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LeBron’s Plan


After embarking on a seven-game journey in the first round against the Indiana Pacers, LeBron and the Cavs had plans to play with more efficiency while maintaining a ferocity. The Cavs have faced their second round opponent, Toronto Raptors, in the previous two playoffs. The Raptors, having a better season and home court advantage, looked to continue their reign against Eastern Conference. Not losing two in a row at home all year, the Raptors did the opposite. Cleveland won game one in an overtime thriller, led by LeBron James. In game three, the Cavs were leading the whole team, but the Raptors eventually tied the game in a late four quarter comeback. Doing what he does best, tie game,  LeBron took the ball up the court and shot a floater as time expired. James won the game for the Cavs with his second buzzer beater of the playoffs. James now has more career buzzer beaters than both Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant combined. We are witnessing the greatest athlete to ever play the game, and in his 15th season, he is playing better than ever. Continue reading LeBron’s Plan

AP Week


AP Testing is in full swing! With the tests that the student body and staff have been dreading already happening, there is a distinct divergence between students. On one half, there are stressed out students studying for these pressure-filled tests that started this week, and continue on to next week. This consists of constant cramming and endless reviewing of a year’s worth of material in the last couple of days before you run the gauntlet. Speaking from personal experience, the reviewing and studying process for AP exams have been on a steady decline. As the date approaches, the mindset that “whatever I know, I know. And whatever I don’t, I don’t.” There is really no chance in changing your knowledge so close to the test, so as long as you were paying attention for the rest of the year, or semester, or quarter, you should be in good shape. On the other hand, the students who could care less, or are not taking any AP tests, are at one of the most relaxing points in the year. Teachers usually try to avoid any rigor during these AP weeks, seeing as the majority of their students are most likely taking a test, so this is the time for people who aren’t taking the test to wind down and focus on missing work or finals. So as this week continues, remember to stay focused and don’t get too caught up, you’ll be great either way!


The End is Near!


The 2018 school year has run its course at last, leaving us all wiser, kinder, and more sentimental (hopefully). Seniors, myself included, will finally leave these possibly-asbestos-filled halls for the last time on May 30th, off to the rest of our lives in our respective colleges or careers. However, no matter your experience at Tremper High School, be it positive or negative, you almost definitely have something to complain about. With that in mind, it is my pleasure to formally announce “The Roast of Tremper High School”, the final article I will publish for the Tempest before graduating.

This is no ordinary roast. Instead of a single presenter, I will collect the best quotes from students at Tremper that describe their grievances with the school, its students, or its faculty. I ask several restrictions be observed in the quotes:

  • Nothing excessively mean should be recommended.
  • Respect the anonymity of others- all names must be changed if the roast is about a person.
  • No repeats of similar complaints will be accepted.
  • I have discretion over which quotes are used.
  • Be constructive! Remember that your complaints never get resolved without a solution.
  • Both serious and satirical grievances are accepted.
  • I will respect anonymity if an adequately funny name is used to replace the real identity.
  • Be FUNNY. Seriously, it will make my job easier if I have good source material.


REMINDER: I will only do this thing if I get enough submissions, so spread the word!

In order to keep this easy, please email or DM me your responses at or @jahonelynch on twitter.

An Argument for Taking French at Tremper Instead of Spanish


For incoming Tremper students, rumors fly concerning which classes are one-way tickets to passing grades, which classes are required for graduation, and which classes are actually worth any time at all.  The specific speculation that many freshman discuss, however, is whether or not taking a language will increase your chances at getting into the college of your dreams. For those wary students who feel the need to take a language course, the obvious choice is to enroll in Spanish.  Students have heard their siblings or upperclassmen peers rave about the fiestas and great teachers that accompany the Spanish courses at Tremper. On the other hand, little gossip is heard about French. The French teacher is young, fairly new, and there are only about seven students who can provide any input about the AP French Language and Culture class.  Nevertheless, there are few things concerning high school I can recommend more than becoming a part of the French community. At Tremper, the one french teacher, Madame Yusk, can offer you a more individualized learning experience than anyone. Continue reading An Argument for Taking French at Tremper Instead of Spanish

