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Short story by ANALICIA TORRES

A burst of heat seared through my chest. Pain exploded inside me. A siren wailed somewhere off in the distance. I was numb all over. Cold.


I glanced away from the screen above the infirmary bed and to the doctor approaching. She smiled as she took up my tablet and looked over my vitals. “How are you feeling today?” she asked, pulling her stethoscope to her ears and pressing the cold pad to his chest. “Any dizziness, nausea, fatigue?”

I shook my head. “A little sore here and there, but I feel fine.”

“You were shot,” she said lightly, grinning. “You’re going to be in pain for a while. Do you remember anything about the attack?”

“No, it’s all fuzzy. I don’t even remember what I was doing when it happened.”

She drew the stethoscope back around her neck. “Well, the good news is that it looks like you’re going to make a full recovery. The bullet went clean through your abdomen without hitting any organs or blood vessels, so you should be discharged soon. Bad news is that you’re amnesia is severe, which is what I find so odd, considering you don’t show any signs of head trauma.  We are stilling waiting on the test results for your blood to see if any drugs may be the cause of your memory loss.” She looked perplexed as she scrolled through the tablet again. Continue reading Strangers

Your Friends Run in the Rain

BY JAROD STURYCZ – The Abstract Section

Disparition around a cloud, multiple flashes, gangs of flashes.

A Sign-a-Line-Power tower, parallel houses, even matches.

One stud on the car wall (harmful), the clearest hour, her cat catches.

Talk rainshower moth taking mic, let me embrace you, West cloud hatches.

“Here…is the finale,” I said. “I want to restart.” Loveland watches.

Houston Ties It Up


Last night, May 16th, The Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets were set to tip off Game 2 of the Western Conference finals. After losing Game 1, The Rockets needed to get a win to tie the series up before heading to Golden State for games 3 and 4. Before the game, Warriors’ superstar Stephen Curry joked about being attacked by the Rockets to try to get some easy baskets. His pre-game joke turned out to come true. The Rockets targeted Curry on 23 possessions in Game 2, the most that Curry has been targeted by a team all year. On top of being exploited on the defensive end of the court, Curry also played poor offensively. He finished the game with 16 points, and only make one three pointer out of eight attempts, which is very unlike him. In fact, just about the entire Warriors’ team played poorly, except Kevin Durant. He dropped 38 points in an otherwise embarrassing 127-105 blowout loss. The two teams will face off again Sunday, May 20th, for Game 3 of the series. It will be interesting to see what adjustments the Warriors will make to bounce back from their big Game 2 loss.

Peace Out


As I, a senior, near my final days at Tremper High School, I’ve come to a realization that high school is completely and utterly a waste of time and energy. We enter in our freshman year excited to see where the future takes us, we meet new people, claim new best friends, and strive for excellence. Throughout the stressful, never ending four years of the torturous bells and assignments, you start to realize that high school isn’t what you thought it’d be.

Within the first year, you realize that you are trapped in this cycle of seeing the same fake people everyday and praying that your GPA will get you into the college of your dreams. You stay up late working tirelessly on those assignments and projects for the honors and AP classes that you were pressured to take to either be in the Top 20 or stay in good stances with your parents and/or friends. But after time, the routine of coming to school and trying your best is so boring.

I may just be passive aggressive at this point, but how do the grades teachers give us define us? In high school, that seems to be the only thing anyone cares about. Why? This whole cycle that we go through every day, every week, every month, and every year is so boring. The classwork is boring. The people that you once thought were your best friends suddenly don’t mean as much as the three to four true friends you have. The conversations with those people become boring. Wasting the final weeks of high school is so boring, so why bother even coming? Graduation can’t come fast enough and then I can finally say “Peace out” to the chapter of my life that seemed to drag on much longer than four years.

Online Shopping


Shopping online has some pros, but, sadly, it has just as many cons, if not more. Being able to be in the comfort of your own bed and not change out of your pajamas to buy the things that you need is such an amazing thing. It is also very important to be able to go to the store and try on the items that you want to buy to make sure that they fit you properly because it may not look like how it does on the model as it does on you. Unless the website has free shipping, you are going to have to pay an extra fee just to have it delivered to your house. Sometimes this cost can add up to an extra $8, in which it might cost more than the original item that you are wishing to purchase. If you get it in the mail and it does not fit correctly and there is not a store near you, you will have to send it back through the mail and, sometimes, pay ANOTHER fee. If there is a store near you, it is usually smarter to just drive there than have to go through the hassle of shipping and the extra costs that come with it.


