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Student Government Applications


Currently, applications to join the 2018-2019 Student Government are available in 109, and although I know each of the committee’s events like the back of my hand, I realize that selecting what committee you want to be a part of may seem like a daunting task if Student Government is unfamiliar to you. Here is a short abstract of what each committee does, if you have any further questions or just want some advice, you can email either of us at any time.

Academic Affairs: This committee also organizes and sponsors the annual Craft and Gift Fair in the fall. Academic Affairs also organizes Quizapalooza, the Renaissance pizza reception/luncheon. New events include peer tutoring and PBIS.

Community Services: This committee runs the community service projects offered by the Student Government. Some of the big events that this committee runs are the Homecoming Car Shop, Holiday House, “Fill the Limo”, and the largest student-led blood drive in the nation!!! Continue reading Student Government Applications



Prom is right around the corner with just about two weeks until the big day! Busy students are just beginning to prepare with dress shopping, shoe purchases, and tuxedo rentals. The giant wave of clever and cute promposals have already begun and the student body is extremely excited for prom! The junior class has sacrificed many hours and have worked very diligently to create a great prom theme and seasonal atmosphere. The theme for this year’s prom is for Four Seasons, or Seasonal Soiree.

Many students are taking early action to prepare for Prom night. Girls make hair and nail appointments months in advance while boys search for the perfect necktie or bowtie and brush their hair, after a shower. After getting pampered, dates go around our beautiful city of Kenosha to take pictures and capture the memories of the anticipated night. Continue reading Prom

A Day Disconnected


The internet today is an integral part of people’s lives in the United States. Everywhere you go you hear a *ding* or *ring* coming from devices that keep the world connected. These devices are so important that people feel that the internet is a utility as needed as water and that you can not live without it. This being understandable, I tried to live without social media for a day and it did not work out. That fateful day I went to work and left my phone at home.

I found myself throughout the day getting anxious and jumpy because I had no idea if people were trying to get a hold of me or if something was wrong. A big part of that was also me wondering “What if I miss out on something that my friends are doing and I’m not included?” I also found myself reaching for my pocket where I usually keep it and panicking for a second when it wasn’t there. This must have to do with how invested we are into our phones. Continue reading A Day Disconnected

Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN.: One Year Later


On April 14th, 2017, Kendrick Lamar stunned the world with his long awaited album, DAMN. . The album was teased with singles including, HUMBLE., and The Heart Pt. 4 (which was not included in the final album). In the three years since To Pimp a Butterfly, listeners have hung on Kendrick Lamar’s every word. When DAMN. opened with the simply oblivious line, “So I was taking a walk the other day…” , we were all ears. A gunshot sound which ends the first track is a signal that DAMN. is a grab-you-by-the-throat statement that is as blunt as the name suggests. If To Pimp a Butterfly  was a jazz-inflicted, soul vibrance, DAMN. is instinctive, and straight to the point, whether Kung Fu Kenny is boasting about “royalty inside my DNA” on the trunk-rattling DNA. or mourning an anonymous, violent death on the soul infused FEAR. No topic is too big to tackle, and the songs are as bold as their all-caps names: PRIDE., LOYALTY., LOVE., LUST., and GOD. When he repeats the opening line to close the album, that simple walk has become a profound journey, further proof that no one commands the game like Kendrick Lamar. Continue reading Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN.: One Year Later



On Saturday, April 14, 2018, Beyoncé once again made history when she took the stage at the 2018 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California. The annual music festival takes place from April 13-15 and April 20-22, with big name headliners including Beyoncé, The Weeknd, Eminem, Odesza, Cardi B, Migos, and Tyler, the Creator. Leading up to her highly anticipated performance, fans started calling the event “Beychella.”

