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Black Desert Online


Open world MMORPGs or massively multiplayer online role-playing games are slowly making a comeback from early 2000’s, Black Desert Online is one of these games. Developed by Pearl Abyss and Published by Kakao Games, Black Desert Online made its appearance in the North American gaming world on March 3rd, 2016.

This game has many good features held inside it. The character creation system by far is one of the more developed ones; it allows from cute to extravagant to some of the more unappealing characters. With this developed system it allows you to change the bone and body structure of your character making it more unique than the others. The hair quality has amazing physics along with the option to part, style, and color the hair the way you want to. Continue reading Black Desert Online

The 27 Club


Between the years 1969 and 1971, the world lost four influential musicians: Jimi Hendrix, Brian Jones, Janis Joplin, and Jim Morrison. Each were a part of the Rock/Psychedelic Rock scene, producing, collectively, multiple albums both by themselves and with their bands, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Rolling Stones, Big Brother and the Holding Company, and The Doors, respectively. What makes these four so intriguing, however, doesn’t have anything to do with their bands or their music. It doesn’t really have anything to do with even them as a person. Between 1969 and 1971, each one of them died at the age of 27. Continue reading The 27 Club

Review: Black Panther Has the Potential to Anger Lot of People. Good.


As of time of writing, Ryan Coogler’s February smash hit Black Panther has checked just about every box on the essential modern superhero blockbuster checklist: an abundance of rave reviews, audience acclaim, and most importantly, box office gold. His movie, along with Patty Jenkins’ groundbreaking Wonder Woman last year, have redefined what is possible for minorities and women in Hollywood, forever altering the narrative of what Hollywood considers viable at the box office. Unfortunately, this may not sit well with the many people who, for once, are not center stage in either film: white people and men, who have had dozens of excellent movies starring people who look just like them lavished on their demographic by big studios.

Black Panther in particular is unabashedly fearless in its embracing of these potential controversies surrounding race and gender. The cast and crew of the film is about 90% black- a feat largely unheard of in modern Hollywood, and the movie never shies away from that fact. Only two characters that are central to the plot, Andy Serkis’ “Ulysses Klaue” and Martin Freeman’s “Everett Ross” are white, and they have the least to do in the entire movie As some Twitter users were quick to point out, these two veteran Lord of the Rings actors are literally the “Tolkien white guys” of the story. The real heroes are the people of the fictional nation of Wakanda. This vision of a technologically advanced African nation, free from the scarring rampant colonialism and imperialism have left on the continent, shows through setting and mood of its vibrant inhabitants what black culture is capable of building.

The showing of diversity done right doesn’t even end there. The most important characters in the movie are, without a doubt, the black women who carry the entire second act of the film. T’Challa’s sister, Shuri, his mother, Ramonda, his head general, Okoye, and his former lover, Nakia, take home the MVP when the Black Panther is out of commission for a solid 20 minutes of movie. The themes of modern feminism (equality between all people) work perfectly in this movie, and those 20 minutes where the women take center stage remind the audience that though Black Panther may be the titular character, he is nothing without the women around him. Continue reading Review: Black Panther Has the Potential to Anger Lot of People. Good.

The Bachelor Finale


On Monday, March 5th, bachelor nation scurried to tweet about the dramatic season finale of The Bachelor. Fans furiously tweeted about Arie and his childish actions, stating that what he did was, essentially, messed up. Arie Luyendyk, 36, fell in love with both Lauren Burnham and Becca Kufrin as he saw a future with both of them, despite their differences. According to Luyendyk, he was not aware of his final decision until a few hours before the proposal. Continue reading The Bachelor Finale

The Office


The hilarious TV show, The Office, is one of the most watched TV shows ever. For the finale, 5.4 million people tuned in to see how this show ends. Many people enjoy this show because of relatable it is. Some people even find it very calming to watch. There are many reasons to why The Office is so popular.

One major reason this TV show is so loved is because there is no other characters like Michael Scott. He is ignorant, offensive, and is extremely difficult to work with. He calls his co workers his best friends and assumes that they see him as family. He goes out of his way to connect with all of them. He invites himself places and says inappropriate remarks. Although he is incredibly ignorant and rude, Michael Scott is one of the most kind hearted characters on TV. Continue reading The Office

A Hunt to Remember


Conquering worlds is news of the past, present, and most likely future. Within the new action-role play established by Capcom, Monster Hunter: World, you have the ability to fully customize your own hunter and take part in the research group to see if the new world is habitable.