A Week of Lasts


With the school year finally drawing to a close, many high school seniors are experiencing their “lasts” in many aspects. Though students may be stressing over AP tests, at least this year’s graduates can say they will be taking their last AP tests to try and score as high as possible to earn those final college credits. A band concert on Wednesday, May 16th, means senior band members will be playing their final notes of songs conducted by Mrs. Ripley. Many projects in classes such as AP Spanish, AP Physics, AP Literature, or AP Statistics and Probability will be the seniors last ditch effort to raise their grade before final report cards are given. Journalism students, such as myself, are writing their last articles for the entire year as well before beginning their final portfolios. Along with all of this, this week, May 14th-May 18th, is the last full week of high school for all seniors. It is such a bittersweet moment. Although many say they cannot wait for their high school days to be behind them, it is inevitable that they will miss it at least a little. Whether it is the social time with friends, the school lunch food–let’s hope not–or the actual education they receive, some parts of the high school experience will be hard to leave behind whether students think so or not.

All About Breakfast


You may be familiar with the cliche saying, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” but do not overestimate this. There are countless benefits of consuming a healthy breakfast before starting your day. First off, eating breakfast will keep you full longer, avoiding eating excessive lunch throughout the day. It also boosts your metabolism, causing you to be able to burn more calories. For those attending school or work will have exceedingly better concentration throughout the day, which will help performance. Many people believe skipping breakfast will aid them in weight loss, where really it is the opposite. Studies show that those who skip breakfast have a great Body Mass Index and have a hard time burning calories throughout the day.

Studies show eating a healthy morning meal can keep your weight at a steady rate and sometimes decrease it, for you are not forcing yourself to overcompensate later. Additional studies show that breakfast eaters stay moving throughout the day due to their energy. Consumer Reports states, “Our research indicates that people who skip breakfast gain weight, which can lead to diabetes as well as high cholesterol and blood pressure—all of which can raise your risk of heart disease.” It is never too late to incorporate breakfast into your mornings for a healthier lifestyle!


Taylor Swift Top Five


In honor of going to see Taylor Swift perform in Minneapolis in less than three months, I have decided to compile my top five favorite Taylor Swift songs. Many will disagree with this list, but those people are wrong.

Top Five Favorite Songs:

  1. Haunted. This song comes from my favorite album of hers. The song starts out with an intense beat that carries throughout the whole song. Swift’s vocals add passion to the song creating an amazing song to sing.
  2. Better Than Revenge. This one is unlike any other song on the Speak Now album. It is super catchy with its sassy lyrics and it definitely showed a totally different side of Taylor that had not been seen before.
  3. Speak Now. This song is the title of her third album that was released in 2010. This song is a light, upbeat song that features elements of humor as she criticizes the bride and her family as she plots to destroy the wedding.   
  4. The Moment I Knew. This was one of the three bonus songs that were released with her Red album. She discusses a sad real moment in her life when her boyfriend, at the time, stood her up at her own birthday party. The deep lyrics allow the listener to feel Swift’s pain.
  5. White Horse. This song is one of Swift’s oldest singles as it was released on her Fearless album. The lyrics represent a reality check that Swift faces when she loses someone that she really cared but realized that she can do better.

The Voice of Kanye West


Kanye West; we all know who he is, we have all heard at least one of his songs, but have we all recognized the most distinctive aspect of his music? Kanye West was originally known for his production of hip-hop beats, but in 2002 he recorded his debut song, Through the Wire. He recorded the song weeks after his horrible car accident, in which he had his jaw wired shut. The vocals are not clear and are very muffled. Not many artists would record their debut song under these parameters, but Kanye did, and that’s the first signal of uniqueness to his songs. Kanye regards the human voice as the “best, ideal, and most greatest instrument ever.” Kanye mends the customary style of a rap beat, and often turns it into a whole new entity. A traditional hip-hop song features an instrumental track and a vocal track. What makes Kanye so special is that he never limited himself to just singing and rapping. His entire library of music pushes the boundaries of the human voice.

