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Peace Out


As I, a senior, near my final days at Tremper High School, I’ve come to a realization that high school is completely and utterly a waste of time and energy. We enter in our freshman year excited to see where the future takes us, we meet new people, claim new best friends, and strive for excellence. Throughout the stressful, never ending four years of the torturous bells and assignments, you start to realize that high school isn’t what you thought it’d be.

Within the first year, you realize that you are trapped in this cycle of seeing the same fake people everyday and praying that your GPA will get you into the college of your dreams. You stay up late working tirelessly on those assignments and projects for the honors and AP classes that you were pressured to take to either be in the Top 20 or stay in good stances with your parents and/or friends. But after time, the routine of coming to school and trying your best is so boring.

I may just be passive aggressive at this point, but how do the grades teachers give us define us? In high school, that seems to be the only thing anyone cares about. Why? This whole cycle that we go through every day, every week, every month, and every year is so boring. The classwork is boring. The people that you once thought were your best friends suddenly don’t mean as much as the three to four true friends you have. The conversations with those people become boring. Wasting the final weeks of high school is so boring, so why bother even coming? Graduation can’t come fast enough and then I can finally say “Peace out” to the chapter of my life that seemed to drag on much longer than four years.

Online Shopping


Shopping online has some pros, but, sadly, it has just as many cons, if not more. Being able to be in the comfort of your own bed and not change out of your pajamas to buy the things that you need is such an amazing thing. It is also very important to be able to go to the store and try on the items that you want to buy to make sure that they fit you properly because it may not look like how it does on the model as it does on you. Unless the website has free shipping, you are going to have to pay an extra fee just to have it delivered to your house. Sometimes this cost can add up to an extra $8, in which it might cost more than the original item that you are wishing to purchase. If you get it in the mail and it does not fit correctly and there is not a store near you, you will have to send it back through the mail and, sometimes, pay ANOTHER fee. If there is a store near you, it is usually smarter to just drive there than have to go through the hassle of shipping and the extra costs that come with it.


A Week of Lasts


With the school year finally drawing to a close, many high school seniors are experiencing their “lasts” in many aspects. Though students may be stressing over AP tests, at least this year’s graduates can say they will be taking their last AP tests to try and score as high as possible to earn those final college credits. A band concert on Wednesday, May 16th, means senior band members will be playing their final notes of songs conducted by Mrs. Ripley. Many projects in classes such as AP Spanish, AP Physics, AP Literature, or AP Statistics and Probability will be the seniors last ditch effort to raise their grade before final report cards are given. Journalism students, such as myself, are writing their last articles for the entire year as well before beginning their final portfolios. Along with all of this, this week, May 14th-May 18th, is the last full week of high school for all seniors. It is such a bittersweet moment. Although many say they cannot wait for their high school days to be behind them, it is inevitable that they will miss it at least a little. Whether it is the social time with friends, the school lunch food–let’s hope not–or the actual education they receive, some parts of the high school experience will be hard to leave behind whether students think so or not.

Procrastination Confession


Procrastination, with everything, is a disease. The idea that homework that is “due tomorrow” gets “done tomorrow” is toxic, but not uncommon. There is a whole culture surrounding procrastination, and it has become too routine for students; it may be impacting our future. With today’s students assuming turning in homework late is fine, they may grow up to carry these same beliefs onto the future. These habits would affect their future work deadlines, bill payments, and attendance for social events and even the workplace. The effects of procrastination can be detrimental to today’s youth, but then again, they do not seem to notice or care.

For example, the person writing this article is one of the largest hypocrites I have ever encountered. The amount of missing work in my Infinite Campus is insurmountable, and I have never been more terrified of the consequences. With a busy schedule, school work tends to keep getting pushed to the back of the to-do list, with interference from sports practices, upcoming tests, mandatory family time, chores, work, and errands. What appears to be procrastination may be a result of over working or distress in students’ lives, but this is no excuse, even for me, to have this amount of missing work so close to finals season and the end of the school year.