A Message For the Teachers

As my senior year is coming to a close, I will unabashedly admit that I have contracted the same disease that many of my peers have been battling for months- senioritis. I have negative motivation to go to school, participate in school, do my work, and certainly not write this article, yet, here I am. Intellectuals could argue that some reason must exist for me to be here, but alas, this is a lie. The best way to convince you this is true is to describe my every day at Tremper.   Continue reading A Message For the Teachers

West Ham vs. Leicester City


West Ham United took a giant leap towards securing their Premier League survival and piled more pressure on Leicester City boss Claude Puel with a 2-0 victory at the King Power Stadium. Leicester went into the match having won just twice in their last 11 Premier League games but Puel received the dreaded vote of confidence from club’s owners this week. His cause was not helped on Saturday by the absence of nine players through injury and suspension but Leicester’s performance, on a hot afternoon, was lukewarm at best. West Ham inflicted a fourth Leicester loss in five Premier League matches through goals in each half from Joao Mario and Mark Noble, with the captain scoring a possible goal-of-the-season contender. Continue reading West Ham vs. Leicester City



One of the most fun filled classes you can take at Tremper High School is Yearbook class. Yearbook is a class that you literally make the yearbook in. While making the yearbook you learn the different parts of the book. The yearbook doesn’t just have pages but it also has a cover, cover pages and gutters, which you will learn what all those are when you take the class. Taking yearbook also teaches you computer skills. The yearbook is created on a website called Wallsworth Yearbook. Wallsworth has editing tools such as clip art, cropping, and word fonts. Using these tools you can create colorful, cropped pictures for the yearbook pages. Mr. Wisnewski, the Yearbook teacher says, “Wallsworth is the best yearbook editing website out there. You can create many different cool formats and spreads for different types of pages.” Yearbook is a great class to take.     

3-1 Series Leads


In the Western Conference Semifinals, the Houston Rockets have a 3-1 series lead against the Utah Jazz and the Golden State Warriors also have a 3-1 lead against the New Orleans Pelicans. Leads like this usually last with great teams, but in 2016, the Cleveland Cavaliers came back from the deficit against the Warriors, defending champions at the time. So the question is, can either the Jazz or Pelicans pull off miracles and come back to win there respective series? I personally think that neither team can make a come back; the one that has a small chance is the Jazz. The Rockets have a history of being a very inconsistent in the playoffs, and this is not a time to be like that against the Jazz who are capable of winning against any team in the league if they are shooting well throughout the game. It will be hard for the Jazz but they have the team to make the series very interesting. As for the Pelicans, they have the talent to compete with the Warriors, but they do not have a good enough team to win this series. The Western Conference Finals will likely have the Warriors and the Rockets battling each other, but the only other close series that could occur might be Jazz vs Warriors.       

True Life: Descendant Of Immigrants


Growing up being a descendant of an immigrant, you always have that fear of not feeling secure/having something happen to your family. Most people look down upon people crossing the border to come here, but what they fail to realize is that they come here for a better life, to give their kids better. My mother immigrated here from El Salvador, passing through Guatemala just to get to the Mexico border. It took her two months to get here. She came here so she can give my two brothers a better life. Especially my disabled brother Leonel, who had cerebral palsey. He needed the doctors and care in America because they wouldn’t be able to help him much in El Salvador. My brothers lived with my Grandma for years until my mother had finally got her citizenship. Nobody goes through that much for nothing, they do it to better their future and create a life for their children that they never had. Most of America is run by immigrants too when it comes to working and jobs. I always try and be protective of my mom because I know what people are thinking when they look at her and know they don’t know much English, the feeling of needing to protect your parents at a young age causes you to grow up.

Who Knew Redheads Were So Special?