Kanye’s first album, The College Dropout, is jam packed with all sorts of sounds and music. The most standout track on this album is Jesus Walks. Jesus Walks is the song that won him his first Grammy award and several other nominations. His use of the gospel song, Walk With Me, fills the entire piece with vocal samples. It becomes the bassline, percussion, melody, and is all overlayed by many additional vocal sounds. Kanye layers vocals all the time, especially with choirs. This is even more evident on his second album, Late Registration, on songs like Crack Music, Celebration, and Hey Mama. On these tracks he doesn’t really manipulate the vocals, rather just includes these human voices to make music. Today, who would ever imagine a Kanye West song featuring Adam Levine? Well, this style worked, and in Heard ‘Em Say, the piano and vocal melody of Levine complete the track in an angelic style. The raw voice is what Kanye strives for. Some producers choose to transpose background vocals up and down an octave, however, Kanye seldom does this, until his next albums. Continue reading The Voice of Kanye West

Procrastination Confession


Procrastination, with everything, is a disease. The idea that homework that is “due tomorrow” gets “done tomorrow” is toxic, but not uncommon. There is a whole culture surrounding procrastination, and it has become too routine for students; it may be impacting our future. With today’s students assuming turning in homework late is fine, they may grow up to carry these same beliefs onto the future. These habits would affect their future work deadlines, bill payments, and attendance for social events and even the workplace. The effects of procrastination can be detrimental to today’s youth, but then again, they do not seem to notice or care.

For example, the person writing this article is one of the largest hypocrites I have ever encountered. The amount of missing work in my Infinite Campus is insurmountable, and I have never been more terrified of the consequences. With a busy schedule, school work tends to keep getting pushed to the back of the to-do list, with interference from sports practices, upcoming tests, mandatory family time, chores, work, and errands. What appears to be procrastination may be a result of over working or distress in students’ lives, but this is no excuse, even for me, to have this amount of missing work so close to finals season and the end of the school year.

Fun Activities To Do In The Summer (For Cheap)!


In summertime, teenagers are either working or hanging out with their friends, which can be the most fun part of summer. For seniors, this is our last summer together before everyone leaves for college, so this summer definitely needs to be one of the best ones ever. Finding activities to do in the summer can be difficult, especially when you need to save money but still want to have fun. Here are some ideas to do in the summer on a budget:

Go to the Farmer’s Market downtown Lay out in your backyard
Set up a lemonade stand (to make money) Go on a bike ride
Plan a picnic with friends in a park or at the beach Paint on a canvas
Go to thrift shops Do a garage sale (to make money)
Attend any free music events in Kenosha Work out at home
Camp in your backyard Go to a local pool
Go to a local dog park Watch the sunrise/sunset
Attend a parade Go on a hike (at Devil’s Lake)


Now, here are some fun things to do that cost more money:

Attend Summerfest to see a great artist Go to the State Fair in Milwaukee
Go to Lollapalooza Go to a drive in movie theater
Spend a day at a water in the Wisconsin Dells Attend Country Thunder
Go mini golfing (at Action Territory) Spend a day at Six Flags Great America
Participate in a Color Run Go on a mini road trip or vacation


Bucks’ New Coach


Mike Budenholzer has agreed in principle to a four-year contract to become the Milwaukee Bucks‘ head coach. The Bucks negotiated a deal with Budenholzer’s representative on Wednesday, hours after a breakfast meeting with Milwaukee’s All-Star forward Giannis Antetokounmpo and teammate Khris Middleton. Budenholzer has been a top target for the Bucks, and a finalized contract is expected to be completed soon.

The other finalist for the job, San Antonio Spurs assistant Ettore Messina, was informed that he was out of the running on Wednesday. Budenholzer, who previously had coached the Atlanta Hawks, met with Bucks’ownership on Tuesday in New York league sources said. The other finalist for the job, San Antonio Spurs assistant Ettore Messina, was informed that he was out of the running on Wednesday, league sources said. Budenholzer, who previously had coached the Atlanta Hawks, met with Bucks ownership on Tuesday in New York.

The Bucks wanted the two players, especially Antetokounmpo, the franchise star, to have a sense of the prospective next Bucks coach and encouraged the players to sit down with Milwaukee’s preferred candidate before the organization extended a formal offer. It is a relatively unusual move in a head-coaching search, but it clearly reflects the Bucks’ determination to make Antetokounmpo and fellow forward Middleton feel a part of the process. Budenholzer flew to Milwaukee for the Wednesday morning meeting with the Bucks players.


The Last Article


It is finally happening, our last article. We are on the last article in Journalism here at Tremper and we have never felt better. Throughout the past school year, the class has written many articles on many topics. In Journalism the class’s duty is to write an article every week about any topic they wish to write about. The class writes about topics such as current events, product reviews, and sports events. The fun part about getting to choose your own topic that you can write about things you care about, so it is not dreadful to write the article.

