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Making a Difference


For some, this past week at Tremper has been more memorable than most. On Wednesday March 14th, schools nationwide took a stand in remembrance of yet another tragedy at a high school in Parkland, Florida. At exactly 10 a.m. students across the country walked out of their classes and stood outside of their schools to gather together for 17 minutes of silence– a minute for each life lost in Parkland. Tremper High School was very accepting of those who wished to participate in national movement; other schools, however, forbid it. Though schools cannot prevent students from expressing their constitutional rights to assemble and speak freely, many administrations threatened participants with detention and truancies, even going so far as expulsion. Whatever the price, it was seemingly worth every minute. Continue reading Making a Difference

Our Town Modern Relevancy and Review


Now more than ever there seems to be a lack of connection between people.  This lack of connection has been a part of human existence for so long that it seems like individuals have forgotten how to actually build a relationships and the issue continues to damage society daily.  Thornton Wilder, the playwright of Our Town, highlighted this problem back in 1938 with his work.  The lack of connection between people has been a pressing matter for quite some time, and society’s behavior today suggests that there is not a solution in the near future.  A major reason for the lack of connection can be found in the core of individuals themselves; people are not fulfilled by what they have. Continue reading Our Town Modern Relevancy and Review

Food PSA


With food obsessions on the rise, the positive attitude and marketing surrounding fast food chains is becoming more prominent. One can hardly breathe without being interrupted by food campaigning. The Merriam-Webster definition of a foodie is “a person having an avid interest in the latest food fads.” Social media is crawling with these “foodies” whose food cravings can include charcoal ice cream, pink toast, avocado lattes, sushi burgers, rainbow grilled cheese, and mac n cheetos. Continue reading Food PSA

The World is Strange


A big part of travelling is turning your head to observe strange customs, to admire people in traditional outfits, to gasp at breathtaking sights or to try to understand why people do what they do. But some customs are stranger than others. Several wonderful places in the world have long been known for their strange practices and traditions. Those who are merely passing through these places might consider these customs to be taboo or inhumane, but those who care to look for the meaning behind these beliefs usually appreciate them, despite their strangeness. Here are just four traditions that take place around the world. Continue reading The World is Strange

College Protest


College used to be a place of which students were allowed to state their opinion. Now students are starting protests and riots when they disagree with others. Students have been protesting many different topics such as racial inequality, presidential preference, and topics pertaining to the environment. Scholars say the issue begins in the classroom. Students are saying “the freedom of speech” is being threatened since they are being mocked by others for their gatherings.They have found that it is mostly teachers in the democratic party that are participating in controversial topics. Universities try to cover the protest by not acknowledging the issue and addressing the topics they are surrounding.

Biodiversity of Loss


Loss of biodiversity affects the human ecosystem and other ecosystems by somewhat of a chain reaction. This reaction happens when one species goes extinct, the population of the species that relied on that species for food will begin to deplete and eventually it will go extinct as well. The process of loss of biodiversity is inevitable, but there are multiple ways for humans to slow the process or allow new species to be introduced. These methods include leaving a species alone, being more careful about the amount of plants and trees that humans destroy, and coming up with ways to reduce water and air pollution in places where it affects a species or multiple species’ population. Continue reading Biodiversity of Loss

The Unknown, Yet Special 6/10


Opinions and views on people are the most complicated and most simple subjects at the same time. When you meet someone new your first instinct is to judge based on looks because there is no background knowledge on that person. So, of course, there are going to be people that are “ugly” per se, but their personality shines through in a much bigger scale. These are the incredibly important, inspiring and beautiful “six out of tens”. It almost seems like these beings are the majority of society today but are shadowed by models who rely on looks. A question might arise such as “If they are so amazing, why are they ignored?” which has yet to be answered. Continue reading The Unknown, Yet Special 6/10

The Ocean


The ocean covers 75% of the earth and less than 5% if it has been explored up to this date. People are extremely fascinated by the ocean because of how mysterious it is. It is fun to wonder about the unknown and the ocean is the perfect example. While there are hundreds of thousands of known marine life forms, there are many that are yet to be discovered; some scientists suggest that there could actually be millions of marine life forms out there. The oceans contain 99% of the living space on the planet. Animals are a big factor to the beauty and wonder of oceans. Continue reading The Ocean

