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All About Breakfast


You may be familiar with the cliche saying, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” but do not overestimate this. There are countless benefits of consuming a healthy breakfast before starting your day. First off, eating breakfast will keep you full longer, avoiding eating excessive lunch throughout the day. It also boosts your metabolism, causing you to be able to burn more calories. For those attending school or work will have exceedingly better concentration throughout the day, which will help performance. Many people believe skipping breakfast will aid them in weight loss, where really it is the opposite. Studies show that those who skip breakfast have a great Body Mass Index and have a hard time burning calories throughout the day.

Studies show eating a healthy morning meal can keep your weight at a steady rate and sometimes decrease it, for you are not forcing yourself to overcompensate later. Additional studies show that breakfast eaters stay moving throughout the day due to their energy. Consumer Reports states, “Our research indicates that people who skip breakfast gain weight, which can lead to diabetes as well as high cholesterol and blood pressure—all of which can raise your risk of heart disease.” It is never too late to incorporate breakfast into your mornings for a healthier lifestyle!


Fun Activities To Do In The Summer (For Cheap)!


In summertime, teenagers are either working or hanging out with their friends, which can be the most fun part of summer. For seniors, this is our last summer together before everyone leaves for college, so this summer definitely needs to be one of the best ones ever. Finding activities to do in the summer can be difficult, especially when you need to save money but still want to have fun. Here are some ideas to do in the summer on a budget:

Go to the Farmer’s Market downtown Lay out in your backyard
Set up a lemonade stand (to make money) Go on a bike ride
Plan a picnic with friends in a park or at the beach Paint on a canvas
Go to thrift shops Do a garage sale (to make money)
Attend any free music events in Kenosha Work out at home
Camp in your backyard Go to a local pool
Go to a local dog park Watch the sunrise/sunset
Attend a parade Go on a hike (at Devil’s Lake)


Now, here are some fun things to do that cost more money:

Attend Summerfest to see a great artist Go to the State Fair in Milwaukee
Go to Lollapalooza Go to a drive in movie theater
Spend a day at a water in the Wisconsin Dells Attend Country Thunder
Go mini golfing (at Action Territory) Spend a day at Six Flags Great America
Participate in a Color Run Go on a mini road trip or vacation


Where To Vacation This Summer


Wisconsin has an abundant amount of wide-ranging nature reserves as well as state parks. One of the most well-known parks in Wisconsin is Devil’s Lake State Park as it covers 9,217 acres of land. Devil’s Lake State Park is the perfect place to vacation this summer with your friends as there are numerous activities you can participate in as well as enjoy with your friends.

Swimming: Devil’s Lake State Park contains its own 360 acre lake which is accessible to visitors for various purposes, one being swimming. Two sandy beaches are available for swimming: one on the north shore and one on the south shore of the lake. The temperature of the lake does not reach extreme temperatures between June and September which provides a comfortable swimming experience for visitors.

Hiking: Roughly 29 miles of hiking trails cover the state park. These hiking trails vary in difficulty as some are made for beginners and some are made for more advanced hikers. Both levels of difficulty consist of steep climbs, staircases, and high heights.

Canoeing/Kayaking: Canoeing and kayaking are very popular activities at Devil’s Lake State Park as the lake is clear and scenic. Towards each end of the lake, there is a boat launch which assists visitors in getting started.


Healthy Eating


Recently in my Anatomy and Physiology class, we have learned more about nutrition and the digestive system. To maintain a healthy weight, we must reduce the intake of processed and fast food. Because of the high sodium content, foods like these make it harder for your kidney to remove water weight. This relationship causes higher blood pressure. To avoid this conflict, try eating fruits and vegetables when you would usually eat a bag of chips or sweets. Eating healthy isn’t always as bad as it seems. There is a notion that eating healthy solely consists of dry salads and nasty sweets. In reality, when you maintain a healthy diet, counting calories and restricting carbs is not necessary. However, eating healthy, alone, will not only make you lose weight. A balance of supporting your body with the nutrients if needs and an exercise routine will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. With a healthy balance, there is room for small portions of sweets. There is a notion among many diet plans that you must restrict your body and your desires to succeed. But with a healthy balance of food and exercise, you will be successful in your weight lose or lifestyle change endeavors.