Queen Bey took the stage at 11:05PM PDT, and opened with one percussionist posing as the lead of a marching band along with some of her dancers posing as colorguards. After a few hits of the snare drum, the lead percussionist began blowing a whistle as if she was getting the women in line. And then, dressed rightfully as the queen she is, Beyoncé prevailed with a royal cape and headdress. In hand, she had a cane that hit the ground to the beat as she strutted down the L-shaped stage, inspired by the FORMATION WORLD TOUR stage, back to the main stage. Continue reading BEYCHELLA


a short story by ANALICIA TORRES

It’s raining. The car speeds along the slick road. I’m sitting in the passenger seat of an unfamiliar car, my feet on the strange dashboard. I’m laughing, but the voice isn’t mineit’s hers. I stare at the hood of the car, glimmering red with droplets of fresh rain. Water spews down the windshield in gushing rapids. The speedometer hits one hundred. I stare at the black racing stripe and laugh again— It’s so stupid. Why does he have a racing stripe? I feel the car slide on the road. The wheels spin out. The car keeps sliding. It rolls over the side of the road into the blockade full force. I hear the sound of glass breaking. Then he’s not laughing anymore. There’s red smears across the shattered windshield. There’s a hole in the glass. I put my hand on my head. There’s another car coming. Its headlights burn through the rain. A horn blares. Tires skid. There’s a thump and the car leaps in the air. I see their faces as their wheels drive them toward me. They’re getting closer. I can’t move. The belt is crushed between the door. I scream. Their car keeps coming. I don’t want to look anymore, but she has to. She watches the car coming toward her. The headlights on are top of her now. Then the car crashes and she’s—

I jerk away from her with a scream. I collapse out of my chair and onto the ground gasping for air. Tears slide down my face.

“Jesus, calm down—” Continue reading Visions

Discrimination in Starbucks


Starbucks Coffee has a history and reputation for being rather progressive and ethical in their morals as an organization. Back in 2015, Starbucks launched what they called the “race together” campaign, which was created due to police brutality against black men. The baristas put this message on each coffee cup to encourage their customers to be mindful of the black discrimination that continues to occur in our world. Continue reading Discrimination in Starbucks

Movie Scores Deserve More Credit for their Greatness- Here are My Top 40 Selections


Anyone who has ever seen a movie has heard a movie score, from the dawn of silent films with piano accompanists to the sweeping symphonic orchestras and impeccable editing of modern cinema. Movie scores set themselves apart from the music of Broadway shows or plays in that their music must fit more with the theming of each scene without ever stealing the spotlight- a happy medium for which neither musicals nor plays must strive (Like Tremper student and composer Jarod Sturycz’s Little Prince score for the Tremper production, which you can read all about here). There are dozens of recognizable scores in every genre of film, but as someone who appreciates the importance and beauty of movie scores, I have compiled a list of my top 40 movie scores from any genre that a newcomer to the world of movie scores need to hear, organized by movie. Keep an eye (or ear) out for recognizable themes from certain scenes in each movie. Just for fun, I have also included several television themes. Continue reading Movie Scores Deserve More Credit for their Greatness- Here are My Top 40 Selections

Best Fortnite Player Ever?


Have you heard of the game Fortnite? I will bet that you have. Over the past six months, the game has taken the gaming world by storm. On top of being a great game, it is also free. In Fortnite, the goal is to collect weapons, fight other players, build forts, and out survive your opponents. If you, or your squad, are the last people surviving, the words “Victory Royale” will pop up on your screen to let you know that you have won the game. On the side from playing the game, many people who are really good live stream their gameplay through an app called Twitch. One of the best streamers, commonly known as Ninja, gets props for being the best Fortnite player in the world. Continue reading Best Fortnite Player Ever?