The Last Article


It is finally happening, our last article. We are on the last article in Journalism here at Tremper and we have never felt better. Throughout the past school year, the class has written many articles on many topics. In Journalism the class’s duty is to write an article every week about any topic they wish to write about. The class writes about topics such as current events, product reviews, and sports events. The fun part about getting to choose your own topic that you can write about things you care about, so it is not dreadful to write the article.

While taking journalism, the class has learned many writing and grammar skills, these skills are taught to the class by the amazing teacher Ms. Steinbrink, these skills also will help the class with everyday writing, in the future. Zoee Arreguin, a junior who takes Journalism says, “Journalism is a great class and is a great way to express yourself through writing.” Journalism is the class to take if you need a relaxing learning environment. I encourage everyone to take Journalism with Ms. Steinbrink; it is a great class to learn writing skills and to be creative.  

Graduation Party Time


As seniors are ending their final year of high school, a popular event that’s typical for seniors is to have graduation parties in order to support and congratulate you on finishing high school, and beginning your new journey! Why are graduations parties fun and a good idea? We have the answers!

  • They call for one last fun memory with your friends before they leave for college!
  • It’s a fun event to take pictures in order to look back on in your future!
  • If you like planning, graduation parties include tons of that! You can plan the food, desserts, and location.
  • You can receive some money in order to support your future plans.

As you now begin to plan your graduation party, these are some concepts you should take in mind before planning:

  • How many people will be attending?
  • What kinds of food will you have?
  • What is the theme you want?
  • Are you incorporating your past or future school colors?
  • Do you have a budget?
  • Is the location going to support the crowd?
  • Do you really want one?


Whether you want a graduation party or not, they are a fun way to begin the final chapter of your life!




In your life you will experience many new things. Hopefully you will get a chance to travel to new places so you can see what it’s like around the world. Travel is the ideal place to test yourself. It pushes people to their limits and gets them outside their comfort zone, you’ll discover how resourceful you are when you’re exposed to new places, people and experiences. Maybe it’s finding your way around a busy city, or ordering a meal when you don’t speak the language you’ll feel pride when you finish your trip successfully. Overcoming challenges will bring you joy and energy for future tests. You’ll realize how capable you are and build your confidence.

Seeing the world is more educational than a high school or college class. This condensed crash course in discovering how the rest of the world lives actually will cover subjects like history, geography and sociology. Every destination has something unique to teach visitors, and immersing oneself in a completely different world is the best learning experience. Travel is a very good thing for you, it can help you find out new things you didn’t know you like and give you a break from reality.

The Never Ending Beef


Hip-hop has experienced never ending drama between some young powerhouses.  Trippie Redd has been in constant friction with Tekashi69 and xxxtentacion, and all fans have heard is bickering and false resolutions. Constantly demonizing each other with serious allegations such as child molestation and domestic abuse, just to win the fans back in their favor, this could become catastrophic to their career. To the eyes of most, this constant fiasco is viewed merely as a way to manipulate the media, as they’ve been at the center of many hip-hop articles. From a fan’s standpoint, we all can only hope they can put this behind them and get back to making music.

American Dream Explained Through “Of Mice and Men”


The American dream is explained through the dream of George and Lennie’s idea of a perfect life in Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. George says to Lennie “…We’d jus’ live there. We’d belong there.” Everyone wanted to belong and they still do, everyone wants to be part of something. In the related topic Lennie says to George “We could live offa the fatta the lan’.” Through the story it’s all about the perfect house with the land and belonging on their own properties. Later Lennie still acknowledged their dream by telling Curley’s wife about their idea of having their own place he said “We gonna have a house an’ a garden and a place for alfalfa, an’ that alfalfa is for the rabbits…” Throughout the book there is talk of a place that George and Lennie can have to themselves, which is their own American Dream. 

Self Esteem


Many young people have low self esteem for many reasons. Some reasons are getting bad grades at school, messing up at work, wearing an outfit that is uncomfortable, or even feeling the need to fit in with the standards of beauty.