American Composers


The most well-known composers are typically found in countries such as Germany, Russia, and Italy, but what musical literature is found in America? The works of Joseph Haydn, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and Frédéric Chopin were beautifully crafted and preserved for people to enjoy for centuries. In contrast, common works of American composers are not as famously known and loved by musicians. What causes this dissonance? Work of American composers is seen as more contemporary, which could be interpreted as having less depth. Being a piano player however, songs written by an American composer seem to be less challenging with more repetitive chord patterns and melodies. Despite this anecdote, there is definitely not a negative notion among all American composers. Looking at the rise of Lin-Manuel Miranda and popularity of his work for the musical Hamilton, it is clear that American Composers are also extremely successful. His dedication to this production has increased his credibility and popularity, making him $105,000 in a typical week. Although not as popular, American composers have as much potential as any others. You can often find commonalities between American composers and the way that they write and perform their work, but standing out from this stereotype makes the composer unique and more respected.



The iPhone is a line of smartphones designed by Apple Inc. The iPhone line of items utilize Apple’s iOS versatile working system software. The original iPhone was released on June 29, 2007, and various new equipment with new iOS releases have been released since. The user interface is built around the gadget’s multi-touch screen, including a virtual keyboard. The iPhone has Wi-Fi and can associate with cellular networks. An iPhone can shoot video, take photographs, play music, send and get email, peruse the web, send and get instant messages, GPS, record notes, perform scientific processes, and get visual phone messages. Other uses can be computer games, reference works, and person to person communication, which can be empowered by downloading versatile applications. Apple has released 11 generations of iPhone models, each accompanied by one of the eleven major releases of the iOS operating system. The first iPhone was portrayed as “revolutionary” and a “game changer” for the cell phone industry. More up to date cycles have additionally collected praise, and the iPhone’s prosperity has been attributed with making Apple one of the world’s most important traded on an open market organizations.

Music’s Generational Effects


Music extends far beyond just something to listen to when it is too quiet. When someone listens to music that they enjoy, the brain releases dopamine and endorphins, both of which create a feeling of energy, happiness and well-being. The amounts released vary depending on the person, but in some cases, people can even get high from listening to their favorite songs, as the sheer surge of dopamine replicates the emotional conditions of the brain when high. In several instances, individuals even reported experiencing out of body experiences, typically only achievable during a rare episode of sleep paralysis or under the influence of heavy hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD or Psilocybe mushrooms.

Music therapy, an increasing college study major, revolves around the evidence that the chemicals released during music sessions can help to alleviate depression by allowing depressed people to express themselves in a way that conveys emotion and message. By studying specific genres of music, scientists were able to find the types of music that cause the strongest brain response. These were found to electronic music (EDM), pop funk, and heavy metal. The most common elements between these genres is that they all rely heavily on the instrumental part of the song as opposed to lyrics, showing that the beat and instruments play the largest role in music enjoyment for most individuals.



Summer is here or at least nearing, and it is time to get everything essential for the nice weather. Going to the beach is a very popular activity, but preparing for it can be annoying. The items you need are sun lotion, food, music, blankets, towels, spare clothing, umbrellas, and swimsuits. Once these items are packed it is a blast. In Kenosha going to the beach is easy and fun. There is always something to do by the lake: festivals, getting ice cream, enjoying the sun on a walk, farmers markets and more. If going to the lake doesn’t sound exciting, you can go on the water on a boat; there are many possibilities on the water fishing, tubing, parasailing, water skiing, and going to Chicago and or Racine on the boat and enjoying their downtown as well.   

Waffle House Shooting


Throughout 2018 we have seen more than 65 mass shootings. Mass shootings are the killing of three or more people in a public place. Most recently a shooting took place at a Waffle House near Nashville, Tennessee. The suspect, Travis Reinking, approached the Waffle House at around 3:25 AM with what witnesses said to be an assault rifle. He then shot a Waffle House worker and another customer outside of the restaurant. He then went inside and shot two other customers. The shooting stop after a a man, James Shaw Jr., wrestled the gun from Reinking’s hands. Continue reading Waffle House Shooting

The Importance of Physical Activity


Americans are often vulnerable in their thinking and believe they will suddenly become more toned without putting in any work. The hardest part is beginning, and everyone has to start somewhere, whether that is just walking or biking around your neighborhood. Though it is easier said than done, it is crucial to create goals and figure out what works best for you. A good workout will immensely boost your happiness and energy, motivating you to continue. Being consistent in your workouts will not only benefit your appearance, but also improve your self confidence. Continue reading The Importance of Physical Activity

Who Knew Redheads Were So Special?