Your mission of the game is to help the Research Commission research Elder dragons, powerful beings that affect entire ecosystems, and why they migrate to the new world every ten years which becomes known as the Elder Crossing. One elder dragon in particular, Zorah Magdaros is on his deathbed and crossing to a massive graveyard known as The Rotten Vale. Continue reading A Hunt to Remember

Warped Tour Unveils Lineup for Final Run


Warped Tour has announced its 2018 lineup. The tour’s final cross-country includes several bands that have performed over the tour’s past 24 years, including All Time Low, Simple Plan, Sum 41, Taking Back Sunday and the Used. Last November, founder Kevin Lyman announced that 2018 would be the end of Warped Tour as a traveling unit and that they are going to stay in one place at the tours quarter of a century mark in 2019. Lyman wrote  “Today, with many mixed feelings, I am here to announce that next year will be the final, full cross-country run of the Vans Warped Tour.” Continue reading Warped Tour Unveils Lineup for Final Run

The Oscar


Last night premiered the 90th Academy Awards; the Oscars is an award show that is on only once a year. It awards the best movies, actors, directors and influential people in the industry. Many people go to this show every year, and it is a big social event. Before the show starts, there is a red carpet where all of the stars from your favorite TV shows and movies go. During this time they talk to reporters and get their picture taken by paparazzi. Continue reading The Oscar

The Little Prince- Opening Weekend


Tremper’s third show of the 2017-2018 school year, The Little Prince, entertains all ages with its fun yet thought provoking storyline and intricate technical elements.  An adaption of the French children’s book of the same title, the play tells the story of a cynical aviator whose airplane goes down in the Sahara Desert, stranding him with limited resources.  Soon after his crash-landing, a mysterious little boy appears with many questions for the aviator. In describing his life and journey to earth, the young boy changes the aviator’s feelings about relationships, people, and life itself.  The show features many flamboyant characters, as Director Nicolas Cicerale and Assistant Director Mikey Kok decided to put a spin on the originals. A curtain made of stars, revolving stage platform, and an overall “just sketched” look set the scene for the beautiful story, while original music composed by Jarod Sturycz makes the experience more incredible still.  Featuring Rebecca St. Ange as the Prince and Dana Lehman as the aviator, this play is a must-see for all.


Top 100 Movies of All Time


Part 1: 100-90. These Movies are based on IMDb and movie critics

100.) Yankee Doodle Dandy (1942) – Rating: 7.8 (Not Rated)

  • The life of the renowned musical composer, playwright, actor, dancer, and singer George M. Chohan.

99.)  North by Northwest (1959)  – Rating: 8.4 (Not Rated)

  • A hapless New York advertising executive is mistaken for a government agent by a group of foreign spies, and is pursued across  the country while he looks for a way to survive.

98.) Rebel Without a Cause (1955) – Rating: 7.8 (PG-13)

  • A rebellious young man with a troubled past comes  to a new town, finding friends and enemies.

Continue reading Top 100 Movies of All Time



The TV show Friends starts out with Rachel, a women in her twenties who recently left her fiance at the altar. Rachel comes into the coffee house where her old friend from high school, Monica, is hanging out with her friends Ross, Joey, Phoebe, and Chandler. Monica sees Rachel in a wedding dress and talks to her about what just happened. Little did Rachel know that that day would be the beginning of her new life and her new found independence. Continue reading Friends

The End of All Friendships


Ever wanted to sabotage your friends in the most convenient way? Well now you can with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.

