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Expiration Dates


Americans throw away a staggering amount of food everyday which can have a negative effect on the environment, and the extra food could be used by those who may need it. Many times that people throw items away are due to food and drinks being past the expiration date printed on the packaging of most items when, in reality, these expiration dates don’t mean that the food has spoiled, they are simple ploys to force people to buy more food. Food producers determine the amount of time in which their food tastes the best and print the label accordingly, not actually finding the true amount of time that a food item is edible for. This way people either eat or throw away their food more often and buy more, raising the profit levels for the producer. Ways to make sure that food is still good include looking at its coloration, smelling it, and feeling it. If the food seems normal in all of these categories, it should be fine to eat.

Why Starbucks?


Why do people like Starbucks and say it’s better than Dunkin Donuts and other coffee places they haven’t even tried? I’ll tell you why, people like the name brand. Some people don’t even get coffee and they say it is better. Let me clarify for anyone that is this kind of person, you cannot say coffee is better one place when you haven’t even tried it! Some people even say there is no difference between the way Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts roast their beans. They lie. Starbucks over roasts their beans so they are a bit burnt while Dunkin’s doesn’t. I’m sure they do other things that are different which change the taste, but that is the biggest difference in my opinion.

Our Generation Deserves More Input Than Any Other on Gun Control


Last week’s mass shooting in Parkland has reignited the gun control debate in America yet again following the killing of seventeen students by shooter Nikolas Cruz. One week later, the debate has yet to lose significance in the public eye, as students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School have vowed to inspire real change in gun control policy. More so than any other mass shooting, students of Parkland have rallied support for their side of the gun control debate on social media, the news, and the press. This unwillingness to recede into silence over the massacre in their school should demonstrate to lawmakers how serious this generation is about inspiring real change, and the leaders of this movement should not be dismissed as typical teenagers. After the loss of seventeen of our peers, our oft-mocked and stereotyped generation now has the chance to show the world how much we can do to better the country. Continue reading Our Generation Deserves More Input Than Any Other on Gun Control

Best Sandwich Place in Kenosha


In Kenosha, there are many different choices to get a delicious sandwich. Some places may go with the traditional sub sandwich, but others such as Panera prefer a homemade style club sandwich. With there being so many places to get a delicious sandwich, we took it upon ourselves to see what the people liked the best. The top choices came out to be the local Hungry Head and the chain of Jimmy Johns. Surprisingly Subway came out close to the bottom.

Perfect Valentine’s Gift


Valentine’s Day has passed and with the holiday comes many gifts given. While taking a poll in class, we found many different gift ideas. Some people go the traditional route with flowers and candy, but a lot of people have started to get more original. Mrs. Orth stated all she wanted was “Attention”, and a few other answers were a playlist on Spotify, a llama, and some home made crafts. While most people see this holiday as a reason to court their significant others, a lot of people are starting to say that personalized gifts are the way to go because it shows how much you know about the person you care about.   


Scruff or Clean Shaven


Most men have a hard time making a huge decision that is a part of everyday life. Should men go with a clean shaven look or try to pull off facial hair?  It’s very difficult for a man to pull off facial hair because the way their face is shaped.  So we went around to several classrooms of Tremper and asked the question “Do you prefer men with facial hair or clean shaven?” Each person had their own reason for their choice and answered confidently and quickly. Facial hair won the poll with 21 votes. Clean shaven came in a close 2nd with 15 votes. It’s amazing that people can have such different opinions on something as simple as facial hair.


The Family Affair


The Jonas Brothers were a relevant Disney boy band from between the years of 2008-2012. The band consisted of three of the brothers: Nick, Joe, and Kevin. The fourth brother, Frankie, had a part in their hit show Jonas that followed the band on wacky adventures. The four year span of their existence there was a huge debate: who was the best Jonas brother? We took it upon ourselves to ponder who the best one was, and when we couldn’t agree on one we took the question to the people. The people have spoken and the top brother was Nick, followed by Kevin, then Frankie, and Joe as the least voted.


Nick: 10 Joe: 2 Kevin: 4 Frankie: 3


Senioritis… At Its Finest


As the school year is coming fast to an end, seniors are becoming lazy and stressed. As seniors, there are so many decisions to make regarding their future. One big questions that is always asked by adults is the big “Where are you going to college?” For some seniors, they know what college on the top of their head. For others, choosing what college, to even go to college, and what to do after high school is the bigger question. As the year winds down, we get so baffled by all the things to do and decide. Continue reading Senioritis… At Its Finest



This year’s Snowcoming dance took place on February 3rd, 2018. For three years, Tremper has been offering a Snowcoming dance. The dance is held in a location that is outside of the school building. This year it took place at Marina Shores in downtown Kenosha. Since Snowcoming is a relatively new event, there are in significantly smaller amount of students. Continue reading Snowcoming

Bittersweet Goodbye or A New Beginning?