Although people joke around with redheads about having red hair, there are actually several benefits to having red hair in which many people are unaware of. According to scientists, redheads age better than brunettes, blondes, etc. This is because redheads obtain the same gene as the gene that is responsible for keeping people look young. This gene that redheads posses is a variation of the MCIR gene which allows redheads to look two years younger than they actually are. Redheads are also not as likely to get sick as their counterparts as they produce their own Vitamin D. This is due to the fact that redheads cannot absorb Vitamin D because of severely low concentrations of eumelanin in their body. Because of the genetic subgroups in which are found in redheads, redheads can tolerate more pain as these subgroups affect the way the brain handles pain. This pain that redheads tolerate can vary from skin pain to the consumption of spicy foods. Only 2% of the entire world population owns red hair which allows redheads to excel as one of the rarest minorities in the world. This is because red hair is a recessive trait. Recessive traits can appear in a person’s genes without making an appearance in that person.

Paleo Plan


The Paleo diet claims that if you eat foods like our paleozoic ancestors it can help you feel better, look better, and perform better if you are an athlete. This diet also says that you will be at lower risk of diabetes heart disease and cancer. Me being an athlete took notice of this diet in preparation of the upcoming season. Even with all these claims, you do not receive all needed nutrients like carbs and other things that came into fruition after that time period. Continue reading Paleo Plan

How To Prevent Sleepless Nights


We’ve all had nights where we tossed and turned for an hour or two desperately trying to fall back asleep, so here’s some tips on how to prevent sleepless nights. Establish a regular bedtime routine! Find activities that wear you out before bed and establish a sleep-wake time period. If you’re an easily worried person, schedule a time to worry about everything so thoughts don’t creep up when you’re trying to fall asleep.

LIMIT CAFFEINE! As most high schoolers know, it’s hard to limit the intake of caffeine when things get hectic. If it’s hard to stop drinking caffeine, try drinking it earlier in the day rather than later. Continue reading How To Prevent Sleepless Nights

The Universe


The universe is about 93 billion light years in diameter. The Big Bang theory is the prevailing cosmological description of the development of the Universe. Under this theory, space and time emerged together about 13.799 billion years ago with a fixed amount of energy and matter that has become less dense as the Universe has expanded. There are many competing hypotheses about the ultimate fate of the universe and about what, if anything, preceded the Big Bang, while other physicists and philosophers refuse to speculate, doubting that information about prior states will ever be accessible. Continue reading The Universe

An Overestimated Disaster: The Yellowstone Supervolcano


Recently, the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii erupted in a tremendous fashion which sent millions into a widespread global panic. The volcano erupted on the main island Honolulu destroying many homes in the local region and causing mass evacuations to occur. Poisonous gas leaked from the numerous volcanic vents that emerged on the surface, which in turn left areas uninhabitable. Continue reading An Overestimated Disaster: The Yellowstone Supervolcano



The Emu is the second-biggest living winged creature by stature, after its ratite relative, the ostrich. It is endemic to Australia where it is the biggest local flying creature and the main surviving individual from the family Dromaius.  The Emu’s range covers the vast majority of territory in Australia, yet the Tasmanian emu and King Island emu subspecies wound up wiped out after the European settlement of Australia in 1788. Continue reading Emu

Cheerleading History


Cheerleading is an organized sports activity involving short routines that combine dance, gymnastics, and stunt elements to cheer on teams, most commonly football and basketball. Performers of these one to three-minute routines are called “cheerleaders”. Cheerleading originated in Britain and spread to the United States where it remains most common, but has also become popular in other parts of the world, such as Europe, Central America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Asia. Continue reading Cheerleading History

World Agriculture


World agriculture is proving to be an unsustainable endeavor.  The United States is losing soil quantity and soil quality. Places everywhere are using water in an unsustainable way in order to grow crops for grain and to feed livestock.  Chemical use and genetic modifications are used to increase yields.

