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Through the Wire: 15 Years Later


In 2002, up and coming music producer, Kanye West, seeked to create and release his first song. Two weeks prior, West was driving his Lexus late at night in Los Angeles and fell asleep behind the wheel. He crashed his car, in a near death accident, and was transported to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. There he would go into an emergency surgery where the doctors would perform a facial reconstruction procedure and wire his jaw shut. Thus, Through the Wire was born. Most artists would not record their debut single with their mouth wired shut, but Kanye West is not “most artists.” Continue reading Through the Wire: 15 Years Later

Revival: Update


This past month there have been many rumors circling around the internet about Eminem new album. At first reports said the album would be released November 17, 2017. Many people were led to believe this was true. Fans were counting down the days until November 17th. While the days were getting close, there was still no official word from Eminem or anyone on his team. The day came fans were anxiously waiting for any sign that the album would release, but fans were disappointed when the album did not drop. This led fans to believe that the album did not exist and it was all just Eminem’s way of messing with us. Continue reading Revival: Update

reputation Makes Its Mark


Taylor Swift’s highly anticipated sixth studio album, reputation, made its debut as it was released Friday, November 10, 2017, at 12AM ET. Within the first four days, 1.05 million copies were sold, and there were over 400,000 pre orders through iTunes and UPS. Her fifth studio album, 1989, sold 1.287 million copies within its first week. If expert predictions are correct, she will sell at least two million copies, breaking her own record. Within days of reputation being released, it instantly became the best-selling album of 2017. Continue reading reputation Makes Its Mark

Walk On Water


Eminem has put out a new single called Walk on Water. The single has  a very special artist featured: Beyonce. No one expected this particular duo to ever make a song together, so the internet lost it when they saw these two legendary artists come together for a song. There were mixed reactions from people when they first heard the song. It was very different, nothing that Eminem has ever done before, it was slow and calm. Continue reading Walk On Water

Super Unnatural


Ah, okay. I’m not one to rant about things I like that often, especially TV shows. Supernatural is an exception. The show has been going strong through twelve seasons and is now entering its thirteenth. I have got to say, props to the many writers, actors and producers for doing such a great job with the show so far. Actors Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles have been fantastic portraying the brothers Sam and Dean, it will be a sad day for many when the show comes to an end. Continue reading Super Unnatural

Lil Pump


Rapping in this era of time has evolved into a lot of bass and auto tune.  The rap is called trap music where they talk about designer clothes money and other essentials.  Rapper known as Lil Pump grew up in South Florida and is 17 years old, rapping was the only way out for him.  Lil Pump was not the brightest kid in school, getting kicked out of high school in the ninth grade but then going to an opportunity high school but getting kicked out of that as well.   Continue reading Lil Pump

ABC’s The Good Doctor: Sad Truths


Dr. Shaun Murphy of ABC’s new hit drama The Good Doctor is several things: determined, genius, and, the show’s main center, autistic. With a stunning performance by actor Freddie Highmore, the characters of this drama strike a particular chord with the audience that is too true to ignore. In the show’s first episode, it is known by viewers that Dr. Murphy has autism; however, he also has savant syndrome: a condition in which a person with disabilities shows a certain affinity for a skill. In this case, Dr. Murphy shows an adept ability for anatomy, which prompts his desire to be a surgeon at St. Bonaventure Hospital in San Jose. The show’s catchphrase “His greatest ability is his greatest challenge” truly does follow the show’s main plot with a disturbing truth. While challenged with the need to be a doctor and the struggle to overcome his superiors’ disdain, Dr. Murphy persists through the show to push himself and test the boundaries of his own mind. Continue reading ABC’s The Good Doctor: Sad Truths

On Separating the Art from the Artist


I was rather recently informed of a horrid detail that was prominent in the history of the popular Swedish band ABBA.  Apparently, the lead singer, Agnetha Fältskog, suffered from a serious fear of performing.  She combated this fear throughout her career with alcohol, traumatizing her body and mind.  With this information now added to my schema of the band, a favorite of mine to casually listen to, I did not know how to respond.   Continue reading On Separating the Art from the Artist

Who EXACTLY is the next Bachelor?