Nintendo Switch Japan had to create this game with the thought of peoples’ raging hearts to burst at each red shell. The main modes for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe are Balloon Battle, Renegade Roundup, Bob-omb Blast, Coin Runners, and Shine Thief. With all these different modes there is always the one and only battle mode, where it’s a race to the finish line. What is a battle mode without character selection, custom carts, and different maps to choose from. Continue reading The End of All Friendships

Reasons to Watch Friends


In the early 90s, the iconic, sitcom Friends came out on television. This amazing show aired for a whole 10 years. The show starred Jennifer Aniston as Rachel, Courtney Cox as Monica, Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe, Matthew Perry as Chandler, Matt Leblanc as Joey, and lastly David Schwimmer as Ross. These six friends created a raw representation of how life of some 20 year olds in New York City was. Continue reading Reasons to Watch Friends

Battle for Earth


98% of the population mysteriously disappeared one day leaving the 2% to save the world from undead beings, zombies. Epic Games changes the gameplay of zombies with Fortnite. Fortnite allows people to choose between two game modes: Survival and Battle Royale.

Survival is a co-op player versus environment based game mode allowing the player to work with teammates. Survival is about exploration, scavenging for materials, building fortified structures, crafting a multitude of weapons, and fighting off hordes of the undead. Starting off the game, the player gets few weapons and schematics to start off their arsenal. The player will have to journey in the world to collect materials to start building their defense from the undead along with protecting a rocket needed to progress in the game. Continue reading Battle for Earth



The movie Coco is a story about a young, innocent boy named Miguel who lives in the mexican village, Santa Cecilia. Miguel was born into a family of shoemakers who detests all musicians. However, Miguel heavily enjoys music and loves to sing in secret. Miguel’s family completely disapproves and forbids him to ever play music. Miguel goes on an incredible journey to the land of the dead where he finds himself engulfed in beauty and learns who he is really meant to be.

Miguel believes that Ernesto de la Cruz, his biggest role model, is his great great grandfather. Miguel goes on an journey to prove to his family that his great great grandfather is in fact Ernesto de la Cruz, the greatest musician of all time. Miguel accidentally travels to the land of the dead where he meets Hector, a forgotten ghost who becomes friends with Miguel. Hector is on the brink of disappearing forever from the land of the dead. They both need each other’s help so they travel throughout the land of the dead jointly in search of Miguel’s truth. Continue reading Coco

A Breath Of Fresh Air


For video game developers, it is extremely hard work to create a video game that appeals to old and new fans as well as creating something unique and becoming game of the year. The development team at Nintendo had all of these goals in mind when creating an innovative game that would sell with their new console, the Nintendo Switch: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Continue reading A Breath Of Fresh Air

A Pirate’s Life


Ever wanted to sail the seven seas, quest for buried treasure, or pillage ships? Rare gives you this opportunity to experience a virtual interpretation of a pirate adventure with their game, Sea of ThievesIt all begins with creating your selection pirate and then anchors away to let the magic of pirating begin. Grab a few friends to have a better experience of the ever expanding game. The more friends you play with, the bigger your ship is. Continue reading A Pirate’s Life

47 Meters Down


Sisters Kate and Lisa take a trip to Mexico after Lisa’s boyfriend breaks up with her because she was too boring. One night they decide to go out to make Lisa feel better. They meet two guys who tell them about this amazing experience of swimming with sharks. The next day they decide to do it. Little do they know it will be the craziest experience of their lives. Continue reading 47 Meters Down

The Good Doctor


The Good Doctor is a TV show that air on Mondays and is about an autistic man named Shaun who fought his way to become a surgeon. Shaun goes through many difficulties and tasks to understanding to be a surgeon. Along the way, Shaun shows everyone around him something new. I recommend The Good Doctor to everyone to watch because it shows how anybody can achieve anything they put their mind to, and it’s a motivation for the people that need a little push to prosper in the career. I feel like anybody and everybody can be anything they wish to be, and The Good Doctor shows that.