Although people joke around with redheads about having red hair, there are actually several benefits to having red hair in which many people are unaware of. According to scientists, redheads age better than brunettes, blondes, etc. This is because redheads obtain the same gene as the gene that is responsible for keeping people look young. This gene that redheads posses is a variation of the MCIR gene which allows redheads to look two years younger than they actually are. Redheads are also not as likely to get sick as their counterparts as they produce their own Vitamin D. This is due to the fact that redheads cannot absorb Vitamin D because of severely low concentrations of eumelanin in their body. Because of the genetic subgroups in which are found in redheads, redheads can tolerate more pain as these subgroups affect the way the brain handles pain. This pain that redheads tolerate can vary from skin pain to the consumption of spicy foods. Only 2% of the entire world population owns red hair which allows redheads to excel as one of the rarest minorities in the world. This is because red hair is a recessive trait. Recessive traits can appear in a person’s genes without making an appearance in that person.

Paleo Plan


The Paleo diet claims that if you eat foods like our paleozoic ancestors it can help you feel better, look better, and perform better if you are an athlete. This diet also says that you will be at lower risk of diabetes heart disease and cancer. Me being an athlete took notice of this diet in preparation of the upcoming season. Even with all these claims, you do not receive all needed nutrients like carbs and other things that came into fruition after that time period. Continue reading Paleo Plan

The Liar



They always have their pants on fire.

They cautiously walk the wire

And sing lies like a cathedral choir.

Even as the stakes get higher and higher

Their lies blaze like a blistering fire.

Eventually the lies become easier to acquire.

The only thing lying requires

Is memory: keystone of master liars.

So come one, come all.

On May 17-24, 24-26 at 7:30pm.

Witness the liar spin his tales

And try to decipher his deceitful details.

How To Prevent Sleepless Nights


We’ve all had nights where we tossed and turned for an hour or two desperately trying to fall back asleep, so here’s some tips on how to prevent sleepless nights. Establish a regular bedtime routine! Find activities that wear you out before bed and establish a sleep-wake time period. If you’re an easily worried person, schedule a time to worry about everything so thoughts don’t creep up when you’re trying to fall asleep.

LIMIT CAFFEINE! As most high schoolers know, it’s hard to limit the intake of caffeine when things get hectic. If it’s hard to stop drinking caffeine, try drinking it earlier in the day rather than later. Continue reading How To Prevent Sleepless Nights

The Universe


The universe is about 93 billion light years in diameter. The Big Bang theory is the prevailing cosmological description of the development of the Universe. Under this theory, space and time emerged together about 13.799 billion years ago with a fixed amount of energy and matter that has become less dense as the Universe has expanded. There are many competing hypotheses about the ultimate fate of the universe and about what, if anything, preceded the Big Bang, while other physicists and philosophers refuse to speculate, doubting that information about prior states will ever be accessible. Continue reading The Universe

An Overestimated Disaster: The Yellowstone Supervolcano


Recently, the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii erupted in a tremendous fashion which sent millions into a widespread global panic. The volcano erupted on the main island Honolulu destroying many homes in the local region and causing mass evacuations to occur. Poisonous gas leaked from the numerous volcanic vents that emerged on the surface, which in turn left areas uninhabitable. Continue reading An Overestimated Disaster: The Yellowstone Supervolcano



The Emu is the second-biggest living winged creature by stature, after its ratite relative, the ostrich. It is endemic to Australia where it is the biggest local flying creature and the main surviving individual from the family Dromaius.  The Emu’s range covers the vast majority of territory in Australia, yet the Tasmanian emu and King Island emu subspecies wound up wiped out after the European settlement of Australia in 1788. Continue reading Emu

Cheerleading History


Cheerleading is an organized sports activity involving short routines that combine dance, gymnastics, and stunt elements to cheer on teams, most commonly football and basketball. Performers of these one to three-minute routines are called “cheerleaders”. Cheerleading originated in Britain and spread to the United States where it remains most common, but has also become popular in other parts of the world, such as Europe, Central America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Asia. Continue reading Cheerleading History

World Agriculture


World agriculture is proving to be an unsustainable endeavor.  The United States is losing soil quantity and soil quality. Places everywhere are using water in an unsustainable way in order to grow crops for grain and to feed livestock.  Chemical use and genetic modifications are used to increase yields.

