seemed to call him as he stared at the medicine bottle on the nightstand. Josh peeled his bed sheets back and stood out of his bed. He walked over to the nightstand swaying forward, his hospital gown trailed behind him. His dirty black hair was messy and his dark green eyes illuminated the empty hospital room against his dark skin. His sharp facial features were a slight reflection of his 19 year old body, from his skeleton like collarbones to his frail ankles.

“What? This wasn’t here a moment ago,” he thought. Josh moved his head from one side to the other like a rabbit hiding from a predator. He grabbed the bottle, his curiosity was satisfied. Josh studied the container and to his surprise the medicine had his name on it. Examining the label further Josh discovered a chilling note.

Take this and find out the truth. Continue reading Open Your Eyes

The New Mom Kylie


As most people know Kylie Jenner, one of the biggest celebrities today, has given birth to a baby girl. Jenner is 20 years old and is a huge reality TV star, as well as a well-known makeup artist. She gave birth on February 1, 2018. Through her pregnancy she did not share her experience until the end. The baby’s daddy is rapper Travis Scott. Kylie and Travis are not currently living together, but are in a relationship and considered to be “taking their time”. The name Stormi was chosen because she is a free spirit and who cares about all. Jenner also said she liked the name because Stormi trusts only a few and has the biggest heart. She kept her pregnancy secret so she did not have to live this phase in the limelight. Others say she did it so it can be featured on her new reality TV show Life Of Kylie. Continue reading The New Mom Kylie

Why Toasters Don’t Work In Water


It seems that nowadays toasters can be found anywhere. People use them for various purposes, such as crisping a slice of bread, a bagel or any other breadlike product, and they can be used for seemingly random things such as melting cheese, cooking many hot dogs in one go, baked potatoes, a mini pizza, pizza rolls, pizza bagels and so many other items, the possibilities seem endless. In many casual conversations, people may bring up dropping a toaster into the pool or bathtub; a terrible idea. Continue reading Why Toasters Don’t Work In Water

Battle for Earth


98% of the population mysteriously disappeared one day leaving the 2% to save the world from undead beings, zombies. Epic Games changes the gameplay of zombies with Fortnite. Fortnite allows people to choose between two game modes: Survival and Battle Royale.

Survival is a co-op player versus environment based game mode allowing the player to work with teammates. Survival is about exploration, scavenging for materials, building fortified structures, crafting a multitude of weapons, and fighting off hordes of the undead. Starting off the game, the player gets few weapons and schematics to start off their arsenal. The player will have to journey in the world to collect materials to start building their defense from the undead along with protecting a rocket needed to progress in the game. Continue reading Battle for Earth

How to Study


When people think of homework the words that come to mind are, “stupid, torture, pointless, waste of time, etc,” and as much as those words might be true, they put a bad rap on studying. Students need to be able to establish the difference between studying and doing their homework before any studying will be done.

Homework is used to reinforce the knowledge that you learn in the chapter, teach time management and to show that the students know the specified material that was taught in class. All of this is meant to help prepare for the exam or test whichever that may be. Although, when that time comes students believe that because of all the homework they did and in class studying that studying is not necessary. This results on the students depending on all of the past knowledge they stuffed in their heads to somehow magically come back to them when the time come to take their test.  However, this is not true and does not happen. Continue reading How to Study

The Real Addiction that Affects you


The addictions of cell phones affect all different ages. Both teens and adults check their phones 150 times each day (or every six minutes), and send an average of 110 texts per day. 92% of teens go online daily, and 24% say they are online almost constantly. Studies have shown that using cell phones too much can interfere with sleep cycles, such as poor sleep quality and diminishing sleep time. LED screens on cell phones, ipads, computers, ect., are the specific ray of light that suppresses melatonin production. Continue reading The Real Addiction that Affects you

52nd Annual Choral Festival


Last Saturday, February 10th, over 1,300 choir students from the Kenosha Unified School District came together to perform in Indian Trail High School’s field house. Dr. Lee Nelson was the guest conductor for the 52nd annual Choral Fest. Nelson is the director of choral activities at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa. He got to rehearse with the combined middle and high schoolers on Thursday evening. Everyone got together for an early morning rehearsal on the day of the concert. Nelson expressed his amazement with the amount of people and work involved in the festival by saying, “I have to admit I never experienced anything quite like this. I think people should be inspired by the amount of work that has gone into this.” It was a wonderful night devoted to talented students and beautiful music. Continue reading 52nd Annual Choral Festival