The Affordable Dream Car


The 2018 Subaru WRX STI Impreza may be a mouthful to say, but in the time it takes to say the name, it has already sped out of sight. At $35,000 the Subaru WRX STI Impreza is a bargain for the performance any buyer can coax out of the car. It is packed with a twin turbocharged flat four 2.5 liter, 305 hp boxer engine and impressive AWD system allowing it to make the 0-60 time of 4.5 seconds as well as being one of the top rated street performance cars for handling with the addition of its new stiff suspension and massive hood scoop for the multi-directional  cold-air intake. In addition to superior performance, the WRX STI comes with roomy interior made of quality materials including red stitched leather seats and steering wheel and led lights in the foot areas. The 2018 Subaru WRX STI Impreza will have your neighbors, friends and peers jealous as they watch you ride in style with true power.

The World of a Teen Athlete


Let’s just be honest, it is hard to be a teen athlete. We have classes, work, practices, homework,and we have to keep a 4.0 GPA (varies on the parent) all in a day that is 24 hours. Sports are great to play especially in school, because all your friends can come out and watch and the school chants, but when we have to be able to keep everything else in our life stable and still try to have a healthy social life, it is hard.

It’s also the fact of having to practice on days you don’t even have practice to improve yourself. The greatness of being a teen athlete is being able to have fun and forget about your responsibilities whether it be on the course, field, beams and bars, track or pool. During that period of time you feel free. Even if you did bad, you still had time off of the busyness your day. It is also impressive to people if you are good at the sport you play and people would respect you through that. Continue reading The World of a Teen Athlete

How To Kick Bad Habits


As humans, everyone has had to deal with some pretty bad habits. Whether it’s nail biting, procrastinating constantly, overspending,  or smoking, a habit is a habit. In order to break a habit, one should figure out what triggers the habit. Most habits are triggered by thoughts, feelings, and emotions going on in the brain. According to psychologists, it takes about 66 days to form a habit and 21 days to break a habit.

Most habits follow cues given by the brain, but if a cue is not followed, the patterns will be broken up. It’s never too late to break a habit, and they can be broken with some pretty simple steps. Continue reading How To Kick Bad Habits

Obesity In America


The surgeon says that obesity is going to unnecessarily kill even more people than smoking cigarettes within the next ten years. In 2000, about 435,000 Americans died of a smoking-related disease, which is about 18% of all the people who died in the U.S. that year. In the same year, obesity was the cause of 400,000 deaths.

Type 2 diabetes is now on the rise due to the poor eating and exercising habits of many Americans. A study in Augusta, Washington found that children ages 8-11 who meet the government standards of “obese” are more than twice as likely to have atherosclerosis, a condition caused by excessive fat that hardens arteries. Continue reading Obesity In America



Florida is a very nice place to be. It is warm all year round and almost never gets snow. In the winter, Florida stays in the 60s and rarely drops below that. It is very beautiful with are palm trees and it is located on the ocean. Throughout the state there are many beaches. One of the most famous is Daytona Beach, you can do many activities here. Such as parasailing, swimming and snorkeling. Continue reading Florida

Global Warming


When some people think of global warming the first thought that comes their minds is, “Oh, that’s just a natural cycle the Earth goes through; there’s nothing to be concerned about.” Of course those people don’t usually know what global warming even is and the side effects that come along side it.

There are many bad parts that come with global warming: increased risk of drought, fire and floods, more heat-related illness and disease economic losses, stronger storms, increased storm damage, rising seas, risk of wildlife, changing ecosystems and higher temperatures. All those things are a result of global warming and if we don’t start acting now the world as we know it could be altered forever. Continue reading Global Warming

College: What to Consider When Deciding


With the start of the March rolling in, bringing twists and turns, comes, for some, excitement or heartbreak. As the weather seemingly calms down to normal chilly Wisconsin weather, and the blizzards become less and less frequent, a new wave of surprise crashes down on high school seniors: college letters.