Society has made standards on what makes a person beautiful. Every standard is always based on outward appearance. This shows that society sees the outside appearance way more important than what is on the inside. Young women feel the need to be skinny, have perfect brows, perfect skin, perfect everything. It is so hard for young women to realize that they do not need to be all around perfect to be considered beautiful. Models and celebrities try to break down the stereotype on being perfect, but they do not understand what young women are going through. Girls get bullied or they are trying to impress someone they like, or they just do not like how they look. Most of the times girls are not striving to be perfect for other people, but mostly for themselves.

Society, in general, needs to boost young women’s self esteem by showing that it is perfectly okay to not be skinny, have perfect brows, or perfect skin. It is okay to have a pimple, it is okay to want to eat tons of food and not worry about working out, it is okay to be yourself. Young women should not succumb to society’s wished on beauty. Everyone is born beautiful inside and out. People need to look in the heart for beauty instead of the outer looks.



I like to associate things with colors. I don’t know if it makes things easier to remember or if it’s some kind of weird thing I do, but I’ve always done it. See, to me and probably everybody else, specific colors go to specific school subjects. Blue is math, red is English, green is science, yellow is history. It’s what makes sense. But that’s not the only thing I associate colors with. I like to associate colors with specific people in my life. Some people seem blue or green, while others seem black or purple. Blue, gray, orange, black, purple, red. Everybody is a color.  And for a reason. Continue reading Spectrum

Student Partnership


Student Partnership has been one of the greatest experiences in my high school career. This gave me a chance to get out into the community and spend time with students at another school. I took student partnership both semesters of my senior year. I chose to do partnership with Mrs Tenuta’s third grade class at Whittier. This was such a fun experience.

I have gone everyday that I could from the first week of school. The days I spent at Whittier Elementary have allowed me to build relationships and friendship with the kids. It is such a great feeling to know that you are making a difference in kids lives. I had a lot of opportunities to help teach the students throughout the last months. Some of my favorite times were the holidays. Mrs. Tenuta would always ask me to put together the gift bags that the students would receive. Continue reading Student Partnership

AP Week


AP Testing is in full swing! With the tests that the student body and staff have been dreading already happening, there is a distinct divergence between students. On one half, there are stressed out students studying for these pressure-filled tests that started this week, and continue on to next week. This consists of constant cramming and endless reviewing of a year’s worth of material in the last couple of days before you run the gauntlet. Speaking from personal experience, the reviewing and studying process for AP exams have been on a steady decline. As the date approaches, the mindset that “whatever I know, I know. And whatever I don’t, I don’t.” There is really no chance in changing your knowledge so close to the test, so as long as you were paying attention for the rest of the year, or semester, or quarter, you should be in good shape. On the other hand, the students who could care less, or are not taking any AP tests, are at one of the most relaxing points in the year. Teachers usually try to avoid any rigor during these AP weeks, seeing as the majority of their students are most likely taking a test, so this is the time for people who aren’t taking the test to wind down and focus on missing work or finals. So as this week continues, remember to stay focused and don’t get too caught up, you’ll be great either way!


An Argument for Taking French at Tremper Instead of Spanish


For incoming Tremper students, rumors fly concerning which classes are one-way tickets to passing grades, which classes are required for graduation, and which classes are actually worth any time at all.  The specific speculation that many freshman discuss, however, is whether or not taking a language will increase your chances at getting into the college of your dreams. For those wary students who feel the need to take a language course, the obvious choice is to enroll in Spanish.  Students have heard their siblings or upperclassmen peers rave about the fiestas and great teachers that accompany the Spanish courses at Tremper. On the other hand, little gossip is heard about French. The French teacher is young, fairly new, and there are only about seven students who can provide any input about the AP French Language and Culture class.  Nevertheless, there are few things concerning high school I can recommend more than becoming a part of the French community. At Tremper, the one french teacher, Madame Yusk, can offer you a more individualized learning experience than anyone. Continue reading An Argument for Taking French at Tremper Instead of Spanish

A Message For the Teachers

As my senior year is coming to a close, I will unabashedly admit that I have contracted the same disease that many of my peers have been battling for months- senioritis. I have negative motivation to go to school, participate in school, do my work, and certainly not write this article, yet, here I am. Intellectuals could argue that some reason must exist for me to be here, but alas, this is a lie. The best way to convince you this is true is to describe my every day at Tremper.   Continue reading A Message For the Teachers