Scary Hours: Rap’s 2018 Jump-Start


On Friday, January 19th, popular rapper Drake surprisingly released two new singles, God’s Plan, and Diplomatic Immunity. Releasing the tracks under the header Scary Hours, Drake dropped a bombshell on the rap community. Drake previewed these songs earlier in the week at a Memphis nightclub, but not much was thought of them as the versions he played were altered. With a catchy, bass bumping instrumental, God’s Plan hooks listeners right away. In true Drake fashion, Diplomatic Immunity rebuddles with a slower, but still intriguing, track for the Toronto rapper to preach on. Continue reading Scary Hours: Rap’s 2018 Jump-Start

Movie Review: “The Greatest Showman” Pulls Back the Curtain on P.T. Barnum

By John Lynch

2017 seemed to be the year of the musical movie. From Damien Chazelle’s La La Land (during its wide release and Oscar nomination) to Disney’s reimagined Beauty and the Beast to Pixar’s visual masterpiece Coco, last year brought some excellent music to the silver screen. The Greatest Showman is no exception to this trend, albeit with decidedly less lasting recognition and more generic music. Justin Paul and Benj Pasek, who wrote much of the music of the aforementioned La La Land, wrote the music of The Greatest Showman, and the consistently great lyrics from their past work are on full display, though the performers of the music deserve nearly as much credit for the finished product. The lyrics are not terribly clever or specific to the setting of the musical, so they feel more like BIllboard 100 bait than actual things the characters would say in context to their actions. Thankfully, the cast, which stars Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron, Zendaya, Michelle Williams, Jessica Ferguson and Kaela Settle, executes the music with enough bravado, emotion, and heart to make the seemingly generic music feel authentic to their characters. Continue reading Movie Review: “The Greatest Showman” Pulls Back the Curtain on P.T. Barnum

Through the Wire: 15 Years Later


In 2002, up and coming music producer, Kanye West, seeked to create and release his first song. Two weeks prior, West was driving his Lexus late at night in Los Angeles and fell asleep behind the wheel. He crashed his car, in a near death accident, and was transported to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. There he would go into an emergency surgery where the doctors would perform a facial reconstruction procedure and wire his jaw shut. Thus, Through the Wire was born. Most artists would not record their debut single with their mouth wired shut, but Kanye West is not “most artists.” Continue reading Through the Wire: 15 Years Later

Revival: Update


This past month there have been many rumors circling around the internet about Eminem new album. At first reports said the album would be released November 17, 2017. Many people were led to believe this was true. Fans were counting down the days until November 17th. While the days were getting close, there was still no official word from Eminem or anyone on his team. The day came fans were anxiously waiting for any sign that the album would release, but fans were disappointed when the album did not drop. This led fans to believe that the album did not exist and it was all just Eminem’s way of messing with us. Continue reading Revival: Update

reputation Makes Its Mark


Taylor Swift’s highly anticipated sixth studio album, reputation, made its debut as it was released Friday, November 10, 2017, at 12AM ET. Within the first four days, 1.05 million copies were sold, and there were over 400,000 pre orders through iTunes and UPS. Her fifth studio album, 1989, sold 1.287 million copies within its first week. If expert predictions are correct, she will sell at least two million copies, breaking her own record. Within days of reputation being released, it instantly became the best-selling album of 2017. Continue reading reputation Makes Its Mark

Walk On Water


Eminem has put out a new single called Walk on Water. The single has  a very special artist featured: Beyonce. No one expected this particular duo to ever make a song together, so the internet lost it when they saw these two legendary artists come together for a song. There were mixed reactions from people when they first heard the song. It was very different, nothing that Eminem has ever done before, it was slow and calm. Continue reading Walk On Water

Super Unnatural


Ah, okay. I’m not one to rant about things I like that often, especially TV shows. Supernatural is an exception. The show has been going strong through twelve seasons and is now entering its thirteenth. I have got to say, props to the many writers, actors and producers for doing such a great job with the show so far. Actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles have been fantastic portraying the brothers Sam and Dean, it will be a sad day for many when the show comes to an end. Continue reading Super Unnatural

Lil Pump


Rapping in this era of time has evolved into a lot of bass and auto tune.  The rap is called trap music where they talk about designer clothes money and other essentials.  Rapper known as Lil Pump grew up in South Florida and is 17 years old, rapping was the only way out for him.  Lil Pump was not the brightest kid in school, getting kicked out of high school in the ninth grade but then going to an opportunity high school but getting kicked out of that as well.   Continue reading Lil Pump

