Astros’ Turf


The 2017 World Series was one for the books. Los Angeles Dodgers vs Houston Astros. Close and competitive was the nature for the first four games. Exciting action led to a cultivating Game Five, arguably one of the best World Series games ever played, followed by a Dodgers comeback in Game Six. All culminating to a decisive Game Seven. The two best words in sports provided the biggest stage for stars like Jose Altuve and Clayton Kershaw. The Astros had never won a World Series while the Dodgers have not won since 1988. This was the first time a Game Seven has been held in Dodger Stadium ; the hype and tension was real.

Leading into the game, the Astros scored a quick two runs off an error from Dodgers first baseman and rookie, Cody Bellinger. The Dodgers offense struggled and the Astros would go on to score three more runs in the second inning. The third and fourth innings were slow paced, totalling to one hour and eight minutes. The Dodgers would score only one run, coming in the sixth from Joc Pederson. What really went wrong was the Dodgers pitching. Yu Darvish lasted two innings, giving up all five runs. Brandon Morrow would come in only to be removed for Clayton Kershaw. Kershaw, one of the best regular season pitchers, could not deliver on the grand stage. Short rest for these pitchers was not in their favor. The pitching strategy ultimately cost them the game.

By the time the ninth inning came around, it was very clear who the champion was. The game ended on a throw from second baseman, Jose Altuve, to first baseman, Yuli Gurriel. The Astros win was significant for the team and the city of Houston. Astros fans would celebrate into the night, along with the team. The Dodgers are left to recuperate and hope for better results 11 months from now. George Springer took home the series MVP after an outstanding performance all series, especially game five. The dream season was complete for the Astros, even a 2014 Sports Illustrated edition predicted Houston to win in 2017. Congratulations Houston, your team is now an MLB champion.