Chinese Tariffs


Tariffs are taxes on imported goods. American businesses are now feeling the pain amid tariff changes. The prices jumped after tariff on Chinese steel, business owners are paying 25% more than what they used to pay in February. Businesses may have to lay off employees and cut back on expenses. China retaliated with their own tariffs. Continue reading Chinese Tariffs

Joe Hart Blows World Cup Chance


West Ham manager David Moyes tried to defend Joe Hart, but the goalkeeper’s hopes of going to the World Cup with England are once again in danger of slipping through his fingers. Hart, who lost his West Ham place earlier this season, gifted Stoke a goal on Monday night when he fumbled a straightforward shot from Xherdan Shaqiri, allowing Peter Crouch to stab the ball home. It was not an isolated incident, either, with Hart making a similar mistake against Burnley last month, although that error was somewhat overlooked amid supporter protests and pitch invasions. Continue reading Joe Hart Blows World Cup Chance

Springtime Snow


On Sunday, April 15th, an unexpected snow came down on northeastern and central Wisconsin. Creating dangerous road, collapsing roofs, and having many schools cancel class on the following Monday, the blizzard set records in many cities across Wisconsin. Not only were schools closed, but churches were forced to cancel their services as well, along with airports cancelling many of their flights coming into the General Mitchell International Airport due to the unplowed roads and dangerous flying conditions for pilots. Continue reading Springtime Snow

Be Careful


Be careful what you touch and what you eat. Some vegetation can snuff out your life as surely as a venomous snake. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of poisonous plants in the world, and some of them are deadly. Here are three of the world’s deadliest plants. I will run down the chemicals, toxins, and microscopic needle-shaped crystals they contain, and how they can spell doom for anyone unfortunate enough to ingest or come in contact with them.

Conium (aka Hemlock) Widely known for its uses in ancient Greece as a means of execution, hemlock’s most famous victim was the philosopher Socrates, who suffered the effects of the plant’s most potent toxin, coniine. Ingestion of even small amounts of coniine (6—8 leaves, or an even smaller dose of the seeds or roots, usually does it) causes death by disrupting your body’s neuromuscular junctions, resulting in what is known as “ascending muscular paralysis.” The paralysis typically begins in a person’s legs and ascends up the body until in reaches the respiratory muscles, resulting in death. Continue reading Be Careful

Ryan Retirement Bodes Poorly for GOP in 2018 Midterms


Last week Wednesday, current House Majority Speaker Paul Ryan stood before a packed room of reporters to announce his retirement effective at the end of his current term. Ryan has served as Wisconsin’s District 1 representative for nearly twenty years and three as House Majority Speaker. His presence will be greatly missed by establishment Republicans, who saw Ryan as a prototypical modern conservative, a politician far less interested in the party’s more extreme ideals than some of the GOP’s more extreme members. Ryan’s retirement follows the trend of nearly 40  House Republicans announcing their retirement or resignation since the 2016 election. All of the above begs the question of whether Republicans can maintain their House majority coming out of the 2018 midterms, which would carry even graver implications for the GOP’s 2020 presidential bid. Continue reading Ryan Retirement Bodes Poorly for GOP in 2018 Midterms

Journalism Promotion


In school at Tremper, we are enrolled in Journalism 2 class which has served as a creative outlet into looking in to other people’s writing styles and topics. Each week, we work towards formulating and publishing articles, similar to this one, of a topic of choice in Tremper’s very own “Tempest.” Our fellow classmates enjoy expressing themselves through the school’s newspaper, and have used it to improve their writing skills while adopting a newfound love for writing. The creativity and information within these articles is an interesting source to look into the mind of a highschool student. If you are interested in expanding your writing abilities and interests, talk to any one of us, or Mrs. Steinbrink in room 231 for further information.


The Big and Wondrous World


If you’re a self-proclaimed adventurer, anxious for a travel experience beyond any other, the following destinations should make the top of your to-do list. Things are about to get interesting if you opt to venture beyond the norm to the following weird and wonderful travel destinations. Before you rub your eyes and gape in wonder, these locations really exist; here are five of the strangest places on earth.

Loch Ness, Scottish Highlands- Loch Ness tops the list equally for both its mythical monster, Nessie, and for the eerie lake hidden away in the Scottish Highlands. Ness, the particular loch itself is 755-feet deep at its greatest and 21.8 miles long.  Unlike most lochs, this massive water body makes you wonder what could possibly be lurking in the depths. Continue reading The Big and Wondrous World

Throwing the Game?