While taking journalism, the class has learned many writing and grammar skills, these skills are taught to the class by the amazing teacher Ms. Steinbrink, these skills also will help the class with everyday writing, in the future. Zoee Arreguin, a junior who takes Journalism says, “Journalism is a great class and is a great way to express yourself through writing.” Journalism is the class to take if you need a relaxing learning environment. I encourage everyone to take Journalism with Ms. Steinbrink; it is a great class to learn writing skills and to be creative.  

Graduation Party Time


As seniors are ending their final year of high school, a popular event that’s typical for seniors is to have graduation parties in order to support and congratulate you on finishing high school, and beginning your new journey! Why are graduations parties fun and a good idea? We have the answers!

  • They call for one last fun memory with your friends before they leave for college!
  • It’s a fun event to take pictures in order to look back on in your future!
  • If you like planning, graduation parties include tons of that! You can plan the food, desserts, and location.
  • You can receive some money in order to support your future plans.

As you now begin to plan your graduation party, these are some concepts you should take in mind before planning:

  • How many people will be attending?
  • What kinds of food will you have?
  • What is the theme you want?
  • Are you incorporating your past or future school colors?
  • Do you have a budget?
  • Is the location going to support the crowd?
  • Do you really want one?


Whether you want a graduation party or not, they are a fun way to begin the final chapter of your life!


Cavaliers vs Celtics


The eastern conference finals has officially started between the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Boston Celtics. In game of one of the heavenly anticipated series, the Celtics took the lead and never looked back. Boston won with a final score of 108-83. For Cleveland, nobody really had that impressive of a game or even a decent game. The leading scorer for the Cavs was Kevin Love with a measly 17 points, which is not even close to leading any team to a victory in the NBA. As for the best player in the league, LeBron James, had one of his worst playoff performances in years. James had 15 points, nine assists, seven rebounds, and seven turnovers. This is nowhere near his playoff averages which are near 32.7 points, 9.2 rebounds, and 9 assists.

For the Celtics, every one of their players contributed well with Jaylen Brown leading the way with 23 points. Other players that helped were Jayson Tatum with 16, Marcus Morris with 21, and Al Horford with 20 points. The series will be interesting from here on out with a very possible seven game series. If Cleveland does not win game two in Boston, it will be very tough for them to bring the series back from a 0-2 deficit against a very well oiled machine in the Boston Celtics.   

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas


I recently rewatched one of my favorite movies, which was made based on one of my favorite books from elementary school. In the movie The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, many historical events are discussed. The main event, and essentially the idea of the movie, is explaining the Holocaust time period. Bruno’s dad is an officer of Hitler and receives orders to do certain things in the camps during this time. The Holocaust was a mass genocide of the Jewish population. Here are some examples of historical events and symbols in this movie.

In one scene in the movie, a Jewish slave is beat by an officer at a dinner after the slave slipped and accidentally spilled a drink on him. The Jewish prisoners were forced upon labor to the Germans and were under their control.

Bruno’s sister takes a keen interest in the Hitler Youth Program and propaganda given during this time. She begins to hang posters, listen to broadcasts, read books, and change her lifestyle to focus on the Hitler Youth. The Hitler Youth was Hitler’s idea of the future Nazi party. Certain characteristics physically and mentally were needed for the children to be a part of. The wanted blonde hair and blue eyes of German kids by Hitler was strict. They must agree with Hitler’s idea and be under his rule entirely. Thus, the movie depicts certain events from history and symbolizes things that happened.

Where To Vacation This Summer


Wisconsin has an abundant amount of wide-ranging nature reserves as well as state parks. One of the most well-known parks in Wisconsin is Devil’s Lake State Park as it covers 9,217 acres of land. Devil’s Lake State Park is the perfect place to vacation this summer with your friends as there are numerous activities you can participate in as well as enjoy with your friends.

Swimming: Devil’s Lake State Park contains its own 360 acre lake which is accessible to visitors for various purposes, one being swimming. Two sandy beaches are available for swimming: one on the north shore and one on the south shore of the lake. The temperature of the lake does not reach extreme temperatures between June and September which provides a comfortable swimming experience for visitors.

Hiking: Roughly 29 miles of hiking trails cover the state park. These hiking trails vary in difficulty as some are made for beginners and some are made for more advanced hikers. Both levels of difficulty consist of steep climbs, staircases, and high heights.

Canoeing/Kayaking: Canoeing and kayaking are very popular activities at Devil’s Lake State Park as the lake is clear and scenic. Towards each end of the lake, there is a boat launch which assists visitors in getting started.