ABC’s The Good Doctor: Sad Truths


Dr. Shaun Murphy of ABC’s new hit drama The Good Doctor is several things: determined, genius, and, the show’s main center, autistic. With a stunning performance by actor Freddie Highmore, the characters of this drama strike a particular chord with the audience that is too true to ignore. In the show’s first episode, it is known by viewers that Dr. Murphy has autism; however, he also has savant syndrome: a condition in which a person with disabilities shows a certain affinity for a skill. In this case, Dr. Murphy shows an adept ability for anatomy, which prompts his desire to be a surgeon at St. Bonaventure Hospital in San Jose. The show’s catchphrase “His greatest ability is his greatest challenge” truly does follow the show’s main plot with a disturbing truth. While challenged with the need to be a doctor and the struggle to overcome his superiors’ disdain, Dr. Murphy persists through the show to push himself and test the boundaries of his own mind. Continue reading ABC’s The Good Doctor: Sad Truths

On Separating the Art from the Artist


I was rather recently informed of a horrid detail that was prominent in the history of the popular Swedish band ABBA.  Apparently, the lead singer, Agnetha Fältskog, suffered from a serious fear of performing.  She combated this fear throughout her career with alcohol, traumatizing her body and mind.  With this information now added to my schema of the band, a favorite of mine to casually listen to, I did not know how to respond.   Continue reading On Separating the Art from the Artist

Who EXACTLY is the next Bachelor?


As Good Morning America announced, Arie Luyendyk was chosen to continue his journey for love on the 22nd season of The Bachelor. Six years ago, Luyendyk appeared on season eight of The Bachelorette and was a day away from proposing to Bachelorette, Emily Maynard. During the season finale before accepting a proposal from the season eight Bachelorette winner, Jef Holm, Maynard sent Luyendyk home, leaving him with a broken heart. Continue reading Who EXACTLY is the next Bachelor?

Make Chester Proud


On October 27, 2017,  Linkin Park performed their most memorable and special concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Linkin Park did this concert for their bandmate Chester Bennington. Bennington passed away on July 20th, 2017. His cause of death was suicide by hanging. The world was in shock hearing about Bennington’s suicide. Everyone on social media was paying tribute to the late singer. Fans all around held visuals for Bennington, some lighting a candle, others making a makeshift memorial, and some just said a prayer for Bennington’s family, friends, and bandmates. Band mate Mike Shinoda did addressed the issue confirming the rumors but did not yet have any words. As the weeks led on Linkin Park announced they would be holding a concert in honor of Bennington. They called it “Make Chester Proud”. Continue reading Make Chester Proud

How do Pokemon go into Pokeballs?


There are lots of theories on how pokemon fit into pokeballs. Especially big pokemon like Snorlax. The most common theory on how this works uses quantum mechanics. If you’ve ever taken a quantum mechanics course, you know that everything has a wavelength, even if it is negligible. The pokeballs, some say, transform the pokemon into light stored as data, which then can be re-released back into a solid when you push the button on the pokeball. Continue reading How do Pokemon go into Pokeballs?

Netflix Originals: Why Everyone Is Talking About Them


TV shows have been around for quite some time now, and so has Netflix. Starting in 2013, which is pretty recent, Netflix started a new era. Netflix (and even other programs like Hulu) made its own series of shows called “Netflix Originals.” The two shows that started it all, part of Netflix only, are House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black which are still popular today. Popular shows made by Netflix are Sense8 and Narcos, which are both popular and made in 2015. Continue reading Netflix Originals: Why Everyone Is Talking About Them



Fortnite is a game on PC, and consoles (Xbox and PS4) that has a battle royale set up. Battle Royale is where 100 players get dropped onto a map and fight till the end, the last player standing wins. The map gets smaller and smaller every three minutes to control the amount of battlefield. The circle forms around places more densely populated on the map. Once players get eliminated, the circle gets smaller eventually forcing face to face combat with whoever is left. It is a really fun game that takes a lot of strategy and communication to play.


The Nightmare Before Culture


Henry Selick, director of The Nightmare Before Christmas, tugs on our childhood nostalgia and visualizes the dark glamour of a town composed of only Halloween “ideals” that discovers another more jolly community of Christmas Town. The bright lights and warm sweet feeling emanating from Christmas Town fill Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King within Halloween Town, moving him to try and adopt all of what he saw, felt and heard in Christmas Town for his own town. Continue reading The Nightmare Before Culture