On Wednesday night, April 11th, the Milwaukee Bucks and Philadelphia 76ers concluded their regular seasons with a match up against each other. Prior to the game, both teams had clinched spots in this years NBA Playoffs, but their seeds had not been finalized quite yet. If the Bucks were to win the game, they would have been matched up with the same 76ers squad in the playoffs. The 76ers have been playing their best basketball all season, winning 15 in a row. Due to this, many people believed that the Bucks would lose on purpose to avoid playing the red hot 76ers in the playoffs. Continue reading Throwing the Game?

“Why does everyone think they’re photographers?”


Whether people are trying to up their Instagram game, make summer collage videos, or simply capture everyday moments, they get judged for “wanting to be a professional photographer” just because they are trying something new that’s fun. Peers are extremely quick to accuse people of trying to be something they are not the second that someone does something slightly out of character. But, trying new things and expanding one’s horizons should not be seen through negative light as often as it is. Although it is challenging to take pictures in a way that enhances certain features of the scene in front of you, so is editing the pictures in a quality way. Obtaining these skills is a great way to advance one’s character and further your ability to learn new things. No one should be criticized for learning how to capture moments via photo and/or video simply because it is a common activity to take part in nowadays.

Largest 7-Eleven to Open in Kalamazoo


Kalamazoo, Michigan, was home to the world’s largest 7-Eleven; however, the title was taken by Silverton, Colorado’s 7-Eleven in 2016. Kalamazoo’s 7-Eleven was known worldwide and was even featured on Travel Channel’s Food Wars. The 7-Eleven was a Michigan Icon. Store number 2349 featured a 5,558 square foot shop, with two stories. When the Silverton location opened, its store featured a 5,560 square foot shop. Due to much public outcry, Kalamazoo petitioned to open an even larger store across the city. Thus, Michigan will regain its reign in Summer 2018 when the new world’s largest 7-Eleven will open. 7-Eleven owner, Joseph DePinto, said, “I am proud to own a chain of stores in which my customers take pride in having a ‘mega location’ it really shows the company’s stature.” 7-Eleven fans may celebrate again as Kalamazoo is home to the largest 7-Eleven once again.


Beethoven Mass in C Major


This upcoming Saturday, April 14, 2018, Tremper’s Chorale will be joining with the Carthage Choir and the Kenosha Symphony Orchestra to perform Beethoven’s “Mass in C Major.”  Preparation for this event has been simultaneously grueling and enjoyable, with just practicing the vocals without solos lasting nearly an hour.  The Mass includes five separate parts: Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, and Agnus Dei.  Totalling approximately 64 pages, the text is written entirely in Latin and will be conducted by Dr. Hasty of Northwestern University.   Continue reading Beethoven Mass in C Major

Cowboys Plan To Release Bryant


Barring an unexpected last-minute change of heart, the Dallas Cowboys are expected to release wide receiver Dez Bryant on Friday, sources told ESPN’s Adam Schefter and Todd Archer. Bryant’s future has been the biggest topic of the Cowboys’ offseason, with his $12.5 million base salary and $16.5 million salary-cap figure. In 113 games over his eight seasons with the Cowboys, Bryant has caught 513 passes for 7,459 yards and 73 touchdowns. At the recent owners’ meetings, Jerry Jones said he had not entertained the thought of Bryant not being on the roster in 2018. Coach Jason Garrett acknowledged the growth Bryant has had on and off the field since the Cowboys selected the wide receiver in the first round of the 2010 draft, but he also said there is a business side to the NFL as well.


What to Know Before Going off to College


It is the last quarter of the school year, and many students are starting to prepare for college in the fall. Although going off to college is exciting, there are several things one should remember before move-in day.


