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The Importance of Exposing Sexual Abuse


The last four months (at time of publication) have yielded a bevy of terrible allegations of sexual assault against members of both the Hollywood and Washington elite, with hundreds of women coming forward to accuse famed actors, producers, and politicians of sexual assault. Following several firings, apologies, and falls from grace, the unprecedented accusations have rocked those of celebrity status in America. This recent spate of allegations began in October, when the New York Times published a story detailing multiple accounts, now including over fifty women following the initial report, of sexual assault by producing giant Harvey Weinstein. Weinstein, then head of Miramax films, denied all allegations, but the damage was done. Continue reading The Importance of Exposing Sexual Abuse

Killing Net Neutrality Means the Death of Free Speech


Net Neutrality prohibits internet service providers from purposely slowing down your internet connection, censoring certain content, and blocking websites and applications. Net Neutrality is how the internet has worked in the United States forever, and it protects public libraries, schools, and you! The Federal Communications Commission intends to abolish Net Neutrality and allow internet providers the power to discriminate and control the websites you go on and what you see. Continue reading Killing Net Neutrality Means the Death of Free Speech

Lower Manhattan Tragedy


On Tuesday, October 31st, a terror attack occurred in Manhattan. A man driving a pickup truck drove onto a bike path along the Hudson River and allegedly killed eight people, injuring eleven. The man was later identified as Sayfullo Saipov, 29, an immigrant from Uzbekistan who has been living in the United States for seven years. He has pledged his allegiance to ISIS, screaming “Allahu Akbar!” as he got out of his rented truck after crashing into a school bus. He was shot in the stomach by an officer, identified as Ryan Nash. Saipov was involved in previous investigations about ISIS, but never directly, until now. Continue reading Lower Manhattan Tragedy

Would You Take In A Refugee?


One of President Trump’s first actions after taking office was to put a travel ban on seven countries with a Muslim majority. This executive order halted tourists and people without a “bona fide” relationship with a citizen, as well as a ban on refugees from entering the U.S. for 120 days. The legality of this was questioned by federal courts repeatedly and protested in airports around the United States. It indefinitely banned Syrian refugees, of which there are 1.3 million displaced in the first half of 2017, and currently 65.6 million displaced people in all. Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt are hosting countries for Syrian refugees, and are all in great need of support. Should there be a ban at all? Due to the controversy this order sparked, President Donald Trump claimed that this ban was not specific to Muslims, it was an effort to stop terror and keep the United States safe. Continue reading Would You Take In A Refugee?

The American Plague


There is a certain video on Youtube that has moved hundreds of people. (No, it’s not a compilation of ‘try not to laugh’ videos.) It isn’t long, but it is extremely powerful. A mother walks her two-year-old daughter down the aisle of grocery store and suddenly drops to the floor. The daughter, screaming throughout the aisle, claws at her mother’s hair and hands in desperate attempts to revive her mom. The woman is just one victim out of millions that overdosed on heroin. Continue reading The American Plague

The Concerning Sex Ratio in Developing Countries


In Southeast Asian countries, specifically China and India, the sex ratio in babies is exceptional. The number of boy babies being born raises higher and higher while the number of girl babies stays the same. In these cultures, boys prove to be more valuable to the family than girls. Female children end up costing the family more, while having boys encourages families to save more money. Continue reading The Concerning Sex Ratio in Developing Countries

Why America Will Not Address Its Gun Problem


On Sunday, October 2, Stephen Paddock opened fire from his 32nd floor hotel room in the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada on a crowd of country music fans attending a Jason Aldean concert, killing 59 at time of writing and injuring over 400. This tragedy marks the deadliest mass shooting in American history, surpassing the Pulse nightclub killing of 49 people in July of 2016. Authorities are currently maintaining that Paddock, a 64-year old accountant, acted alone in his attacks. Las Vegas police found 42 fully loaded guns in his room, along with thousands of rounds and loaded magazines. Police searches of his Mesquite, Nevada home revealed another nineteen guns and over a thousand rounds in his possession, along with several pounds of ammonium nitrate in his car, which likely would have been used to make explosives, according to ABC News. Friends and family of the shooter told news sources that Paddock had no criminal history or any guns. Paddock apparently took his own life before police could engage him. This horrific act of domestic terrorism maintains the grim trend America has followed over the past several years of an average of one mass shooting every two months. So what is being done to combat these terrible acts? In reality, not much. Continue reading Why America Will Not Address Its Gun Problem