Healthy soil is the basis for the production of crops, not only does it provide a stable base to support plant roots, soil also stores water and nutrients required for plant growth. Unfortunately,  intensive plowing and monocrop agriculture have caused wide-scale soil erosion. Erosion is the movement of soil by water, wind, or gravity. This process of course occurs naturally, but current agricultural methods have caused the rate of erosion to increase frighteningly fast. Continue reading World Agriculture

Historical Context of “Darkest Hour”


People were on edge about having Churchill as the Prime Minister because of recent events in his life. He was a man with sense of humor but he was also insufferable, both his wife and Elizabeth Layton said that about him. He mumbled a ton and slurred his words. In the movie they say he has a bunch of alcohol for morning then for lunch and at night but in real life he had all his drinks watered down, but he still did drink a lot of alcohol.

In the movie Churchill crosses out a lot of words and rewrites because before speeches he is always uncertain, which he also did in real life. Documents of his speeches show a ton of crossed out words. Churchill in both was correct about the evils of Hitler but still people had little trust in him. Chamberlain was said to be in real life a man of yesterday, not someone that can take Britain forward. So he did need to be taken out of the Prime Minister position. Chamberlain did have cancer and unfortunately died from it. Continue reading Historical Context of “Darkest Hour”

An Extreme Experience


If you have ever dreamed of being able to drive a supercar, the company Xtreme Xperience may be able to help you live that dream. Xtreme Xperience allows anyone willing to pay somewhere in the range of $380-$295 to drive any vehicle of their choice from a fleet of exotics. They even include packages that come with multiple cars for those who just can’t decide on one for a slightly increased price. For those who may not feel comfortable being in control of so much power, Xtreme Xperience even offers high-speed ride alongs to allow anyone to experience what someone who drives race cars feels in a day on the job. The fleet of cars includes a Ferrari 488 GTB, Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4, Ferrari 458 Italia, Porsche 911 GT3, Audi R8 V10 and a Nissan GT-R. Xtreme Xperience hosts driving events at race tracks all over the country, coming to Autobahn Country Club Chicago on June 21, 2018 and Road America Green Bay on October 8, 2018. For those who have a strong attraction towards cars but find themselves low on funds, Xtreme Xperience allows for an experience that will last a lifetime.



The deputy wasn’t just hearing this faint, disturbing piano Mr. and Mrs. Meredith owned an ancient piano nearing its two hundredth birthday. This piano was always thought to be haunted, this piano would play a game of hot and cold with the lone deputy. This cursed house was playing a terrifying game on the deputy, as he walked through the house he saw clues of reaching a specific are the basement door as he reached there the dog quint began to bark almost as loud as the piano. Once he kicked the door open Quint stopped barking and began whining and the piano only played one key.

The basement was dark and quiet, the one thing Robert did not want to do or should do is enter the dark basement, the Deputy said to himself “I need to know whats down here” as he lit a match he immediately regretted this as there was the head of Mrs. Meredith almost fully consumed by decomposing. The deputy kept walking he saw bloodstains everywhere in sacrificial drawings even ducks Quint had helped hunt but they were not alive. Continue reading Continuation

Volcanic Eruption


In Kilauea, Hawaii, a massive volcano erupted. Authorities have been telling tourists and sightseers to avoid the Leilani Estates neighborhood because tons of lava has been spitting up onto the street through the cracks in the ground.