Healthy soil is the basis for the production of crops, not only does it provide a stable base to support plant roots, soil also stores water and nutrients required for plant growth. Unfortunately,  intensive plowing and monocrop agriculture have caused wide-scale soil erosion. Erosion is the movement of soil by water, wind, or gravity. This process of course occurs naturally, but current agricultural methods have caused the rate of erosion to increase frighteningly fast. Continue reading World Agriculture

An Extreme Experience


If you have ever dreamed of being able to drive a supercar, the company Xtreme Xperience may be able to help you live that dream. Xtreme Xperience allows anyone willing to pay somewhere in the range of $380-$295 to drive any vehicle of their choice from a fleet of exotics. They even include packages that come with multiple cars for those who just can’t decide on one for a slightly increased price. For those who may not feel comfortable being in control of so much power, Xtreme Xperience even offers high-speed ride alongs to allow anyone to experience what someone who drives race cars feels in a day on the job. The fleet of cars includes a Ferrari 488 GTB, Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4, Ferrari 458 Italia, Porsche 911 GT3, Audi R8 V10 and a Nissan GT-R. Xtreme Xperience hosts driving events at race tracks all over the country, coming to Autobahn Country Club Chicago on June 21, 2018 and Road America Green Bay on October 8, 2018. For those who have a strong attraction towards cars but find themselves low on funds, Xtreme Xperience allows for an experience that will last a lifetime.

Volcanic Eruption


In Kilauea, Hawaii, a massive volcano erupted. Authorities have been telling tourists and sightseers to avoid the Leilani Estates neighborhood because tons of lava has been spitting up onto the street through the cracks in the ground.

This all started when Kilauea volcano erupted Thursday, spewing molten rock and high levels of sulfur dioxide. After the eruption, the island received a 6.9 earthquake. This brought damage to homes along with the damage from the volcano. And in the air, noxious fumes from the volcano are what some officials say could be the greatest threat to public health in the wake of its eruption.The earthquakes also causes the rare closure of Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park after they damaged some of the park’s trails, craters and roads. The first earthquake triggered a cliff to collapse into the ocean. Continue reading Volcanic Eruption

Deadly Diets


Humans love food, simple as that. Oddly enough, we are also creatures that like to indulge in risk. Through the countless ways different cultures have found to get calories and tickle their taste buds, there’s a handful of dishes that are potentially perilous to our health. Here’s a round-up of the most deadly and dangerous dishes from every corner of our strange world.

Pagpag, Fresh From The Trash: As a testament to the shocking levels of poverty in the Philippine capital Manila, “pagpag” is a term used to describe street food that’s been salvaged from the trash, washed, and re-fried in hot oil. The word pagpag translates from Tagalog to literally mean “shake off the dust or dirt”. Small businesses collect the food, which consists of stuff from landfill sites and garbage cans, discarded fast food, and expired frozen food discharged from supermarkets. Needless to say, the practice has been linked to a whole host of communicable diseases, including cholera, hepatitis A, and typhoid. However, faced with no other option, pagpag remains a common practice across the country’s poorest corners. Continue reading Deadly Diets

Decision Day


An important day for high school seniors was on Tuesday of this week, National Decision Day. This is the day when the undecided students stress frantically to make up their minds and fill out applications while the students who have been committed to their dream school for months sit back and wait for the last few days of high school to come and go. However, even if you have been accepted into college of choice and you are committed, there are still so many other steps to do in order to be completely prepared: signing up for orientation, figuring out your financial costs, applying for housing, and finishing high school strong. Choosing the college you will be attending in the fall is only the first step in a long, hard process. Even though planning for college and your future may be stressful at times, it will pay off in the end and it will become a fun and exciting journey. As of right now, there are 19 school days left for seniors, and I think I can speak for most when I say that I hope that they go by as quick as possible. Happy National Decision Day to all seniors.