As Good Morning America announced, Arie Luyendyk was chosen to continue his journey for love on the 22nd season of The Bachelor. Six years ago, Luyendyk appeared on season eight of The Bachelorette and was a day away from proposing to Bachelorette, Emily Maynard. During the season finale before accepting a proposal from the season eight Bachelorette winner, Jef Holm, Maynard sent Luyendyk home, leaving him with a broken heart. Continue reading Who EXACTLY is the next Bachelor?

Make Chester Proud


On October 27, 2017,  Linkin Park performed their most memorable and special concert at the Hollywood Bowl. Linkin Park did this concert for their bandmate Chester Bennington. Bennington passed away on July 20th, 2017. His cause of death was suicide by hanging. The world was in shock hearing about Bennington’s suicide. Everyone on social media was paying tribute to the late singer. Fans all around held visuals for Bennington, some lighting a candle, others making a makeshift memorial, and some just said a prayer for Bennington’s family, friends, and bandmates. Band mate Mike Shinoda did addressed the issue confirming the rumors but did not yet have any words. As the weeks led on Linkin Park announced they would be holding a concert in honor of Bennington. They called it “Make Chester Proud”. Continue reading Make Chester Proud

How do Pokemon go into Pokeballs?


There are lots of theories on how pokemon fit into pokeballs. Especially big pokemon like Snorlax. The most common theory on how this works uses quantum mechanics. If you’ve ever taken a quantum mechanics course, you know that everything has a wavelength, even if it is negligible. The pokeballs, some say, transform the pokemon into light stored as data, which then can be re-released back into a solid when you push the button on the pokeball. Continue reading How do Pokemon go into Pokeballs?

Netflix Originals: Why Everyone Is Talking About Them


TV shows have been around for quite some time now, and so has Netflix. Starting in 2013, which is pretty recent, Netflix started a new era. Netflix (and even other programs like Hulu) made its own series of shows called “Netflix Originals.” The two shows that started it all, part of Netflix only, are House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black which are still popular today. Popular shows made by Netflix are Sense8 and Narcos, which are both popular and made in 2015. Continue reading Netflix Originals: Why Everyone Is Talking About Them



Fortnite is a game on PC, and consoles (Xbox and PS4) that has a battle royale set up. Battle Royale is where 100 players get dropped onto a map and fight till the end, the last player standing wins. The map gets smaller and smaller every three minutes to control the amount of battlefield. The circle forms around places more densely populated on the map. Once players get eliminated, the circle gets smaller eventually forcing face to face combat with whoever is left. It is a really fun game that takes a lot of strategy and communication to play.


The Nightmare Before Culture


Henry Selick, director of The Nightmare Before Christmas, tugs on our childhood nostalgia and visualizes the dark glamour of a town composed of only Halloween “ideals” that discovers another more jolly community of Christmas Town. The bright lights and warm sweet feeling emanating from Christmas Town fill Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King within Halloween Town, moving him to try and adopt all of what he saw, felt and heard in Christmas Town for his own town. Continue reading The Nightmare Before Culture

Plot Armor: Why Superhero Screenwriters Fear Killing Off Heroes


The rise of superhero movies on the small and silver screens has given fans of superheroes some of the most well-realized and detailed looks into the world of their favorite characters. With the coming Justice League movie on November 17, the third Thor sequel, Thor: Ragnarok, coming November 3, and the third and fourth Avengers movies debuting in 2018 and 2019 respectively, the superhero genre has taken up on of the premiere slots in each year’s blockbuster roster, and have subsequently performed exceedingly well. Continue reading Plot Armor: Why Superhero Screenwriters Fear Killing Off Heroes