This all started when Kilauea volcano erupted Thursday, spewing molten rock and high levels of sulfur dioxide. After the eruption, the island received a 6.9 earthquake. This brought damage to homes along with the damage from the volcano. And in the air, noxious fumes from the volcano are what some officials say could be the greatest threat to public health in the wake of its eruption.The earthquakes also causes the rare closure of Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park after they damaged some of the park’s trails, craters and roads. The first earthquake triggered a cliff to collapse into the ocean. Continue reading Volcanic Eruption



The alarm sounded, I rose from my desk and faced a strange flag, unrecognizable from the one that flew before it. The speaker screeched as a familiar voice spoke, the voice and I were in sync.

Our duty is to protect this society from any and all threats. To report those who reveal their emotions and commit illegal actions. Emotions are dangerous to our solid structure we have built. Spero will live on!”

The alarm sounded again, I sat at my desk and presided with my work.


A file appears on my computer, a picture of a man and information. Steven Dales, 37, Gallow District. Mr. Dales’ face was pale against his dark grey facial hair. His eyes were bright blue and seemed to sparkle on the screen. The familiar voice spoke,“Subject 542789, showing signs of guilt.” Without hesitation, I dragged the mouse to the bottom corner of my screen and clicked the button, REPORT.

Ding Continue reading Report



He is everything she is not. He is wonderful and loud and friendly. Happy. He’s beautiful, and frankly, that all scares her. It scares her that he is so completely different than her. But she loves him. She loves him despite the fact that he is all of those wondrous things that she isn’t.

See, she’s quiet and keeps to herself. She doesn’t tell him everything. She’s smart but doesn’t use her intelligence to her advantage. And to top it all off, she’s sad. She feels so overwhelmed because she knows she’s not good enough for him. When he compliments her, she could think of a million and one things that would contradict that statement. She feels so disgusting in her own skin it’s enough to make her want to die. Continue reading Antithesis

The Importance of Teachers


At the end of a high school career every student ends up with a favorite teacher. A teacher that acts like a parental figure at school. Rather students realize it or not teachers will have an impact on their lives rather it be positive or negative. Students may not say it, but most of them are very thankful for most teachers for not only teaching them subjects such as math, history, or art, but also teaching them how to handle social situations, work loads, and everyday skills you will need for the future. With teacher appreciation week coming up be sure to tell a teacher thank you. it may seem like a wasted three seconds, but they will appreciate it and continue to help you through high school or even 10 years from now in everyday life.

Deadly Diets


Humans love food, simple as that. Oddly enough, we are also creatures that like to indulge in risk. Through the countless ways different cultures have found to get calories and tickle their taste buds, there’s a handful of dishes that are potentially perilous to our health. Here’s a round-up of the most deadly and dangerous dishes from every corner of our strange world.

Pagpag, Fresh From The Trash: As a testament to the shocking levels of poverty in the Philippine capital Manila, “pagpag” is a term used to describe street food that’s been salvaged from the trash, washed, and re-fried in hot oil. The word pagpag translates from Tagalog to literally mean “shake off the dust or dirt”. Small businesses collect the food, which consists of stuff from landfill sites and garbage cans, discarded fast food, and expired frozen food discharged from supermarkets. Needless to say, the practice has been linked to a whole host of communicable diseases, including cholera, hepatitis A, and typhoid. However, faced with no other option, pagpag remains a common practice across the country’s poorest corners. Continue reading Deadly Diets

Rich Alm

BY JAROD STURYCZ – The Abstract Section

Allegra, come back.
I wish there were more like you.

My nose is runny.

Soaring finally!

The Sun fills my energy…

Did we know our dads?

I just keep eating,

Enthusiastic lying.

I miss my cousins.