Healthy Eating


Recently in my Anatomy and Physiology class, we have learned more about nutrition and the digestive system. To maintain a healthy weight, we must reduce the intake of processed and fast food. Because of the high sodium content, foods like these make it harder for your kidney to remove water weight. This relationship causes higher blood pressure. To avoid this conflict, try eating fruits and vegetables when you would usually eat a bag of chips or sweets. Eating healthy isn’t always as bad as it seems. There is a notion that eating healthy solely consists of dry salads and nasty sweets. In reality, when you maintain a healthy diet, counting calories and restricting carbs is not necessary. However, eating healthy, alone, will not only make you lose weight. A balance of supporting your body with the nutrients if needs and an exercise routine will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. With a healthy balance, there is room for small portions of sweets. There is a notion among many diet plans that you must restrict your body and your desires to succeed. But with a healthy balance of food and exercise, you will be successful in your weight lose or lifestyle change endeavors.

American Composers


The most well-known composers are typically found in countries such as Germany, Russia, and Italy, but what musical literature is found in America? The works of Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Frédéric Chopin were beautifully crafted and preserved for people to enjoy for centuries. In contrast, common works of American composers are not as famously known and loved by musicians. What causes this dissonance? Work of American composers is seen as more contemporary, which could be interpreted as having less depth. Being a piano player however, songs written by an American composer seem to be less challenging with more repetitive chord patterns and melodies. Despite this anecdote, there is definitely not a negative notion among all American composers. Looking at the rise of Lin-Manuel Miranda and popularity of his work for the musical Hamilton, it is clear that American Composers are also extremely successful. His dedication to this production has increased his credibility and popularity, making him $105,000 in a typical week. Although not as popular, American composers have as much potential as any others. You can often find commonalities between American composers and the way that they write and perform their work, but standing out from this stereotype makes the composer unique and more respected.

Season 2 of “13 Reasons Why”


13 Reasons Why is a Netflix original series based on the book, 13 Reasons Why. It’s a story about a young girl who took her own life and left a box of 13 cassette tapes, each one talking about a reason why she made the decision she made. Season one tells the story from Hannah’s perspective. Season two will show everyone else’s point of views. Season two of 13 Reasons Why comes out Friday, May 19th on Netflix. Season One ended with Hannah’s mom finally getting the tapes and listening to them. This season we will find out if she released them and what she did when she heard Hannah’s story. We find out if Alex is okay after shooting himself in the head, where Justin ran away to, and if Jessica reported her sexual assault. In the teaser trailer Netflix released, they showed a bunch of Polaroids above everyone’s face. The theme of season one was tapes, the theme of season two is Polaroids. There are 13 episodes in season two. There are no hints as to what is going to happen, Netflix is leaving it all a mystery. Viewers are advised to pay close attention to little details in season 2.

Writer’s Block


What do I write about when I have writer’s block?
When the words stop coming to me like a flock?

I just stare at my screen and gawk

While I try to cure my writer’s block.

I look out the window and see a hawk

Hoping I’ll find inspiration in his squawk.

Instead I just sit there as still as a rock

While I try to cure my writer’s block.

Maybe I should try going for a walk

Or calling my friend just to talk

But I’m sure it will not come as a shock

That none of this will cure my writer’s block.

The Eighth Wonder of the World


There are many things in the world that can make a person wonder and leave them in awe, and you were one of those things. You were unlike any person I had ever met. You intimidated me at first. I was scared of what would happen between us. I was scared that you would turn out just like all the other people who came into my life and left before I could even blink twice. But you stayed. You were here for my mood swings, my stupid jokes, my constant need for reassurance, and all the little arguments I would pick with you, and you had no reason to stay, but you still did. You were always willing to watch whatever dumb movie or TV show I picked, even if it was the last thing you wanted to watch.

We were so similar yet so different, and I guess that’s why we worked so well. You would let me go on and on about how much I love dogs and how my days went and everything I love about the world, and you would listen. You didn’t have the best memory, you forgot a lot of things constantly. You couldn’t even remember your dad’s birthday, but you remembered my birthday and the day we started dating and so many little things I told you that I wasn’t even sure you heard when I talked to you. Sometimes you made me angry though, when you barely paid attention to what I was saying, brushed off my feelings, and told me that I was being sensitive. God, you made me so angry.

You never had any idea about the way you made me feel sometimes, and that was my fault. I have never been one to open up about the way I feel, unless it was eating me alive. You always told me that you didn’t deserve me and I always tried to convince you that we were meant to be together. For whatever reason, the universe did not want us to be with anyone else. Whenever I even had a thought about not being with you, I felt sick and my heart would feel like it was going to stop at any moment. Life without you seemed so impossible. Being in love was a foreign concept to me, until I met you. I don’t think I can ever stop loving you.