Ask for help if you need it: No matter what the circumstance may be, it is extremely important to receive assistance. Many students are frightened to ask for help as they want to feel confident in themselves. There are several places on each campus where a student may go for assistance whether it is a counselor’s office or a professor’s office. Continue reading What to Know Before Going off to College

Baseball Brawls


Baseball brawls are high intensity fights that get hyped up by trash talking and rivalries. Most happen when a pitcher intentionally throws at the batter trying to hit them. For instance, during this past  Red Sox and Yankee, game Tyler Austin was at bat and the Red Sox pitcher pegged him in the side. Austin then proceeded to slam his bat on the ground in frustration and stormed the mound. The catcher held back Austin when he tried to punch the pitcher, so when the catcher let go of Austin he fumbled forward and fell to the ground and the pitcher pounced on top of him. Personally this fight seems unfair since the catcher helped the pitcher. After that the benches tried to clear up the fight. Continue reading Baseball Brawls

Recycling Investigation


Traditional paper manufacturing with virgin wood fiber creates major environmental issues like the overuse of resources, release of toxic emissions and greenhouse gases, impacts on ecosystems and communities, and disposal of waste. The paper industry is the largest of industrial process water in the U.S. and also contributes to 9% of total manufacturing carbon dioxide emissions. Using recycled content instead to create paper produces the most rapid and comprehensive reduction in the paper manufacturing footprint. Continue reading Recycling Investigation



Blinded by lust I got lost.

So I trusted him and said everything was my fault.

Filled with doubt I walked about like everything was all good.

His love being the only food I needed.

He filled me all the way to the full meter.

Like fuel my dedication to him had no measure.

Like a letter he read me from dear to sincerely.

I clearly couldn’t see he was lying. He was using me. Continue reading Blinded

Tree of Life


The bark on this innocent tree,

Forever pulled away.

It had no eyes, It could not see,

Its very own dismay.

Back and forth the leaves are pulled,

By every friend and foe.

Roots are strong, but branches dulled,

It keeps the demons below.



Chewy granola bars,

On a sunny, troubled day.

Palm trees and broken hearts,

In a sensitive and calm way.

But, the skies took fire,

With the sound of a thousand deaths.

Their screams like a choir,

Soothing my last few breaths.

Reversal of Fortune


Sitting on these lonely steps,

In front of star filled skies.

Secrets that I’ve always kept,

For random girls and guys.

Let the stories seep through,

Like puddles after rain.

More for them and less for you,

Danger by my shattered brain.

Why You Should Vote for Emma Jones


A few days ago, Tremper just announced their 2018 prom court. There are some great candidates this year, but one I am particularly excited for is Emma Jones. So please enjoy the reasons I have come up with.

One reason that Jones should be prom queen is because of her personality. Jones is very sweet and kind and can make anyone laugh. I am sure that you would want your queen to be humorous. Also, Jones has an amazing sense of style. She can pull off anything. When she comes into my journalism class, I think to myself, I would look like an absolute idiot if I tried wearing that, but Jones pulls it off. Continue reading Why You Should Vote for Emma Jones

Upcoming Tremper Events


From now until the end of the year, Tremper’s schedule is packed. With sports events, concerts, prom, and graduation, there’s always something going on. The spring sports are in season right now including girls soccer, lacrosse, softball, baseball, track, and boys golf. To attend these events, listen to daily announcements for times and locations. Most concerts will also be taking place around this time. On April 25, the Jazz Spectacular will be held at Tremper. The Spring Orchestra Concert will be held on May 2nd. On the 16th of May is the Spring band concert and one week after, on May 23rd will be the Choral concert.  As everybody already knows, Prom is on May 5th and the tickets are for sale during lunch through April 26th. This year’s prom will be taking place at Madrigrano Marina Shores. If you’re interested in drama, they will be presenting The Liar on May 17th through the 19th and May 24th through the 26th. One of the last things on the agenda is finally graduation on Friday, June 1st.  