Paying Respects


Last season, Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Ryan Shazier severely injured his spinal cord going for a tackle against the Cincinnati Bengals. The injury ended Shazier’s season and possibly his entire career. He continues to rehab the injury, but a return does not look promising. on Thursday, May 5th, the Steelers placed the injured linebacker on the physically unable to perform list, which ultimately ends his 2018 NFL season before it even started. Although Shazier will not get on the field anytime soon, the Pittsburgh Steelers have converted $8.26 million of linebacker Ryan Shazier‘s $8.718 million salary for 2018 into a signing bonus, according to an NFL league source. As a result, Shazier will receive this money immediately. This is a solid gesture by the Steelers organization for a beloved player throughout Pittsburgh. While a return to football seems out of the question, Shazier continues to improve. To show off his improvements, Shazier walked across the stage at the 2018 NFL draft to announce the Steelers draft pick. As a football fan, you can only hope that a young and talented player like Ryan Shazier will be able to return to the game one day.


The Spot vs Big Star


A lot of people in the Kenosha area love to indulge in a nice cheeseburger from one of Kenosha’s many drive-in diners, but what they love even more is to argue over which diner they enjoy more. There are multiple different diners but the two that seem to have the biggest lasting impact on their customers are The Spot and Big Star. One outstanding difference between the two is that The Spot is open all year long, but Big Star is only open from March 1st until Labor Day. Because Big Star is only open during the warm season, it brings in many customers because they know that they only have a short period of time when they can get it. Continue reading The Spot vs Big Star

Education System Worsening


Though they are not always as appreciated as they should be, teachers are the foundation of our future. They instill all of their knowledge into children that will one day operate the world. Teachers of all grades are responsible for the education of their students, whether it is pre-k or high school. These educators are not given enough resources and are obligated to purchase most of their materials on their own. In 2010, Scott Walker was elected as the Wisconsin Governor, and since then our education system has progressively worsened. Continue reading Education System Worsening

Decision Day


An important day for high school seniors was on Tuesday of this week, National Decision Day. This is the day when the undecided students stress frantically to make up their minds and fill out applications while the students who have been committed to their dream school for months sit back and wait for the last few days of high school to come and go. However, even if you have been accepted into college of choice and you are committed, there are still so many other steps to do in order to be completely prepared: signing up for orientation, figuring out your financial costs, applying for housing, and finishing high school strong. Choosing the college you will be attending in the fall is only the first step in a long, hard process. Even though planning for college and your future may be stressful at times, it will pay off in the end and it will become a fun and exciting journey. As of right now, there are 19 school days left for seniors, and I think I can speak for most when I say that I hope that they go by as quick as possible. Happy National Decision Day to all seniors.

Mr. West


It has been over two years since we have seen new music from Kanye West. 2016’s The Life of Pablo was a huge success and Mr. West, himself, said, “The next album will be even better” in a 2107 interview with West has been in the news lately due to many remarks regarding his love for Donald Trump. Media and Kanye fans have blown up everything the rap icon has said. West posted a picture of him wearing a MAGA hat to his Twitter page, immediately after he lost over 4.4 thousand followers. West has always been subject to ridicule, but has always emerged to justify himself. So, what better time to release two new singles. Continue reading Mr. West

Link Crew

BY Raeanna Maegaard

The informational meeting for Link Crew applications was today in the auditorium during all C&C classes. Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Chase gave the basic information of Link Crew sign ups, and we even got the chance to hear about our current cabinet’s thoughts and opinions regarding everything Link Crew stands for. Some shared of their purpose for joining, and others spoke of the fantastic opportunities it has presented them with. For me, Link Crew has been a great way to challenge my problem solving skills and take on new responsibilities. The newfound leadership and social skills I have developed has made my Link Crew experience worthwhile thus far. For current sophomores or juniors looking to join our organization, I strongly encourage it! And even for our current freshman, who look to their Link Crew leaders in admiration or as an outlet for motivation, I would advise you to consider joining in your future years at this school, as a way to become more involved with school events or clubs, and as a way to step out of your comfort zones and meet new people! The payoff of new experiences and new friendships or relationships with the people I have met through Link Crew have been awesome!