In your life you will experience many new things. Hopefully you will get a chance to travel to new places so you can see what it’s like around the world. Travel is the ideal place to test yourself. It pushes people to their limits and gets them outside their comfort zone, you’ll discover how resourceful you are when you’re exposed to new places, people and experiences. Maybe it’s finding your way around a busy city, or ordering a meal when you don’t speak the language you’ll feel pride when you finish your trip successfully. Overcoming challenges will bring you joy and energy for future tests. You’ll realize how capable you are and build your confidence.

Seeing the world is more educational than a high school or college class. This condensed crash course in discovering how the rest of the world lives actually will cover subjects like history, geography and sociology. Every destination has something unique to teach visitors, and immersing oneself in a completely different world is the best learning experience. Travel is a very good thing for you, it can help you find out new things you didn’t know you like and give you a break from reality.

The Never Ending Beef


Hip-hop has experienced never ending drama between some young powerhouses.  Trippie Redd has been in constant friction with Tekashi69 and xxxtentacion, and all fans have heard is bickering and false resolutions. Constantly demonizing each other with serious allegations such as child molestation and domestic abuse, just to win the fans back in their favor, this could become catastrophic to their career. To the eyes of most, this constant fiasco is viewed merely as a way to manipulate the media, as they’ve been at the center of many hip-hop articles. From a fan’s standpoint, we all can only hope they can put this behind them and get back to making music.



The iPhone is a line of smartphones designed by Apple Inc. The iPhone line of items utilize Apple’s iOS versatile working system software. The original iPhone was released on June 29, 2007, and various new equipment with new iOS releases have been released since. The user interface is built around the gadget’s multi-touch screen, including a virtual keyboard. The iPhone has Wi-Fi and can associate with cellular networks. An iPhone can shoot video, take photographs, play music, send and get email, peruse the web, send and get instant messages, GPS, record notes, perform scientific processes, and get visual phone messages. Other uses can be computer games, reference works, and person to person communication, which can be empowered by downloading versatile applications. Apple has released 11 generations of iPhone models, each accompanied by one of the eleven major releases of the iOS operating system. The first iPhone was portrayed as “revolutionary” and a “game changer” for the cell phone industry. More up to date cycles have additionally collected praise, and the iPhone’s prosperity has been attributed with making Apple one of the world’s most important traded on an open market organizations.

Thirteen Reasons Why


13 Reasons Why is based on best-selling author Jay Asher’s 2007 young adult book of the same title. Actress and pop star Selena Gomez co-produced the 13-episode Netflix adaptation. The series, which premiered March 31, 2017, follows the fictional story of a teenage girl named Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) who leaves behind 13 mysterious audio recordings on cassette tapes in a package after killing herself. She addresses each recording to a person who she says played a role in her tragic decision to end her own life.In the package, there are a total of seven cassette tapes and thirteen stories.

On the first tape, Hannah tells her listeners that she holds each of them responsible in some way for her death, and that the tapes will explain why. After listening, each person must give the tapes to the next person on the list. She says that if anybody fails to pass them along, a copy of the recordings will be made public. The tapes also come with a map that listeners are meant to physically follow as they listen to her story. The narrative moves back and forth between Hannah and Clay’s thoughts and actions.The show definitely gets crazier as each episode goes on. Thirteen Reasons Why is a Netflix Original that I highly recommend.



American Dream Explained Through “Of Mice and Men”


The American dream is explained through the dream of George and Lennie’s idea of a perfect life in Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. George says to Lennie “…We’d jus’ live there. We’d belong there.” Everyone wanted to belong and they still do, everyone wants to be part of something. In the related topic Lennie says to George “We could live offa the fatta the lan’.” Through the story it’s all about the perfect house with the land and belonging on their own properties. Later Lennie still acknowledged their dream by telling Curley’s wife about their idea of having their own place he said “We gonna have a house an’ a garden and a place for alfalfa, an’ that alfalfa is for the rabbits…” Throughout the book there is talk of a place that George and Lennie can have to themselves, which is their own American Dream. 

Music’s Generational Effects


Music extends far beyond just something to listen to when it is too quiet. When someone listens to music that they enjoy, the brain releases dopamine and endorphins, both of which create a feeling of energy, happiness and well-being. The amounts released vary depending on the person, but in some cases, people can even get high from listening to their favorite songs, as the sheer surge of dopamine replicates the emotional conditions of the brain when high. In several instances, individuals even reported experiencing out of body experiences, typically only achievable during a rare episode of sleep paralysis or under the influence of heavy hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD or Psilocybe mushrooms.