Is the renovation of the east side of Tremper High School a way of saying goodbye to what we had and what our parents had when they walked down the hallways? Or is it a way of saying hello to the new, what we and our children will be walking down? These renovations to our school are reminders that everybody and everything eventually becomes obsolete. Continue reading Bittersweet Goodbye or A New Beginning?

Pizza Thursday


The Tremper Trend that happens every Thursday, known as Pizza Thursday to students in staff, has been a classic lunch special since forever. In past years, the lines for Pizza Thursday were booming. So extremely popular, you could leave as soon as the bell rings, sprint to the pizza line and still somehow end up last in line. Although Pizza Thursday requires a pretty expensive price at two dollars for just one slice, students and staff still scrounge the Tremper cafeteria for a slice, at least in the past they did. Continue reading Pizza Thursday

Quality of Education


As we look at society, it becomes clear that we have unequal opportunities when looking at the spectrum of education. Children are born into families and situations without any choices in the matter. According to John Kraushaar, “ in most poor city neighborhoods, students are locked into failing schools, with few options for parents to turn to.” It is far too common to see children who start to struggle and fail in school simply because they did not have the resources and support found in other schools. Continue reading Quality of Education

State of the Union 2018 Highlights: Trump’s Divisive Nature, Communication Dissonance


President Trump’s first State of the Union address to Congress went about as well as could be expected from a character like Trump. The 80 minute speech was highlighted by a heavy dose of recollections on the past year’s achievements for the Trump administration, compared to far fewer actual plans or promises for the coming year. The State of the Union has always been a bit of a political crapshoot, an often self-serving mix of achievements and goals, but the seemingly unchecked ego of the President ensured that this year’s speech was more sound byte fodder for the Trump campaign than actual ideas. An unusually high volume of guests who had some form of relevance to the President’s platform were in attendance, including North Korean defector Ji Seong-ho, police officer Celestino Martinez, and the parents of former North Korean prisoner Otto Warmbier. What could have been an opportunity for national recognition of the work and sacrifices of these people seemed more like a predatory use of their losses and accomplishments by an administration that makes its bread and butter off the backs of telling an “us versus them” rhetoric. Continue reading State of the Union 2018 Highlights: Trump’s Divisive Nature, Communication Dissonance

Kenosha or Narnia?


On Tuesday, January 23rd, KUSD announced that all of the schools in the district would be closed for the day due to the weather conditions. I, as a student in KUSD, was elated to hear this news at 6:04 am from my mom but also quite confused. After four more hours of sleeping in, I awoke at 10:36 am to start my day. I took a look out my front door to see what all the trouble was about, and I was amazed. The snow that had fallen in the night had covered all the trees lining my road, appearing as though I lived in a winter wonderland. However, there didn’t seem to be that much snow in total. The roads were clear and there was about five inches on the ground. I then proceeded to check the temperature on my phone around 2:30 pm as I was getting ready for work, and it read 45 degrees. I’m not complaining or anything, but the fact that KUSD closed school on day with five inches of snow and 40 degree weather is unheard of. However, I don’t mind. My favorite part of the day although, was my ride to work. I couldn’t tell if I was driving down 85th Street or through Narnia.

An Abundance of Mediocrity

By Borden Exasperated

Following the first semester, I, having dropped the pursuit of eschool Trigonometry thanks to a college that does not require it, was given the gift of a study hall in the void where I had expected a blank period should be. This, my first foray into the world of Tremper High School’s study halls in all four years of my attendance, was nothing like I had expected the period to be. Instantly upon arrival, I was given the gruff instruction to “Sit down, everyone turn off your electronics. You can study, or you can sleep,” immediately followed by what can only be described as a fifty minute stretch of just that. What truly surprised me was the lack of any initiative or encouragement to do anything and general apathetic absence of any real resources that would aid the whole “study” part of “study hall” from my fellow students and the security guard who oversees said period. Continue reading An Abundance of Mediocrity

The End


Today, death is everywhere. It is in the newspapers written as clean obituaries to sum up a person’s life; it is streamed in the media with breaking news of recent tragedies that, after so many, no longer seem tragic to outsiders; it is clinging to the shadows all around us and looming in the darkest corridors of our minds as an ever-present reminder that no matter what we do, there is always one outcome: Death. Continue reading The End

