A New Tune


Music has integrated itself to be a part of our daily lives. As I’m writing this now, I am listening to music, as are most of the people around me. What really makes me contemplate it this time is why. How come students are so attached to their songs? Many would claim it helps them focus or keeps them relaxed.

According to theguardian.com, listening to music has many useful abilities, though it might not actually do just what we think it does. It honestly depends on the task and the music. Calm, melodious music, like music from some video game soundtracks or classical, is found to be the best background noise. It gives you something to keep yourself stimulated if you happen to become disinterested on the task at hand. It’s stimulating enough, but not so much so that your concentration is pulled elsewhere. Unlike upbeat pop or loud rock music, it’s probably best to stick to something with a nice tune that’s also nice and quiet. And to be frank, I agree.

I’ve found that when working on art projects and even essays, it pays to have a song in the background. It’s actually easier for me to draw when listening to soundtracks from movies or video games. It inspires me more often than not! So, for that next big test coming up, maybe consider some softer music than you prefer; I think you’ll find that it goes by in a flash.