American Composers


The most well-known composers are typically found in countries such as Germany, Russia, and Italy, but what musical literature is found in America? The works of Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Frédéric Chopin were beautifully crafted and preserved for people to enjoy for centuries. In contrast, common works of American composers are not as famously known and loved by musicians. What causes this dissonance? Work of American composers is seen as more contemporary, which could be interpreted as having less depth. Being a piano player however, songs written by an American composer seem to be less challenging with more repetitive chord patterns and melodies. Despite this anecdote, there is definitely not a negative notion among all American composers. Looking at the rise of Lin-Manuel Miranda and popularity of his work for the musical Hamilton, it is clear that American Composers are also extremely successful. His dedication to this production has increased his credibility and popularity, making him $105,000 in a typical week. Although not as popular, American composers have as much potential as any others. You can often find commonalities between American composers and the way that they write and perform their work, but standing out from this stereotype makes the composer unique and more respected.