Trump May Be Bad, But Pence is No Prize


Vice Presidents occupy an interesting space in politics. Though they preside over the Senate, the second-in-command serves only a few roles beyond that particular duties. In the case of the current administration, that may be for the best. Vice President Mike Pence, a longtime conservative stalwart, may be one of the most quietly dangerous VPs in modern political history. Where many of his predecessors have held little stake in the actual policy of the country, Pence carries a trifecta of reasons he may be the most influential and dangerous VP in recent memory: his party supports him more than they do the President, he has a deep-seated set of political convictions that have landed him in hot water in the past, and he has the easiest possible path to the presidency with all the scandals and political instability that threatens the Trump presidency every day. Easy as it may be to complain about the sometimes appalling way in which Trump conducts himself and national policy, the ramifications of giving Pence the keys to the Oval Office must be accounted for before any notions of impeachment can be bandied about. Continue reading Trump May Be Bad, But Pence is No Prize

Why “Love, Simon” Is One of the Best Movies in 2018, Thus Far


Theaters’ newest mixture of romance, drama, and comedy, Love, Simon includes laughs, love, struggles, and true insights of how a closeted-gay teen in today’s age copes with their secret and how others will react. It seems like a true story while watching and it makes you intrigued about how main character, Simon, deals with his secret potentially coming out after talking to an anonymous gay student, like him, online. The movie came out on March 16, 2018 and has skyrocketed within our community in Kenosha. It makes people recognize the conflicts Simon faces and how his family feels after making jokes and not knowing about his true identity. Continue reading Why “Love, Simon” Is One of the Best Movies in 2018, Thus Far

Mood Rings Are Accurate


Although mood rings receive constant criticism for their gimmicky and silly reputation, when actually examined, it is clear that mood rings do hold some accuracy in determining moods.  Mood rings are most often glass shells that are filled with thermotropic liquid crystals that are very sensitive to temperature. Any temperature variation will cause the liquid crystal molecules to change their position and molecular structures.  These movements allow the crystal substance to absorb an increased amount of red and green visible light, which appears as different colors to an observer. The proof of mood rings, however, is in the fact that temperatures of your body correlate with “moods,” or physical states.   Continue reading Mood Rings Are Accurate

Study When You Can


With AP tests only a weekend away, now is the time to cram in that last minute preparation. If you’re anything like me, you’ve put off studying until now, and in order to succeed you know you’ve got to do something fast. With that in mind, I would like to analyze some advice that I’ve recently been given: “Don’t study the night before your test”. Without any evidence to make my statement believable, I would like to argue that this advice should also not be taken seriously. Having so little time left to prepare, I understand that I need to take any opportunity I get to work hard, including the night before. I believe that any studying would give me an advantage on AP tests, and that not studying at all would probably be more detrimental to my score. Even if what I just said has no scientific value and I will not retain any information I try to cram in at the last minute, I have realized that just the fact that I attempted to study will make me feel more confident in my skills when I’m actually taking the test. Also, I know that attitude has a huge effect on my performance; bracing myself at all, even if it’s just the night before, will inevitably put me in a better test taking mood.

Andy Carroll Returns from Fallout


West Ham United striker Andy Carroll apologized to manager David Moyes and returned to training on Wednesday after he left the bench early in the loss to Manchester City on Sunday. Carroll, an unused substitute, headed down the tunnel at the London Stadium before the end of West Ham’s 4-1 defeat. On Monday, Carroll had a heated argument with Moyes at the club’s Rush Green training ground and was sent home by Moyes. With Tuesday off, Carroll returned to training on Wednesday and spoke with the manager. Moyes chose to send on Javier Hernandez, Joao Mario and Arthur Masuaku shortly after West Ham conceded a fourth goal after 64 minutes, leading to Carroll deciding to leave the bench. “It’s something I’ll deal with,” Moyes said at a news conference after the game. “In this situation, what you need is everybody to be a team member, so if [Carroll] has done that, I’ll look at it and I’ll deal with it.” West Ham is now three points clear of the relegation and will play this Saturday against Leicester City.