Music therapy, an increasing college study major, revolves around the evidence that the chemicals released during music sessions can help to alleviate depression by allowing depressed people to express themselves in a way that conveys emotion and message. By studying specific genres of music, scientists were able to find the types of music that cause the strongest brain response. These were found to electronic music (EDM), pop funk, and heavy metal. The most common elements between these genres is that they all rely heavily on the instrumental part of the song as opposed to lyrics, showing that the beat and instruments play the largest role in music enjoyment for most individuals.



Summer is here or at least nearing, and it is time to get everything essential for the nice weather. Going to the beach is a very popular activity, but preparing for it can be annoying. The items you need are sun lotion, food, music, blankets, towels, spare clothing, umbrellas, and swimsuits. Once these items are packed it is a blast. In Kenosha going to the beach is easy and fun. There is always something to do by the lake: festivals, getting ice cream, enjoying the sun on a walk, farmers markets and more. If going to the lake doesn’t sound exciting, you can go on the water on a boat; there are many possibilities on the water fishing, tubing, parasailing, water skiing, and going to Chicago and or Racine on the boat and enjoying their downtown as well.   

Graduation is Near


Graduation is Near

Everybody is ready to cheer

Onward to the great Frontier

Excited to start their new career

Or take a leap year

So grab your gear

Don’t shed a tear

For it is clear

That the school year

Is yesteryear

Because graduation is here

Self Esteem


Many young people have low self esteem for many reasons. Some reasons are getting bad grades at school, messing up at work, wearing an outfit that is uncomfortable, or even feeling the need to fit in with the standards of beauty.

Society has made standards on what makes a person beautiful. Every standard is always based on outward appearance. This shows that society sees the outside appearance way more important than what is on the inside. Young women feel the need to be skinny, have perfect brows, perfect skin, perfect everything. It is so hard for young women to realize that they do not need to be all around perfect to be considered beautiful. Models and celebrities try to break down the stereotype on being perfect, but they do not understand what young women are going through. Girls get bullied or they are trying to impress someone they like, or they just do not like how they look. Most of the times girls are not striving to be perfect for other people, but mostly for themselves.

Society, in general, needs to boost young women’s self esteem by showing that it is perfectly okay to not be skinny, have perfect brows, or perfect skin. It is okay to have a pimple, it is okay to want to eat tons of food and not worry about working out, it is okay to be yourself. Young women should not succumb to society’s wished on beauty. Everyone is born beautiful inside and out. People need to look in the heart for beauty instead of the outer looks.

Waffle House Shooting


Throughout 2018 we have seen more than 65 mass shootings. Mass shootings are the killing of three or more people in a public place. Most recently a shooting took place at a Waffle House near Nashville, Tennessee. The suspect, Travis Reinking, approached the Waffle House at around 3:25 AM with what witnesses said to be an assault rifle. He then shot a Waffle House worker and another customer outside of the restaurant. He then went inside and shot two other customers. The shooting stop after a a man, James Shaw Jr., wrestled the gun from Reinking’s hands. Continue reading Waffle House Shooting

12 Ways To Say Goodbye


In Latin we say “Vale”,

entering through the doors for the first time.

In French we say “Bon Voyage”,

learning new things in our classes.

In Italian we say “Ciao”,

dancing our night away at Homecoming and Prom.

In Japanese we say “Sayōnara”,

acting in productions big and small.

In Spanish we say “Adiós”,

playing in sports all year long.

In Russian we say “Proshchay”,

singing and performing music in concerts.

In African we say “Totsiens”,

waiting for our last day to come.

In Arabic we say “Wadaeaan”,

receiving our diplomas at last.

In Chinese we say “Zàijiàn”,

turning our tassels from right to left.

In Portuguese we say “Tchau”,

hugging our friends as we say goodbye.




I like to associate things with colors. I don’t know if it makes things easier to remember or if it’s some kind of weird thing I do, but I’ve always done it. See, to me and probably everybody else, specific colors go to specific school subjects. Blue is math, red is English, green is science, yellow is history. It’s what makes sense. But that’s not the only thing I associate colors with. I like to associate colors with specific people in my life. Some people seem blue or green, while others seem black or purple. Blue, gray, orange, black, purple, red. Everybody is a color.  And for a reason. Continue reading Spectrum

The Best Scares


There was once a time when Netflix had classic horror movies like slasher blood, but since the fall of 2017, Netflix has lost scores of horror greats, and done a poor job of compensating. This is why it is necessary to make a list of a few of the best horror movies on netflix. As always, there are a few things to keep in mind when browsing this library of three horror movies. Netflix is very much lacking in iconic horror movies and franchise staples. Don’t expect to find any Halloween or Friday the 13th entries here. What they can usually claim, though, is a decent number of more recent, solid small-budget horror pictures. The key is knowing which films to watch, and not getting sucked into watching the trash, which proliferates on Netflix like weeds. Continue reading The Best Scares

Peak of Our Transitions

BY JAROD STURYCZ – The Abstract Section

In the winding weeks of April and May, we all want a lot.