Mood Rings Are Accurate


Although mood rings receive constant criticism for their gimmicky and silly reputation, when actually examined, it is clear that mood rings do hold some accuracy in determining moods.  Mood rings are most often glass shells that are filled with thermotropic liquid crystals that are very sensitive to temperature. Any temperature variation will cause the liquid crystal molecules to change their position and molecular structures.  These movements allow the crystal substance to absorb an increased amount of red and green visible light, which appears as different colors to an observer. The proof of mood rings, however, is in the fact that temperatures of your body correlate with “moods,” or physical states.   Continue reading Mood Rings Are Accurate

The Kenosha Public Museum – Art Gallery


The Kenosha Public Museum is a place my grandmother and I used to go to regularly when I was young. My grandmother can be thanked for my love of the arts and museums, for she took me there nearly everyday after school since I was in preschool. There is always a warm welcome from the front desk, in which someone can direct you to where you are going and provide you with what you may see in the exhibit. The hours available to go to the museum vary on the day throughout the week. In the gallery, the lighting and placement of pieces was very aesthetically pleasing. Continue reading The Kenosha Public Museum – Art Gallery

Out with the Old and in with the New


In today’s society everything is revolved around having the newest clothes, cars, technology, tradition, etc… but what seems to not matter anymore is having the most reliable goods and services. This generation is going to be passing on the ideology of out with the old and in with the new. People need to understand that new does not necessarily mean better.

The United States is definitely known for their technology, and while it accomplishes many things for humankind, it definitely promotes a disposable kind of thinking. iPhones, toasters and fridges back in the day lasted 30 years plus. Now, things are just made to be thrown away. The shorter the life span, the more quickly you will need to buy another one. Because people are so obsessed with having the newest, up-to-date versions, they do not realize the abundance of money they could be saving if they focused on the reliability rather than the attractiveness. Continue reading Out with the Old and in with the New



Subway is a privately owned fast food restaurant chain owned by the DeLuca family. Subway is one of the fastest growing fast food franchise and has around 45,000 eateries around the globe. Subway restaurants are located in over 100 countries with more than half being in the U.S. It is the biggest single-brand restaurant chain and the biggest eatery operator on the planet. Subway’s product is the submarine sandwich. Continue reading Subway

Social Media Effects On Teens


Many parents worry about how exposure to technology might affect toddlers developmentally. We know preschoolers are picking up new social and cognitive skills at a stunning pace, and we don’t want hours spent glued to an iPad to impede that. But adolescence is an equally important period of rapid development, and too few of us are paying attention to how our teenagers’ use of technology—much more intense and intimate than a three year old playing with dad’s iPhone—is affecting them. In fact, experts worry that the social media and text messages that have become so integral to teenage life are promoting anxiety and lowering self-esteem. Continue reading Social Media Effects On Teens

Saving Whales


Whales are currently listed as an endangered species. There are many threats that these beautiful, massive creatures face.

Some factors to the endangerment of whales are overfishing, pollution, bridge construction, commercial boating, and commercial whaling. Out all of these, commercial whaling has been the biggest effect on whales. Advancements in technology led to the raw materials of whales becoming highly sought after by various countries that were able to use their oil, blubber and other parts to make various products and goods. Now a days, whaling is very frowned upon, but countries still find loopholes into selling whale meat. Continue reading Saving Whales

The Buzz on Birkenstocks


With the nice new weather coming into Wisconsin, Birkenstocks are coming back into the teens atmosphere. The sandals known as Birkenstocks, also known as “Birks”, are fashionable and comfortable. Despite the backlash they might receive, people, especially teens, use these shoes for practically any occasion. The cork footbed provides excellent structure and support. Anyone can wear these shoes, not matter the gender. Birks can be worn with socks or not, depending on the outfit that is worn and also the type of Birks that you have. Birks come in an assortment of sizes, styles, and colors. Continue reading The Buzz on Birkenstocks

How To Avoid The Freshman 15


Gaining 15 pounds during a freshman’s first semester of college is generally known as “the freshman 15”. Freshmen are exposed to a variety of food and are drawn more specifically to the unhealthy treats as they are now living on their own and have to make the decision for themselves whether to eat something or not. Several ways to avoid “the freshman 15” are as follows: Continue reading How To Avoid The Freshman 15



