Average Hangout with “The Boyz”


We three are a part of a friend group which is a great coincidence because we are in the same Journalism class. The group that hangs out normally are Stephen, Eddie, Savion, Harry Orth, and Justus Siltala. The name “The Boyz” is unknown and not really clear, but the name naturally fits. We probably hangout, on average, once every two weeks. But  may not be often because of work and sports training. When we finally meet up it’s a fun time.

Being that all of us are natural competitors and athletes, we always do something that involves competition. The evenings are usually filled with basketball, wiffle ball, or ping pong. The night usually ends in high tensions and hurt feelings, but it’s worth it. I would go as far as to say that if anyone tried to beat our group in a sport, we wouldn’t lose; our chemistry with each other is too strong. We always know what we are thinking before we say anything. We are the definition of the term “Super Team”. So, in general the average hangout can be, put simply, a sports triathlon to see who is the best athlete.