P.S. Someone Else’s Identity Isn’t a Punchline


In the hallways of an overcrowded public high school, where pressure to conform holds more authority than our periodically stationed security guards, conversations about identity are easily lost. This isn’t the fault of any individual student, but rather of a greater culture which threatens students with rejection if they fail to adhere to social codes. We are allowed to  safely explore our identities, who we are and what we do, but only within the limitations of what is considered acceptable. Continue reading P.S. Someone Else’s Identity Isn’t a Punchline



Should students be allowed to grade their own teacher?  If students could grade their teacher it would lead to more efficient and better learning for the students.  Some teachers have the thought that they can sit around and just make the kids figure out how to do the work themselves and not teach their students.   Continue reading Grading

The Truth is Just One Page Away: The Dangers of “Fake News”


I have a pair of beat-up old gray Converse high-tops that I, in a fit of boredom, decided to subject to my admittedly middling artistic talents one bright afternoon this last Thanksgiving break. Armed with a black Sharpie, I simply let the pen flow and looked for aesthetically pleasing results. While working on this time-filling project, one thought seemed to percolate down through my subconscious thoughts of politics, my future as a journalist, and my view of the world into the ink that slowly filled the canvas shoe: The truth is just one page away. Cryptic and certainly not what I had expected from what was a simple artistic outlet for a boring day, that phrase has bounced around my head all day since my little project. The more I thought about it, the more I agreed with my own statement. After some pondering of the matter, I realized that the phrase represents every sentiment I associate with modern politics and the state of the world. Continue reading The Truth is Just One Page Away: The Dangers of “Fake News”

When The Stress Gets To Be Too Much


As high school seniors, both of us definitely felt the pressure that comes with being a good student. Staying on top of all seven classes at every waking moment is far from a simple task. “I seriously had to ask my mom to call me in for my first two classes because I stayed up so late last night doing homework,” said senior Cora Shircel. “Never have I ever done that in my entirety!” Continue reading When The Stress Gets To Be Too Much



Motivation is the reason or reasons one has for acting or behaving in a particular way, or the general desire or willingness of someone to do something. Everyone gets into these moods of sadness or even some might call it moods of depression. For some it is quite hard to crawl out of that hole. Here are a few tips on how to motivate yourself. Continue reading Motivation

On Separating the Art from the Artist


I was rather recently informed of a horrid detail that was prominent in the history of the popular Swedish band ABBA.  Apparently, the lead singer, Agnetha Fältskog, suffered from a serious fear of performing.  She combated this fear throughout her career with alcohol, traumatizing her body and mind.  With this information now added to my schema of the band, a favorite of mine to casually listen to, I did not know how to respond.   Continue reading On Separating the Art from the Artist

The Misconceptions of Political Correctness and Free Speech


President  Abraham Lincoln once said that a house divided against itself cannot stand.  From social debates to governing ideals, this quote holds true more now than ever. The debate over what constitutes political correctness has become increasingly relevant recently, be it over the validity of a person’s sexual orientation, the sensitivity, or the way the public responds to the ideals of others. It was especially relevant during the 2016 election, during which Donald Trump often called into question the culture surrounding political correctness that his platform called weak or overly sensitive. Political correctness suffers from not only the misconception that it represents weakness, but also the way the citizens of the United States regard free speech. Continue reading The Misconceptions of Political Correctness and Free Speech

Who Do You Want Standing Next to You?


“Imagine a future moment in your life where all your dreams come true, you know? It’s the greatest moment of your life and you get to experience it with one person. Who’s standing next to you?” – Peyton Sawyer.

During your life you are going to experience lows and highs; during those lows and highs you should always have someone next to you to give you reasons; reasons to keep going. But who is that person? A parent, sibling, family member, friend? Why are they the person you chose? Continue reading Who Do You Want Standing Next to You?

Taking a Mental Health Day?


Mental health is a very controversial topic. Many people that do not suffer from mental illnesses often do not believe that they even exist. Schools are one of the most controversial places for mental illnesses, and often one of the most challenging. Schools push stress, anxiety, and many other problematic things onto students everyday. People with mental illnesses often struggle more during the school year, wrestling with all the responsibilities of balancing their lives, work, and school on one plate. Often times things get too rough, and people just need a break from it. Continue reading Taking a Mental Health Day?

Should Students Be Able To Grade Their Teachers?


