AP Week


AP Testing is in full swing! With the tests that the student body and staff have been dreading already happening, there is a distinct divergence between students. On one half, there are stressed out students studying for these pressure-filled tests that started this week, and continue on to next week. This consists of constant cramming and endless reviewing of a year’s worth of material in the last couple of days before you run the gauntlet. Speaking from personal experience, the reviewing and studying process for AP exams have been on a steady decline. As the date approaches, the mindset that “whatever I know, I know. And whatever I don’t, I don’t.” There is really no chance in changing your knowledge so close to the test, so as long as you were paying attention for the rest of the year, or semester, or quarter, you should be in good shape. On the other hand, the students who could care less, or are not taking any AP tests, are at one of the most relaxing points in the year. Teachers usually try to avoid any rigor during these AP weeks, seeing as the majority of their students are most likely taking a test, so this is the time for people who aren’t taking the test to wind down and focus on missing work or finals. So as this week continues, remember to stay focused and don’t get too caught up, you’ll be great either way!