Yes, Mr. Shimon, I used ‘a lot’. But there is a reason I used ‘a lot’. Because

Here I walk between the lines of wanting more and wanting to seek more

– different contexts of ‘a lot’ – as we reach the peak of our transitions into the adult(?) world.

I cannot say that every person who has experienced the transition has yet to regain their footing.

Unfortunately. No,

I am sure of nothing, but able to prepare an answer to any question.

But breathing helps, I hear, to ease stress for at least a few moments at a time.

If you know the path you are on: good. If you know you should be finding one: good.

You who have not yet decided on searching for a path: think about why? Not much guilt in that.

There is shame in all things. You’ll see it and the other person will feel it;

Seeing and feeling are closely related. They are as indistinguishable as the Superego and the Id.


This last week has really worn me out. Watch for my next contact.

Uncle Jay.


Eastern Conference Finals


Following an exciting 114-112 win over the Philadelphia 76ers on Wednesday, May 9th, the Boston Celtics advanced to the Eastern Conference Finals. Here, they will play against the Cleveland Cavaliers, led by LeBron James. The Celtics biggest challenge will be stopping James, who has been almost unstoppable so far in this year’s playoffs. Despite having home court advantage, The Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook has the Celtics listed as an underdog against the Cavaliers. Recently, LeBron has had the Celtics number. He has faced the Celtics six times in the playoffs, winning the past four series and six straight postseason road games in Boston. On top of this, The Cavs won two out of their three matchups against the Celtics during the regular season. However, the Celtics were also underdogs against the 76ers, but they beat the 76ers, in five games. With a scrappy team like the Boston Celtics, anything is possible. Whatever happens to the Celtics, they will be satisfied with their season. No one had expected them to make it as far as they did, considering they lost their two stars in Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward. It appears that the future is very bright for the Celtics.

Senior Assassin


One down, thirty four to go. Immediately following the Tremper’s 2018 annual Prom, the new game known as Senior Assassin has begun. The game consists of 35 of Tremper’s Senior students who were eager to participate in the game. How it works is each student wanting to participates pays a total of $2 to play. The gamemakers, Eleni Buss and Nathan Stanczak, assign each of the participants a target secretly. After receiving a target, the participants have a week to shoot their target with one of the following weapons: a water gun, water balloons, hoses, or buckets of water. Participants are only able to avoid their assassinators by wearing the following protection: a floaty, goggles, or life vest. All protection must be visible, goggles must be worn on the eyes, and floaties must be worn around the arms, legs, or waist. Other options for participants to avoid their assassinator is to be in one of the “off-limit” zones. These zones include the following: on school campus grounds, at school related sports or activities such as Prom, Graduation, Senior Banquet, at their workplace, inside their own house, inside a motor vehicle which is turned on, or at places of worship. Other than these simple rules the game is all up to the participants. May the best assassin win!

The Importance of Physical Activity


Americans are often vulnerable in their thinking and believe they will suddenly become more toned without putting in any work. The hardest part is beginning, and everyone has to start somewhere, whether that is just walking or biking around your neighborhood. Though it is easier said than done, it is crucial to create goals and figure out what works best for you. A good workout will immensely boost your happiness and energy, motivating you to continue. Being consistent in your workouts will not only benefit your appearance, but also improve your self confidence. Continue reading The Importance of Physical Activity

Student Partnership


Student Partnership has been one of the greatest experiences in my high school career. This gave me a chance to get out into the community and spend time with students at another school. I took student partnership both semesters of my senior year. I chose to do partnership with Mrs Tenuta’s third grade class at Whittier. This was such a fun experience.

I have gone everyday that I could from the first week of school. The days I spent at Whittier Elementary have allowed me to build relationships and friendship with the kids. It is such a great feeling to know that you are making a difference in kids lives. I had a lot of opportunities to help teach the students throughout the last months. Some of my favorite times were the holidays. Mrs. Tenuta would always ask me to put together the gift bags that the students would receive. Continue reading Student Partnership