“the sun and her flowers” Review


Rupi Kaur is an indian-canadian poet, writer, and illustrator, with some of her illustrations below. The sun and her flowers by Kaur, a poetry book divided into five chapters with illustrations throughout, is a heartwarming journey of love in all forms. Each chapter starting with Wilting, Falling, Rooting, and lastly Rising, its all about unique and unconditional love. She uses her words to strike emotions and create absurd imagery in the mind of the readers. Continue reading “the sun and her flowers” Review

The Earth is Not Dying; It is Adapting


While the majority believes the Earth is dying, there is evidence it is not only dying but also being reborn. Ever since humans have become a prominent being on this planet, their footprints have affected everything which exists today. Species have become extinct, problems in the environment have arisen and overall ecological despair has been caused by humans. But all of this is purely the Earth and its’ contents evolving.  Continue reading The Earth is Not Dying; It is Adapting

Different Traditions On Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is celebrated all around the world. Valentine’s Day can be either happy and exciting, or it can be an absolute terrible and lonesome feeling, and most people are usually feeling lonely. There isn’t another day where so many people eat chocolates, watch romantic comedies or smold with love. There are many traditions around the world, but how do they celebrate Valentine’s Day? Continue reading Different Traditions On Valentine’s Day

Florida Shooting


February 14, a day of love, turned into terror as a 19-year-old boy invaded a local high school with a gun, killing 17 adults and children. Twelve were killed in the building, two outside, one on the street, and two died at the hospital. According to his lawyer, Suspect Nikolas Cruz, told his parents, “It’s Valentine’s Day. I don’t go to school on Valentine’s Day,” in the morning as his parents tried waking him for his adult GED class. They didn’t question his actions. Cruz pulled the fire alarm at Parkland Florida High School to create chaos in the hallways and make students disperse. Shortly after, he began firing. Continue reading Florida Shooting

Military Parade


There has been talk of a military parade in the white house. President Trump attended the military parade in France last year and loved it. There has been a lot of controversy over the event. Some people say that it would be great and would honor our military and show them how proud we are of them. Others say that it is a waste of resources. The last U.S. military parade was in 1991 and cost $12 million; today that would equivalate to $21 million. There has not been a date set for this event, but if it takes place it is thought to be held on Veteran’s Day.

The Overwatch League: eSports Worth Watching


Like many people, I have never been a huge fan of esports. Dozens of game franchises over the years have tried to venture into the untested waters of professional tournament play, to various levels of success. Games like Call of Duty, StarCraft II, DOTA 2, and League of Legends have all attained respectable esports followings over the past decade and a half, with DOTA 2’s championship tournament “The International” rising to the top of the crop after appearances on ESPN as an actual broadcast sport. Years of trial and error in the realm of professional gaming set the precedent for the newest contender in the tight market of esports: The Overwatch League. Following the success of Activision/Blizzard’s 2016 hit team shooter Overwatch, Blizzard announced during the game’s first year that an official professional league would premiere towards the end of 2017 or 2018. The league launched January 10th to all the fanfare one would expect from a title that 35 million players purchased to date following a short series of exhibition games. Continue reading The Overwatch League: eSports Worth Watching


a short story by ANALICIA TORRES

In the small town of Contention, things that went bump in the night walked on the streets in the daylight, and the monsters that hid under beds sat at breakfast tables and ate with their families. Whenever something went wrong, it wasn’t their fault: it was Mrs. Rose’s.

Since her arrival to the small town, nothing had ever gone right for the residents. Power grids went up in flames, the schoolhouse caught fire, the fire station was swallowed in a sinkhole. To the people native to the town, it was all her fault. When people vanished into thin air, they blamed her. Some said she practiced witchcraft, others said she was the devil himself. When she walked down the street, the shadows followed her steps and cast out the sun. When she laughed, thunder cracked, and when she cried it rained. Everything, no matter how big or small, was her fault. When she flipped her beautiful blonde hair over her shoulder, another man left his wife. She was young and beautiful and always the talk of the town, but never in a good way. Continue reading Roses

Peter and the Starcatcher Review


When we attended the State Theatre Festival in Whitewater, Wisconsin, I was given the opportunity to see Middleton High School’s adaptation of Peter and the Starcatcher. Although it is not technically considered a musical, there was definitely enough singing within the show to be able to review actors, especially taking into account how impressive the cast was vocally. Continue reading Peter and the Starcatcher Review



The movie Coco is a story about a young, innocent boy named Miguel who lives in the mexican village, Santa Cecilia. Miguel was born into a family of shoemakers who detests all musicians. However, Miguel heavily enjoys music and loves to sing in secret. Miguel’s family completely disapproves and forbids him to ever play music. Miguel goes on an incredible journey to the land of the dead where he finds himself engulfed in beauty and learns who he is really meant to be.