The best way to save money these days is the go thrifting. Thrifting is buying clothes that are second hand. The clothes are usually gently used and are as unique as can be. While thrifting, you usually find clothing that is unique and one of a kind because the clothing is from a different store and time. Most of the clothing you find at thrift stores cost between one to ten dollars. Some places have deals that you can get a whole garbage bag full of clothes for twenty dollars. Thrifting also allows you to create your own unique style. When you go thrifting, you find clothing that nobody else has. Thrifting also allows you to create new clothing. Becca Keller, a regular thrifter, says, “I love being able to buy clothes for the low and being able to make it my own.” Keller agrees with the fact that thrifting is a cheap, easy way to have a fun and unique style. The best places to go thrifting in the Kenosha area are St. Vincent de Paul and Value Village, they are both cheap and have different clothes everytime you go in. Thrifting is a great way to save money and have a unique style.   


Giannis Not Getting a Table After Game Winner


A Milwaukee restaurant issued a public apology on Sunday night after a social media post revealed it did not accommodate Bucks All-Star Giannis Antetokounmpo in time. BelAir Cantina, a chain of six Mexican restaurants in Milwaukee, said in a statement on its Twitter and Facebook pages that it was sorry it wasn’t able to seat the “Greek Freak” right away when he stopped into one of its restaurants after Sunday’s victory over the Celtics, resulting in his exit. “We are very sorry we weren’t able to seat Giannis Antetokounmpo in as timely manner as we would have hoped,” the statement said. “The Milwaukee Bucks’ big win, thanks to his tip in and the team’s great play, combined with today’s spring weather had people turn out in droves to celebrate and we had quite a wait. We were honored he came in for a celebratory meal, and wish we would have accommodated him right away.” BelAir Cantina not only apologized, but said it hopes to save face by making sure Antetokounmpo can get a table after Thursday’s Game 6. With the series now 2-2, the two teams play Game 5 in Boston on Tuesday. The restaurant also announced Sunday that if the Bucks win the series on Thursday, it will give away a free taco on Friday at all of its locations with the purchase of another item


The Hype About Pura Vida Bracelets


The brand Pura Vida is a company that produces jewelry, specifically bracelets, with strings and unique gems. These bracelets are very popular with teens today and are perfect for anyone. There is a wide variety on colors to choose from and fun titles of the bracelets, such as “Hakuna Matata” and “Baja Blast.” Pura Vida as a brand encourages people to live free and live life to the fullest. They also have important awareness bracelets with names such as, “Save the Dolphins,” “Depression Awareness,” “Autism Awareness” and many more! These bracelets bring awareness and broaden people’s horizons on what people and human nature really deals with. Pura Vida also has rings and necklaces but focus on their string bracelets that started it all. Continue reading The Hype About Pura Vida Bracelets

New Royal Baby


People were suspicious after the royal Duchess, Kate Middleton, had missed a commitment in September, but she later announced she was pregnant with her third child. The Duchess of Cambridge, Kate and her husband, Prince William’s first born child is named George and he is four years old, and their second is a two year old girl named Charlotte. Monday, April 23rd, their third child and second baby boy was born. Kate gave birth in the Lindo Wing in St. Mary’s hospital; this is the same location she had her two other children in as well. Kensington Palace announced that the royal baby was born at 11:01 on Monday morning, weighing eight pounds and seven ounces. Continue reading New Royal Baby

Nature’s Makeup


Henry Beecher once said, “Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made, and forgot to put a soul into.” I couldn’t agree more! Indeed the world is an artist and flowers are perhaps one of the best creations!  Flowers have a very short life but undoubtedly have a very significant one. For ages, this wonderful gift of nature has been helping us express our emotions and feelings! Their beauty, fragrance and brilliant colors are enough to make a person smile. A beautiful bouquet of sweet smelling flowers can be a perfect present for any occasion, be it anniversaries, birthdays or weddings! A number of flowers are also used for making beauty products and medicines and many of these have special significance or meanings. With so many options to choose from, selecting three most beautiful flowers in the world is certainly not an easy thing to do, but here they are. Continue reading Nature’s Makeup

Education of Slaves


Education is a privilege that many people, especially white people living in the United States, take for granted. School is seen as a tedious and boring endeavor; homework is a waste of time. Perhaps students would appreciate school more if they were forbidden to learn, forbidden to read or write. Being able to learn is a right everyone should have, but even today countries forbid females from being educated. This oppression has been going on for years throughout history.