Most teenagers have seen seen at least one sappy movie about a student getting accepted into their dream school and heading off to start their life. What some dramas do not portray, however, is the panic that each girl or boy will go through having realized within the first words of the letter that their life is changing, and that they must change with it. In the movies, genius, top-of-their-class students linger over the letters they receive and struggle to decide which campus will fit their needs, which will give them the best experience, and, of course, which will have the best parties. But whether the university decided upon  is five minutes from home or five hours, our lives will change no matter what. As we compare the monetarial costs of which school we will call home for the next four years, there is something else to be considered when choosing a college: you. Continue reading College: What to Consider When Deciding

The Most Bizarre Foods You’ll Encounter


Our world is full of some great, taste-bud tingling, aromatic, delectable savories. We have our pizzas, burgers, hot-dogs and what not to fulfill our carnal desire of hunger. We often want to try new things in life. We want to learn new cultures and languages, see new traditions and of course, taste new food. We can go far for our desire to taste something new. The world, while full of appetizing foods on one hand, also have some of the wackiest, offensive and bizarre foods which parade under the name of ‘exotic foods’. The food eaten in some parts of the world is bizarre beyond imagination. Here is a list of the top four exotic foods from around the world. Continue reading The Most Bizarre Foods You’ll Encounter

Caffeine is a Celebrated Murderer


Modern society is built entirely on time. Time is purely a made-up substance created for organization. Even though it is completely fake, everyone depends on time to feel complete. Human days mainly consists of eight hours of work, eight hours of leisure and eight hours of sleep. With all of this limited time, an energy drink (almost) seems like a must have. Staying on such a strict schedule can be a very stressful task! People resort to energy drinks in the morning to kick-start their day, and it is incredibly terrible for them. Continue reading Caffeine is a Celebrated Murderer

Expiration Dates


Americans throw away a staggering amount of food everyday which can have a negative effect on the environment, and the extra food could be used by those who may need it. Many times that people throw items away are due to food and drinks being past the expiration date printed on the packaging of most items when, in reality, these expiration dates don’t mean that the food has spoiled, they are simple ploys to force people to buy more food. Food producers determine the amount of time in which their food tastes the best and print the label accordingly, not actually finding the true amount of time that a food item is edible for. This way people either eat or throw away their food more often and buy more, raising the profit levels for the producer. Ways to make sure that food is still good include looking at its coloration, smelling it, and feeling it. If the food seems normal in all of these categories, it should be fine to eat.

The Black Panther Party


The Black Panthers, also known as the Black Panther Party, was a political organization founded in 1966 by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale to challenge police brutality against the African American community. Dressed in black berets and black leather jackets, the Black Panthers organized armed citizen patrols of Oakland and other U.S. cities. At its peak in 1968, the Black Panther Party had roughly 2,000 members. The organization later declined as a result of internal tensions, deadly shootouts and FBI counterintelligence activities aimed at weakening the organization. Continue reading The Black Panther Party

Music and the Dramatic Power It Holds


It may not be entirely agreeable, but music enhances everyday life of humans everywhere. Music allows school, chores, and even work to be an enjoyable time. Obviously, people have discovered this and listen to music to ease the burdens of their day. A study by Edison Research shows that the average American listens to four hours of music each day: which adds up to over 60 days per year of pure audial happiness. Not only can music provide stress relief, but it can also be used as a platform to convey messages and present opinions. Continue reading Music and the Dramatic Power It Holds

The Oscar


Last night premiered the 90th Academy Awards; the Oscars is an award show that is on only once a year. It awards the best movies, actors, directors and influential people in the industry. Many people go to this show every year, and it is a big social event. Before the show starts, there is a red carpet where all of the stars from your favorite TV shows and movies go. During this time they talk to reporters and get their picture taken by paparazzi. Continue reading The Oscar

Caffeine is a Celebrated Murderer


Modern society is built entirely on time. Time is purely a made-up substance created for organization. Even though it is completely fake, everyone depends on time to feel complete. Human days mainly consists of 8 hours of work, 8 hours of leisure and 8 hours of sleep. With all of this limited time an energy drink (almost) seems like a must have. Staying on such a strict schedule can be a very stressful task! People resort to energy drinks in the morning to kick-start their day and it is incredibly terrible for them. Continue reading Caffeine is a Celebrated Murderer

Happy Easter!


