A Week of Lasts


With the school year finally drawing to a close, many high school seniors are experiencing their “lasts” in many aspects. Though students may be stressing over AP tests, at least this year’s graduates can say they will be taking their last AP tests to try and score as high as possible to earn those final college credits. A band concert on Wednesday, May 16th, means senior band members will be playing their final notes of songs conducted by Mrs. Ripley. Many projects in classes such as AP Spanish, AP Physics, AP Literature, or AP Statistics and Probability will be the seniors last ditch effort to raise their grade before final report cards are given. Journalism students, such as myself, are writing their last articles for the entire year as well before beginning their final portfolios. Along with all of this, this week, May 14th-May 18th, is the last full week of high school for all seniors. It is such a bittersweet moment. Although many say they cannot wait for their high school days to be behind them, it is inevitable that they will miss it at least a little. Whether it is the social time with friends, the school lunch food–let’s hope not–or the actual education they receive, some parts of the high school experience will be hard to leave behind whether students think so or not.