Miguel believes that Ernesto de la Cruz, his biggest role model, is his great great grandfather. Miguel goes on an journey to prove to his family that his great great grandfather is in fact Ernesto de la Cruz, the greatest musician of all time. Miguel accidentally travels to the land of the dead where he meets Hector, a forgotten ghost who becomes friends with Miguel. Hector is on the brink of disappearing forever from the land of the dead. They both need each other’s help so they travel throughout the land of the dead jointly in search of Miguel’s truth. Continue reading Coco

Maynard 8 Miles Book Review


The book Maynard 8 Miles, written by Brian J. Borland, is a wonderful true story about the hardship and triumph of high school basketball in Iowa in the 1950’s. Borland is a first time author and the son of Carolyn Nicholson and Glenn Borland, whom the story is about. The book also mentions people who were on the Maynard Iowa 6-on-6 girls’ basketball team and the Men’s Wisconsin Badger team. The story may appeal more to older generations who lived in the 1950’s and are more familiar with the time, but it is still a heart warming story for all ages. The book is organized chronologically, telling the story of Carolyn Nicholson’s success in high school basketball through the years and how it led her to meet her future husband, Glenn. Continue reading Maynard 8 Miles Book Review

A Breath Of Fresh Air


For video game developers, it is extremely hard work to create a video game that appeals to old and new fans as well as creating something unique and becoming game of the year. The development team at Nintendo had all of these goals in mind when creating an innovative game that would sell with their new console, the Nintendo Switch: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Continue reading A Breath Of Fresh Air

Breakfast Foods


The best way to wake up in the morning is with a full breakfast and there are many types of breakfast in this world to choose. In American society the traditional breakfast is eggs, waffles, pancakes, bacon, and a drink. This is something many people have but most like to change it up. One good breakfast item is french toast with Nutella and cut bananas. Continue reading Breakfast Foods

A Pirate’s Life


Ever wanted to sail the seven seas, quest for buried treasure, or pillage ships? Rare gives you this opportunity to experience a virtual interpretation of a pirate adventure with their game, Sea of ThievesIt all begins with creating your selection pirate and then anchors away to let the magic of pirating begin. Grab a few friends to have a better experience of the ever expanding game. The more friends you play with, the bigger your ship is. Continue reading A Pirate’s Life

Social Conformity: The Death of Creativity


Social conformity is the act of forming a certain belief or behavior in order to fit in with your peers. It is an epidemic that everybody experiences at least once in their time on Earth. Imagine if a group of people are asked what their favorite type of dessert is. The entirety of the group’s answer is ice cream, except for one person. That one person would most likely comply to the rest of the group’s answer simply because he/she would not like to be singled out. Continue reading Social Conformity: The Death of Creativity

San Francisco


San Francisco is the place to go if you want a calm place to visit. There is so much to do, even in the surrounding cities. Just in San Fran you can visit so many attractions; of course, the main attraction the Golden Gate Bridge. You can see this from almost anywhere in the city. The second one is Alcatraz. This federal prison on Alcatraz Island in the chilly waters of California’s San Francisco Bay housed some of America’s most difficult and dangerous felons during its years of operation from 1934 to 1963. Now it is a national park and shows the history of the island from start to finish. The flower beds are one of the many things on the island that hold so much history and they are absolutely beautiful. Continue reading San Francisco

Winter Olympics


Every four years, since 1924, the winter Olympics are held in diverse cities around the world. In 1924, there were only 16 events. This year, 2018, there are 102 events. The USA is one of the only countries to have won at least one gold medal in every Winter Olympics. Russia and Norway, however, have both won more medals and golds than the USA. This year there are 2,952 athletes from 92 different countries. Continue reading Winter Olympics

47 Meters Down


Sisters Kate and Lisa take a trip to Mexico after Lisa’s boyfriend breaks up with her because she was too boring. One night they decide to go out to make Lisa feel better. They meet two guys who tell them about this amazing experience of swimming with sharks. The next day they decide to do it. Little do they know it will be the craziest experience of their lives. Continue reading 47 Meters Down

Change for the Better


Schooling has always been a necessity, it give us much of the life skills we need to succeed, especially in today’s society. The demand for learning must keep a consistent pace, with what we need as civilization, showing in the general push for higher education. Imagine a giant web of information, bits and pieces of different ideas, accumulated from different minds across the world, easily accessible by simply typing in a few keywords. Or how about having all of your school books in one tablet accessible by simply tapping a icon and not moving a inch from your couch? This were all innovating thing made in the 20th century. This became a reality, skyrocketing our acquirement of knowledge and the way educators can educate. Continue reading Change for the Better