Easter, which celebrates Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead, is Christianity’s most important holiday. It has been called a moveable feast because it doesn’t fall on a set date every year, as most holidays do. Instead, Christian churches in the West celebrate Easter on the first Sunday following the full moon after the vernal equinox on March 21. Therefore, Easter is observed anywhere between March 22 and April 25 every year. Orthodox Christians use the Julian calendar to calculate when Easter will occur and typically celebrate the holiday a week or two after the Western churches, which follow the Gregorian calendar. Continue reading Happy Easter!

Ukulele History


The ukulele is one of those instruments that not many people know about; it has been around since the 19th century as a Hawaiian interpretation of the machete. The people who were known to be the creators of the ukulele are three Portuguese immigrants whose names were Manuel Nunes, Jose do Espirito Santo, and August Dias. Those three first came to Hawaii as Portuguese immigrants who came to work in the sugar cane fields. 

The ukulele is a four-string machete/guitar instrument. The strings are typically made out of nylon, gut strings, or four courses of strings. It is a member of the guitar family but it was told that ukuleles were more of a hybrid than a direct descendent.  There are four sizes, which include the soprano (the smallest one), concert, tenor, and baritone (largest size and most similar to a guitar). The tuning goes to “my dog has fleas”. The four strings pitches are most commonly G, C, E, and A. The tone and volume varies with the sizes and constructions of the instrument. Continue reading Ukulele History

A Growing Downtown Company


A company you may or may not have heard of is growing and taking over as the downtown’s new hot spot. They are called Grease and Honey a family restaurant, They include The Garage, The Buzz, and Sazzy B, and a new place they will be opening around early 2019 which will be near Sazzy and The Buzz. The proposal is to have the new place have six hotel suites. Although The Garage isn’t a downtown restaurant, it is part of the company. Continue reading A Growing Downtown Company

Inexpensive and Easy Performance Enhancements for Lower End Cars


Many people would love to own a top of the line sports car, giving them the opportunity to feel the surge of power when the ignition starts the engine and watch heads turn as the growl of true power echoes through the streets. Unfortunately, many individuals do not have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on a car that will most likely need to be locked up during the snowy season anyway. But don’t fret; there are many upgrades that can be applied to everyday vehicles that allow the driver to feel some semblance of the power found at the higher prices. Continue reading Inexpensive and Easy Performance Enhancements for Lower End Cars

Reasons to Travel


The definition of travel is to make a journey, typically of some length or abroad. Traveling is a great way to experience other cultures and to view how people live. People should step out of their comfort zone and see the rest of the world. There are 195 countries, and being able to visit a few would be astounding.

There are many reasons to travel. One would be to challenge yourself. People crave new experiences and challenges. Travel is an ideal way to test yourself. It pushes people to their limit and gets them outside of their comfort zone. People discover how resourceful they are when they are exposed to new places, peoples, and experiences. Overcoming challenges will bring joy and energy for future tests. People will realize how capable they are and build their confidence. Continue reading Reasons to Travel



There are a lot of great artists that attend SAIC, School of the Art Institute of Chicago. A lot of the pieces and paintings viewed were rather interesting. Seven Deadly Sins, a sculptural series created by Garrett Augustyn, depicts the devil and the seven deadly sins in human-esque form. He associated colors with each sin; red being lust, blue being sloth, green being envy, gold being greed, purple being pride, orange/yellow being gluttony, black being wrath. The devil was the classic black/red combo. They all have certain aspects and/or facial expressions that depict them as that deadly sin. The lust statue dons a scarlet ‘A’, alluding to the main character in The Scarlet Letter, while the pride statue pictured wears a smug expression. Continue reading SAIC Art

