A Message For the Teachers

As my senior year is coming to a close, I will unabashedly admit that I have contracted the same disease that many of my peers have been battling for months- senioritis. I have negative motivation to go to school, participate in school, do my work, and certainly not write this article, yet, here I am. Intellectuals could argue that some reason must exist for me to be here, but alas, this is a lie. The best way to convince you this is true is to describe my every day at Tremper.  

In my first period, everyone is so exhausted that no one bothers to engage themselves in our class discussions- myself included. My second period teacher attends school even less than I do because of medical conditions, meaning we’ve been working on the same project for an entire month that I finished literally three days after it was assigned. As always, C and C is pointless, they can’t even make announcements anymore. My third period, although what we do can be fun, takes place in the hottest room in the entire school and requires too much energy from me before 10 in the morning. Since the AP test is already over in my fourth period, I’m fairly confident that our only plans for the whole rest of the year revolve around dark classrooms and even darker psychological movies.  My fifth period is a blessing in disguise- it’s basically the only class I have to do work for, but at least here I can rant about my boredom. Sixth period I’m a teacher assistant for a class of students who’s laziness frankly inspires us all. Finally, to end my day, I go to a class where literally no more than six kids show up, and even though it’s interesting, the unit we’re working on about self discovery often just reminds me how much more self discovery I could accomplish if I wasn’t stuck doing nothing at Tremper all day.

Overall, the point I’m attempting to address is simple: if you’re one of my teachers and you’re reading this, cut me some slack. You would behave the same if you were in my situation.