California Wildfires


Southern California has experienced four wildfires in just the last week. California is my home state. I have family and many friends in California who live close by the fires and have been reporting on the fires on Snapchat and their other social media accounts.

Many other Californians have posted videos on The 405, the busiest freeway in America. The mountains alongside The 405 have been completely engulfed in flames. Many homes have been destroyed by the fires, and many schools in LA and The San Fernando Valley, where I am from, are closed for a couple of days due to the pollution and ash that is covering the sky.

So far no lives have been reported to be lost. Hundreds of firefighters are fighting to maintain all four fires and take them out as fast as possible. I send my prayers to all my family in California, all my friends in California, and all California residents who are being affected by these wildfires.