Tragedy Strikes Again

By Courtney Salisbury and Kate Bertog

It seems as if we were just discussing the Texas or California school shootings, because we were. These tribulations have not stood still since we rang in the New Year. On Wednesday, February twenty first, towards the end of the day, the fire alarm at Parkland High School in Florida went off and suspicion filled the minds of many. They had a fire drill earlier that day, and they are usually held only once a month. Students and teachers piled outside, but only to discover chaos. It was then when they realized they were being lured out of the building by an intruder only to be subjected to violence. Continue reading Tragedy Strikes Again

How to Score a Play with Little Prince Composer Jarod Sturycz


I spoke to Tremper student Jarod Sturycz about his role in composing the original score for the Drama department’s production of The Little Prince, which opened last week in the Tremper auditorium. Jarod, who has been involved in several Drama Club productions, has written music before, but never a score for a performance. This first score was well performed, impressive, and above all, unique, so I asked Jarod about just what made this score work so well for the performance.

What are the main musical inspirations of the music of The Little Prince?

A: Some of the minor characters are based around elements from classic films like The Godfather and Once Upon a Time in America, both of which have some of the best scores in history, and musical motifs present in Elvis Presley’s work. The majority of the music lives in the atmosphere of the show’s story which is very much a collage of arid desert sequences and cosmic luminescence that all of the characters, one way or another, revolve around. To create this I became more in touch with nature and infused the ways it perplexes me into the score. Continue reading How to Score a Play with Little Prince Composer Jarod Sturycz

The Little Prince- Opening Weekend


Tremper’s third show of the 2017-2018 school year, The Little Prince, entertains all ages with its fun yet thought provoking storyline and intricate technical elements.  An adaption of the French children’s book of the same title, the play tells the story of a cynical aviator whose airplane goes down in the Sahara Desert, stranding him with limited resources.  Soon after his crash-landing, a mysterious little boy appears with many questions for the aviator. In describing his life and journey to earth, the young boy changes the aviator’s feelings about relationships, people, and life itself.  The show features many flamboyant characters, as Director Nicolas Cicerale and Assistant Director Mikey Kok decided to put a spin on the originals. A curtain made of stars, revolving stage platform, and an overall “just sketched” look set the scene for the beautiful story, while original music composed by Jarod Sturycz makes the experience more incredible still.  Featuring Rebecca St. Ange as the Prince and Dana Lehman as the aviator, this play is a must-see for all.


The Conspiracy Theory of the CIA & AIDS


Now before we get into this article and this topic, I want to make this clear that AIDS is a real diseases and should not be taken lightly, as of 2017 over 600,000 people have received this awful diseases. So don’t take this article too seriously as this conspiracy may not be true.

Since the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention first reported the HIV/AIDS epidemic in 1981, rumors have persisted that the deadly virus was created by the CIA to wipe out homosexuals and African Americans. Even today, the conspiracy theory has a number of high-profile believers. South African President Thabo Mbeki once touted the theory, disputing scientific claims that the virus originated in Africa and accusing the U.S. government of manufacturing the disease in military labs. When she won the Nobel Peace Prize, Kenyan ecologist Wangari Maathai used the international spotlight to support that theory as well. Continue reading The Conspiracy Theory of the CIA & AIDS

“The Little Prince”


On March 2nd, the day after the first showing of “The Little Prince,” we interviewed the composer and director of the production, Jarod Sturycz and Nic Cicerale. They produced their opinions and responses to a few questions we had in mind about the overall production and the journey of composing the music used in the show. Continue reading if you are interested in seeing the show or just want a better understanding of what the show is.

Question: How was the mental journey of composing music for such a complex production?

Jarod Sturycz: “It was different then writing music for myself. Normally when I write music the story is more personal, but when I did it for “The Little Prince”, I had to infuse the elements of my own experiences with love into the love story within the play. Most of the production wasn’t stressful because the cast and crew were really supportive of my vision and they knew that it matched perfectly with the show.