Why Camila Cabello’s Departure From Fifth Harmony Was A Good Thing


On December 18, 2016, the Fifth Harmony group Twitter account announced Camila Cabello’s departure. It caused an uproar among the site and made headlines. Everyone saw it coming, but no one knew it would happen so suddenly. This happened nearly a year ago, but I am about to tell you why her departure was the best thing to happen to both Fifth Harmony and Camila herself. Continue reading Why Camila Cabello’s Departure From Fifth Harmony Was A Good Thing

The New Taylor


On Friday morning, Taylor Swift released the third single to her new album Reputation. The new single is named Gorgeous and no one was surprised to hear that it was about a guy. Ever since Swift dropped the song fans have been trying to dissect the meaning behind the single. The media has concluded that the song is about her current boyfriend Joe Alwyn. Swift and Alwyn have been keeping their relationship under wraps for the past few weeks though. Lines such as “ocean blue eyes looking into mine” and “I got drunk and made fun of the way you talk” all point to Alwyn as being the star of this song. Whether the song is referencing her current boyfriend or not, the song is still a very catchy and very relateable and it is by far the beat song on her album so far.

Five Christmas Movies to Watch This Holiday


After the year that we’ve had, you might be forgiven for wanting to curl up on your couch over the holidays. You could pretend that A Charlie Brown Christmas isn’t depressing as hell, sit through Hallmark’s yuletide offerings—or watch a movie you actually want to watch. To help you map out your holiday movie mega-marathon, here is a list of five Christmas movies that are the perfect way to distract yourself from the turn of another year, the office white elephant party, or your dad’s lethal fruitcake. Continue reading Five Christmas Movies to Watch This Holiday

TV Review: The Flash Season Four Hits the Ground Running


One of the flaws of the superhero format is the constant cycle of death and resurrection for popular characters. Recent films like Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Avengers: Age of Ultron have tried their hand at subverting this format by letting one of the heroes die, with mixed results. DC Entertainment obviously won’t let Superman stay dead (Spoilers, I guess), and Marvel Studios more or less got away with a character death because Quicksilver was an underdeveloped side character who had about ten total minutes of screen time. That brings us to our other speedster, the Flash. The CW’s hit superhero show seemingly killed the titular Flash at the end of it’s third season, locking him away in a “Speed Force Prison” as penance for creating an alternate timeline. This left the show without its lead character going into the fourth  season and fans with the burning question of when, if ever, they would see Barry Allen again. Continue reading TV Review: The Flash Season Four Hits the Ground Running



Foxcatcher is a movie that sheds light on what happened between Dave Schultz, an Olympic wrestler, and John Dupont, a wealthy man who loved the way Dave wrestled and brought him to his estate to start a wrestling club. In the beginning Dupont was fascinated with the idea of Dave running a magnificent club on his property. He provided him with a entire training facility and also paid athletes to wrestle there while housing them and their family, it was called the “fanciest wrestling compound this side of Stalingrad”. At the time there was no other place in America where this was happening; athletes were not paid at the Olympic training center and could not start families there. Dupont paid for wrestlers to travel to tournaments and compete and surely rewarded them nicely when they won. Continue reading Foxcatcher

TV Review: Rick and Morty Season Three Lives Up to the Hype


Every so often, an already great show is able to iterate upon its original formula in new and innovative ways while still retaining the aspects that made it great. No show has been able to do that as well as Adult Swim’s cult hit animated show Rick and Morty. Following up two well received seasons, season three of writer Justin Roiland and producer Dan Harmon’s “high concept sci-fi rigamarole” delivers on all the beats fans had hoped it would. Continue reading TV Review: Rick and Morty Season Three Lives Up to the Hype

El Internado


Have you heard about El Internado? If not, we will tell you! El  internado is a telenovela, and is is featured on Netflix. It is a mystery TV show based in Spain with many characters. It’s a show that students in AP Spanish are obsessed with. Mrs.Chase, the Spanish 4/AP teacher, has shown her students and now the students can’t stop watching. El Internado has an intriguing plot with many twist and turns that will have the viewers in shock. A mere summary of El Internado would be described as students in a boarding school come to find many mysteries about the school, and all of the people that are entwined in the mystery. They come to find out all the secrets that lie within the Black Lagoon Boarding School. If you like mysteries and good plots El Internado is the show for you!