Knowledge is power, and whenever people in power want other people to be powerless, they refuse them education. In 1972, the WPA Slave Narratives were published and gave everyone a new perspective on slaves and their experiences prior to and after Emancipation. Slaves in the late 18th century were refused education because white slave owners did not want them to become a threat. Limiting the education of slaves was a strategy to control them, and although some of the lucky or brave slaves received small schooling, the majority of them were left uneducated and unprepared for the world once they were free.

In 1740, laws prohibiting slaves to be educated were put into place. These laws were created to ensure that slaves stayed at the bottom of the food chain. They created a set of laws that they thought would help prevent slaves revolting: including forbidding slaves to meet in large groups, and, of course, forbidding them to read and write. They did not want to promote anything that could lead to a rebellion, and knowledge and communication amongst slaves were two of those things. Even white men caught trying to help educate a slave were punished, usually a fine of fifty dollars and a jail sentence was entailed. However, many times, children would be the ones to teach the slaves, though they would have to be careful. Because fear was high among many slave owners, they inflicted it upon the slaves, to emphasize the severity of the laws they enforced. An offender guilty of trying to read or write was subjected to very harsh punishment, usually publicly so others would know not to make the same mistake. The punishments for trying to read and write often consisted of cutting off a finger, however punishments were not limited to this.

Most colored people wanted to learn to read and write and took advantage of every opportunity to do so. They found alternative methods, learning from each other, passing down whatever knowledge they had acquired, and although it was less common, many of the slave narratives describe how some masters would willingly teach them to read and write or allow their children to do so. This just depended on the master’s attitude towards slaves and whether they were cruel or kind. It was not unusual among slave owners who had educated slaves to put their knowledge to use; some taught them to read the Bible, some put them to work. Children slaves were usually the ones being educated, older people who did not learn to read or write would stay that way, and the young kids would be taught after their day’s work was done and they studied with whatever time they had.

Earth Day


April 22 was Earth Day. Basically everyone just posted pictures of sunsets and nature and said how much they love our planet. However, I highly doubt that anyone is actually doing anything to keep our lovely planet clean.

One ways to help our environment is to use reusable bags. Bringing them to the grocery store and using them instead of paper and plastic bags. Also use reusable water bottles. The fun thing about using these types of bottles is you can decorate them with stickers. Do your best to ensure that the waste you dispose of ends up where it should. Recycle the materials that are recyclable in your area and make sure to reduce the likelihood of your garbage ending up in the environment by keeping a lid on your trash can when it’s outside. Continue reading Earth Day

Life Choices: The Human Anomaly


There are millions upon millions of choices that everyone can make throughout life. Each of these decisions changes their overall outcome and how they end up. It may be clear that every path is different and equally adventurous, but many feel as though they have taken the wrong one. Firstly, humans do not have the lifespan to complete everything that is possible. This creates an atmosphere of incompletion  that will stay with them forever, by always wishing they had taken the other path or done something different. Vivid memories make people regret the fact they are unable to take every path. People are also wishing life’s unending fire struck them a different match. Continue reading Life Choices: The Human Anomaly

Teenage Pregnancy


Some girls have very little knowledge about safe sex and begin to do things they will eventually regret on their own due to certain treatment or past experience. Some girls feel that they are neglected or abandoned by those who love them and life gets hard. So they may go off and do things in the world that they may regret. However, there could be a change in this problem. The solution to this issue could be birth control or safe-sex education. In 2015, a total of 229,715 babies were born to women aged 15–19 years, for a birth rate of 22.3 per 1,000 women in this age group. Continue reading Teenage Pregnancy

Three Ways to Stay Healthy


Staying healthy can insure a long life for you, here are three good habits you can do to make it easier to be healthy in your day to day life.

Few things are as good for you as regular physical activity. While it can be hard to find the time, it’s important to fit in at least 30 minutes of activity every day. More is even better, but any amount is better than none. Many things count as exercise, including walking, gardening and dancing. You can stay motivated by exercising with someone. Continue reading Three Ways to Stay Healthy