We continued on to interview Mr. Cicerale on more of the process and effect that may have been considered confusing or raised questions within the symbolism of ‘The Little Prince.’ Continue reading “The Little Prince”

The Life Lessons of Hamilton


For the past two years, I have been listening to the Hamilton soundtrack intermittently, but in recent months, I have found my listening the songs more frequently which have lead me to discover many lessons though the songs and message. Here are 10 things that I have learned from the Hamilton soundtrack:

  1. No matter who you are, whether you are an immigrant or a orphan, you can defy odds and accomplish your goals as long as you don’t throw away your shot.
  2. Sometimes, no matter how important, you just need to take a break from your work because you must make time for those you love or else you will lose them.
  3. Cabinet meetings can actually be entertaining and interesting.
  4. Not everyone is going to like your ideas but that should not stop you from trying to convince them otherwise.
  5. There are going to be people in your life that will come along and make it seem as though they have your best interest in mind but in reality they care about themselves. These friendships do not well, and, in some cases, end in a shot.
  6. Do not let your sister marry a man that you know is in love with you rather than her, especially when you feel the same way about him. Tell her the truth.
  7. In life, there will be things that will come along and temp you. You must find the words inside of you to say no because you could end up hurting others.
  8. When someone breaks your heart, your world may seem to crumble and might want to destroy every last thing that reminds you of them. That’s alright. Let it burn.
  9. Lin Manuel Miranda is a genius. That is fact.
  10. Broadway musicals can make anything interesting, even the story of Alexander Hamilton’s life.





So I’ve been spending the past few weeks pouring my heart into something that has the potential to help save thousands of lives: the Tremper Blood Drive. I can almost ensure that you’ve seen me around, writing announcements, making posters, painting windows, registering donors during lunch, recruiting students during Check and Connect, and overall trying to run a day of organized chaos. I cannot stress enough how much our blood drive means to me, and I can guarantee that there are people that you know and see every single day that could benefit from a blood donation. Continue reading Donate

The Best and Worst Foods


Most people believe that if they consume an equal balance of whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and proteins daily that they are eating the best they possibly can. However, those people are oblivious of their actual vitamin and nutrient intake. Nutrition experts identified the best and worst foods in a few nutritional categories as many people are unaware of the fact that not all healthy foods are considered equal. Continue reading The Best and Worst Foods

What’s Going on in the Downtown


In downtown Kenosha this week (February 17-25) we have restaurant week. Restaurant week includes downtown businesses and they all have a $10 lunch deal, $20 and a $30 dinner deal. The restaurants involved are Trolley Dogs, Wine Knot Bar and Bistro, Franks Diner, Harborside Common Grounds, Kaiser’s Pizza & Pub, Sazzy B, Scoops Ice Cream, The Buzz, Sandy’s Popper, and several others. Places like Sazzy B have a $20 dinner that is valued at $30, and it includes apps and drinks drinks. They also have a $30 dinner with apps, entrees, and dessert. Their $10 brunch that is valued at $17 has drinks and “Fantastic Food”. To know more about restaurant week in Kenosha, visit In other parts of downtown if you head east of the restaurants you will find yourself at the museums where the Kenosha Public Museum Exhibit has ‘Tiny Titans- Dinosaur Eggs and Babies’. At Fusion they are having an open mic night as well as Sazzy B on February 20th. Heading down to Kenosha’s downtown is great for a date, showing off where you live to people out of town, or just a fun family night out.  


St. Patrick’s Day History


The Patron Saint of Ireland, better known as Saint Patrick, was established in 35 AD and had a life long goal bringing Christianity to Irish people. Throughout his life he was locked up because of his beliefs, and it wasn’t until he continued to create many Christian monasteries that he decided to retire in the countryside, and soon after he died on March 17, 461 AD.

The day of his death was celebrated all over Ireland wearing green for the three leaf clover and eating Irish corned beef and cabbage. The first celebration in America of the Irish holiday came in a parade, but the Irish were portrayed as drunks and violent monkeys in newspaper cartoons. The first St. Patrick’s Day parade was on March 17, 1762. This celebration didn’t happen in a traditional Irish community, but in the streets of New York for the soldiers who were serving in the English Military. The Irish immigrants created the ‘Irish Aid’ societies, which would hold annual parades featuring music, food and dancing. Continue reading St. Patrick’s Day History