McLaren P1: Leading a New Generation of Hyper Sports Cars


The McLaren P1, possibly the most fantastically elegant sports car made to date, first showed its beautiful curves and growling engine at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, leaving a crowd of dazzled car enthusiasts with something to look forward to getting their hands on. Designed by Frank Stephenson and manufactured by McLaren Automotive, only 375 models of the McLaren P1 passed through the manufacturing line from 2013 to 2015. Continue reading McLaren P1: Leading a New Generation of Hyper Sports Cars

Marijuana the Medicine


Most people view marijuana as a “gateway drug”, but there are also positive effects of marijuana. The idea of legalizing marijuana has been around for awhile now, and 20 states have already legalized it for medical or recreational use. Of the 20 states that legalized it, eight have legalized it for recreational use for those over the age of 21.  In Wisconsin it is not legalized for recreational use or medical use. Wisconsin is moving toward legalization by trying to pass bills that make it legal for any resident to have half an ounce at any given time. They are even closer with the bill that makes medical marijuana legal. Continue reading Marijuana the Medicine

The Good Doctor


The Good Doctor is a TV show that air on Mondays and is about an autistic man named Shaun who fought his way to become a surgeon. Shaun goes through many difficulties and tasks to understanding to be a surgeon. Along the way, Shaun shows everyone around him something new. I recommend The Good Doctor to everyone to watch because it shows how anybody can achieve anything they put their mind to, and it’s a motivation for the people that need a little push to prosper in the career. I feel like anybody and everybody can be anything they wish to be, and The Good Doctor shows that.

Production of Flannels


Why is there a higher production of male flannels than female flannels? When your go out to a store if you look in both the men’s section and the women’s section you will find that there are more flannels in the men’s section then the women’s. Well, why is this? There are many economical reasons for this such as why flannels are used and why there is such a high demand for them. Continue reading Production of Flannels

Tragedy in Parkland


On February 14th, tragedy struck in Parkland, Florida. This tragedy occured when an armed gunman entered Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and killed 17 students and staff members, along with injuring another 14 people. After the shooting, the suspect fled the school pretending to be a student running in terror. He was later arrested in Coral Springs, which is relatively close to the school.The suspected gunman was 19 year old Nikolas Cruz. It is believed that he used an AR-15 style semi-automatic rifle to perform the massacre. It was also confirmed that Cruz had been a former student of the school, until he was expelled for disciplinary reasons. Nikolas Cruz had been arrested on 17 counts of premeditated murder and is expected to appear in court on Thursday, February 15th.

Using Quizlet


Anyone can use Quizlet to learn and study for all subjects. Anyone can join by signing up on the app or online. Once you have created an account, you can use it to create your own set of study cards or access your teachers’, friends’ or families’ study sets. Quizlet is especially good for high school students and college students. After you have set up your account, you can use the learn, cards, write, match, and test sections to study.

Continue reading Using Quizlet

Why Do People Hate Mondays?


Monday: The one day of the week most people dread. What exactly is so miserable about Mondays and why is it that when we hear the word “Monday” we groan? During the weekend, an individual’s sleep pattern is fairly different than during the week. Studies have shown that individuals do not receive enough sleep during the week; therefore, individuals attempt to make up for the lack of sleep on weekends. Sleeping in even two extra hours on the weekend can essentially mess up an individual’s sleep cycle as well as body clock. That extra sleep an individual is obtaining on the weekend allows an individual to feel more tired than they would have if they did not acquire that extra sleep. Not only do people sleep in on the weekends, but people also eat more than usual. Eating more than usual can cause the feeling of gloominess in an individual. Several studies have proven that American women of all ages feel least attractive and put-together on Mondays.


The Family Affair


The Jonas Brothers were a relevant Disney boy band from between the years of 2008-2012. The band consisted of three of the brothers: Nick, Joe, and Kevin. The fourth brother, Frankie, had a part in their hit show Jonas that followed the band on wacky adventures. The four year span of their existence there was a huge debate: who was the best Jonas brother? We took it upon ourselves to ponder who the best one was, and when we couldn’t agree on one we took the question to the people. The people have spoken and the top brother was Nick, followed by Kevin, then Frankie, and Joe as the least voted.


Nick: 10 Joe: 2 Kevin: 4 Frankie: 3


Senioritis… At Its Finest


As the school year is coming fast to an end, seniors are becoming lazy and stressed. As seniors, there are so many decisions to make regarding their future. One big questions that is always asked by adults is the big “Where are you going to college?” For some seniors, they know what college on the top of their head. For others, choosing what college, to even go to college, and what to do after high school is the bigger question. As the year winds down, we get so baffled by all the things to do and decide. Continue reading Senioritis… At Its Finest