A wide debate has been centered around schooling processes and grading, by both students and their parents. Some people believe that teachers should be the only ones able to grade students, mainly based off of course work, learning tasks, and assessments. The majority of people that agree with these are people of the community that have some level of superiority, like adults and teachers. Continue reading Should Students Be Able To Grade Their Teachers?

As Election Anniversary Looms, The GOP Descends Into Full Meltdown Mode


The GOP seemed poised to dominate American politics for the next four years following sweeps of both houses of Congress, the Oval Office, and several pending Supreme Court openings in the 2016 election. Their ability to influence US policy had just one opponent: Donald Trump. Trump’s divisive nature succeeded in winning the extremes of the Republican base, but in doing so radicalized the party’s platform and alienated much of the Republican establishment’s core leaders. His take-no-prisoners campaign burned more bridges than it built, and now that tactic is costing both himself and the GOP. Continue reading As Election Anniversary Looms, The GOP Descends Into Full Meltdown Mode

On the FDA


Most people have a general understanding of the responsibilities of the Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, and with their understanding comes the impression that the FDA is terrible at administrating anything.  Stereotypical opinions consist of a combination of the following assertions: it takes too long for the FDA to pass anything or uncover the hidden agendas of major corporations, the FDA does not possess enough power, the FDA allows Americans to be poisoned daily, the FDA holds too much power, and the FDA accomplishes nothing. Continue reading On the FDA

Drug Testing Athletes


Competition of sports gets stronger when you age, going from middle school to high school increases the intensity by another level.  With the need to win, players have begun taking adderall, steroids and other enhancing drugs to help them focus on only the game and get become a stronger athlete overall.  In college or professional sports it is mandatory to drug test the athletes to make sure they are not using illegal enhancing drugs. Continue reading Drug Testing Athletes

The Situation with the NFL and Colin Kaepernick


This entire situation started with Kaep trying to take a stand against black oppression by sitting during the national anthem. People saw this as a serious problem as he continually sat and then eventually made his way to kneeling. The public lashed out on Kaepernick on his courageous kneel, turning this into a political problem. Continue reading The Situation with the NFL and Colin Kaepernick

Just Breathe


Today, it is becoming more and more common that we turn on the television or pick up our phones and read a new headline that broadcasts yet another tragedy. This past October was the Las Vegas shooting at a Jason Aldean concert. It seems that every day there is something on the news that tears us down and makes our country feel like nothing but a bloodbath. Depression in our nation is on the rise, but maybe there is a simple way to lessen the pain of it: turn off the news. Continue reading Just Breathe

Tremper Takes on Hamilton


When prompted to complete a task as difficult as casting the hit musical Hamilton, with the aspiring actors/actresses being anyone and everyone in the senior class, I was very intrigued. I questioned what I should focus on and overall decided that my casting wouldn’t be made based on talent or involvement in various drama programs, or gender, or race, etc. but solely on personality. The finalized list is posted below. This casting was written simply based on my opinion and is not meant to offend anyone (I’m talking to you, Connor Johnston). Continue reading Tremper Takes on Hamilton

Influence of  Minors


The new generation of kids are introduced to a new world of things never seen before by anyone their age. A child, 10 years old, can be introduced to the world of drugs simply by logging onto the internet. These children will grow up knowing only the internet and the world of social media, most likely losing the social skills they need to prosper in this world. This, with all negatives put aside, can also be a very good thing. Continue reading Influence of  Minors

Milky Chance


Milky Chance, a German indie group, which includes lead singer, Clemens Rehbein, as well as Philipp Dausch, and Antonio Greger. I, Alaina Snider, have been a fan for an ongoing four years now but despite this fact, I was unable to attend his most recent concert hosted by the Rave in Milwaukee. Although Mitchel has been a listener for a much shorter time period, he, indeed, was able to join the crowd of diehard fans. “I was very disappointed, as well as, jealous of Mitchel as he showed me videos from the concert,” Snider said in tears. According to Hudrick, his experience was one of a lifetime and he would definitely see Milky Chance again (hopefully with Alaina next time).



Sports are a vital part of a student’s lives. By setting aside a chunk of their day, students are able to release stress and tension from their day.  Sports can not only further physically but also mentally. Sports such as soccer and hockey that do not consist of set up plays enable students to work their brain and further their mental capacity. Thinking quickly about what to do on the field has many advantage to the brain. Continue reading Sports



Chocolate is my obsession. Nations around are known for different flavors and style of chocolate snacks. From Switzerland to Peru, we can find sweet chocolate that melts in your mouth to chocolate that burn your throat. It is all dependent on the ingredients; the amount of cocoa powder in the treat determines how bitter or sweet the chocolate is. Continue reading Chocolate