In Pokémon, whenever your Pokémon get a certain amount of things done, your pokémon “evolves”. What is interesting about this is that evolution in our world usually takes a really long time over many generations to die and only the oldest survive. Most Pokémon only need a certain level until they look different and are more powerful. So in Pokémon, you don’t really evolve. It has nothing to do with actual evolving or natural selection. Continue reading Evolution?

Movie Review- IT


Generally I am not a movie person. If the movie extends beyond the realm of Disney cartoons and Harry Potter there is an extremely high chance I have not seen it. I also would not consider myself a horror movie person. While horror excites me, I usually look for deeper meaning in the movies I seek out to watch, and that deeper meaning is often not associated with the horror genre. That being said, I thought it might be a good idea to start broadening my movie knowledge, and what better place to start than the infamous remake IT. Continue reading Movie Review- IT

A Discussion of Howard Dean


The day I discovered Howard Dean in the dark corners of YouTube’s meme department, my abs hurt.  This was not due to any exertion of my body, no cardio for me, but rather the soreness was caused by laughing so heartily at the content of a video called simply “Yahhh!!”.  The video, an expertly arranged remix of one of politician Howard Dean’s speeches, hyperbolizes a major event in the 2004 election. Continue reading A Discussion of Howard Dean



It’s that time of the year ladies and gentleman. Lee Daniels’ STAR and EMPIRE come back Wednesday night (September 27th) at 7pm. It will be a crossover event with the episodes airing back to back. Queen Latifah will appear in Empire and Jussie Smollett will make an appearance in Star. It will be the start of Empire’s fourth season, and it’ll be Star’s second season premiere. In the season finale of Empire we saw Lucious go through an explosion, leaving us at the edge of our seats wondering if he’s still alive, and if he is, is he okay? This new season of Empire will focus on Lucious’ recovery and how it affects everyone around him. On the other hand, the season finale of Star ended off with the girls (Alex, Star and Simone) winning Atlanta Nextfext. Season two of Star will focus on more struggles that the girl group will face while reaching for stardom.

What Current Musician Will Stand The Test Of Time? Will Taylor Swift Never Go Out Of Style?


Taylor Swift, despite popular negative reactions that are included with her title, is projected as a current musician who will stand the test of time due to her fast paced, dancey beats. Starting her career in 2006, Swift has adjusted her style based on her audience. Her first album, Taylor Swift debuted roughly ten years ago peaked at number 5 on Billboard Top 200. Now, releasing her sixth album, Reputation, she has successfully won 11 American Music Awards, 7 Grammy Awards, and 6 Country Music Association Awards. Continue reading What Current Musician Will Stand The Test Of Time? Will Taylor Swift Never Go Out Of Style?

What To Binge Watch On Netflix


It is a rainy, cold, Sunday afternoon and you are bored out of your mind. So what do you do? Binge watch on Netflix! Binge watching can be defined as “the practice of watching multiple episodes of a television program in rapid succession.” This practice may be difficult to complete if you do not have any ideas of what television program you may be interested in. One Tree Hill is a great television program to binge watch as the drama builds up towards the end of every episode. Continue reading What To Binge Watch On Netflix

JACKSEPTICEYE: Solo Tour and Group Tour


One of the most popular gaming stars on YouTube, Seán McLoughlin, or also well known as jacksepticeye on YouTube, is going on a now sold out tour!  He will be in the Midwest area at the end of September and the first day of October.  McLoughlin had said that he had been planning it for months and it was finally happening.  Starting in the middle October in Europe, the Irishman will be joining the famous Game Grumps on their tour which is called Player 3. Continue reading JACKSEPTICEYE: Solo Tour and Group Tour