Summerfest 2018


2018’s Summerfest lineup released recently, allowing any festival goers to plan the concerts and days that they plan to attend. Artists from every genre appear on the list of events for the festival, which starts on June 27 and runs until July 8, with artists such as Imagine Dragons, Logic and Halsey performing at the American Family Insurance Amphitheater. On the ground stage, global EDM phenom Marshmello opens on June 28, making a rare appearance on stage in the midwest, followed by Foster The People and Louis The Child later on in the festival. More notable artists on the festival lineup are Lil Uzi Vert, Cheat Codes, The Fray and Kesha. For a full list of this year’s events, check out the official lineup at


Seeing Utah


Being in Utah is magical. Seeing the red rocks and the breathtaking views is something every person should experience. The activities are endless. When my family and I went, we hiked four mountains, four-wheeling in the mountains, went to Olympic Park and rented a pontoon boat with two jet skies and two paddle boards. There was never any boredom. When we hiked I had a water bottle in the side of my backpack, a water bladder inside my bag, and a gatorade. It was very hot at times, so it was useful that I had a Gatorade water bottle so I could spray my face. Utah is a place for people that enjoy nature, so if someone does not like being outside and seeing outdoors, then Utah is most definitely not for them.

Things Have Changed


We all knew that it was probably not smart to go into that house, but it felt as if something was drawing us towards it. We first heard about this supposedly haunted house from a girl in our English who was obsessed with anything paranormal related. As expected, nobody believed her when she said she encountered the ghost of a little boy and his sister. Jesse and I did some research on the house and found absolutely nothing on the history of it. In fact, there wasn’t much about the house, which was odd because the house is about 150 years old.

According to Ava, the little boy and girl she encountered died in the house because whoever took care of them locked them in a closet and never fed them. I guess the house used to be an orphanage that was shut down because of how badly the kids were taken care of. At least that’s what everyone in town says. I tried asking my grandparents about the building, but every time I did they would pretend like they didn’t hear me. Continue reading Things Have Changed

The Desert


The desert is a dry area where little amounts of precipitation ever occurs. ⅓ of the earth’s land is arid or desert like. When you think of a typical desert you think of warm and sandy; while you are correct, there are also cold deserts. These are polar tundras which receive very small amounts of rainfall annually annually and have very hard living conditions for anything living. Continue reading The Desert



Once upon a time in a weird little land, lived a girl who was too pretty. She had golden hair and whimsical blue eyes. Many found it oddly daunting how she could be so beautiful, but they welcomed her nonetheless. Soon enough everybody wanted to be friends with her. They gifted her extravagant things and worshipped the ground she walked on. They even presented her with a beautiful stone cottage where she could lay her head. She was grateful. That’s when the chaos ensued. Continue reading Rosemary

The Audition


My palms are sweaty, shaking as I hold my monologue.

In fifteen minutes this will all be over, but right now the end seems like forever away.

I reread my monologue for what seems like the 100th time.

Until now, I’d been the only one judging myself, but once I walk into the room, my talents will be vulnerable to judgement from others.

That’s the most terrifying part. Continue reading The Audition

The Effects Humans Have On Groundwater


Groundwater is a resource that is experiencing a great deal of pressure both in terms of its use and from contamination by human activities. Agriculture requires the most water. More specifically, irrigation accounts for 80% of all water consumed in North America, and 500 billion liters per day used for irrigation in the United States. The water used for irrigation is mostly taken from groundwater sources, and an increased demand for water is heavily affecting the state of these groundwater sources. Additionally, when these groundwater sources are polluted, it poses an even bigger issue. Polluted groundwater is costly and tedious to decontaminate. Pesticides often contribute organic contaminants in groundwater in unsafe levels. There have been 73 different pesticides detected in North America and spills and leaks contribute to an additional 10 to 20 pesticides. Other agricultural practices like animal-feeding operations, fertilizer applications, and irrigation practices contribute to groundwater pollution, especially through runoff. Continue reading The Effects Humans Have On Groundwater