True Life: Descendant Of Immigrants


Growing up being a descendant of an immigrant, you always have that fear of not feeling secure/having something happen to your family. Most people look down upon people crossing the border to come here, but what they fail to realize is that they come here for a better life, to give their kids better. My mother immigrated here from El Salvador, passing through Guatemala just to get to the Mexico border. It took her two months to get here. She came here so she can give my two brothers a better life. Especially my disabled brother Leonel, who had cerebral palsey. He needed the doctors and care in America because they wouldn’t be able to help him much in El Salvador. My brothers lived with my Grandma for years until my mother had finally got her citizenship. Nobody goes through that much for nothing, they do it to better their future and create a life for their children that they never had. Most of America is run by immigrants too when it comes to working and jobs. I always try and be protective of my mom because I know what people are thinking when they look at her and know they don’t know much English, the feeling of needing to protect your parents at a young age causes you to grow up.

The Importance of Teachers


At the end of a high school career every student ends up with a favorite teacher. A teacher that acts like a parental figure at school. Rather students realize it or not teachers will have an impact on their lives rather it be positive or negative. Students may not say it, but most of them are very thankful for most teachers for not only teaching them subjects such as math, history, or art, but also teaching them how to handle social situations, work loads, and everyday skills you will need for the future. With teacher appreciation week coming up be sure to tell a teacher thank you. it may seem like a wasted three seconds, but they will appreciate it and continue to help you through high school or even 10 years from now in everyday life.

The Spot vs Big Star


A lot of people in the Kenosha area love to indulge in a nice cheeseburger from one of Kenosha’s many drive-in diners, but what they love even more is to argue over which diner they enjoy more. There are multiple different diners but the two that seem to have the biggest lasting impact on their customers are The Spot and Big Star. One outstanding difference between the two is that The Spot is open all year long, but Big Star is only open from March 1st until Labor Day. Because Big Star is only open during the warm season, it brings in many customers because they know that they only have a short period of time when they can get it. Continue reading The Spot vs Big Star

Education System Worsening


Though they are not always as appreciated as they should be, teachers are the foundation of our future. They instill all of their knowledge into children that will one day operate the world. Teachers of all grades are responsible for the education of their students, whether it is pre-k or high school. These educators are not given enough resources and are obligated to purchase most of their materials on their own. In 2010, Scott Walker was elected as the Wisconsin Governor, and since then our education system has progressively worsened. Continue reading Education System Worsening

Trump May Be Bad, But Pence is No Prize


Vice Presidents occupy an interesting space in politics. Though they preside over the Senate, the second-in-command serves only a few roles beyond that particular duties. In the case of the current administration, that may be for the best. Vice President Mike Pence, a longtime conservative stalwart, may be one of the most quietly dangerous VPs in modern political history. Where many of his predecessors have held little stake in the actual policy of the country, Pence carries a trifecta of reasons he may be the most influential and dangerous VP in recent memory: his party supports him more than they do the President, he has a deep-seated set of political convictions that have landed him in hot water in the past, and he has the easiest possible path to the presidency with all the scandals and political instability that threatens the Trump presidency every day. Easy as it may be to complain about the sometimes appalling way in which Trump conducts himself and national policy, the ramifications of giving Pence the keys to the Oval Office must be accounted for before any notions of impeachment can be bandied about. Continue reading Trump May Be Bad, But Pence is No Prize

Study When You Can


With AP tests only a weekend away, now is the time to cram in that last minute preparation. If you’re anything like me, you’ve put off studying until now, and in order to succeed you know you’ve got to do something fast. With that in mind, I would like to analyze some advice that I’ve recently been given: “Don’t study the night before your test”. Without any evidence to make my statement believable, I would like to argue that this advice should also not be taken seriously. Having so little time left to prepare, I understand that I need to take any opportunity I get to work hard, including the night before. I believe that any studying would give me an advantage on AP tests, and that not studying at all would probably be more detrimental to my score. Even if what I just said has no scientific value and I will not retain any information I try to cram in at the last minute, I have realized that just the fact that I attempted to study will make me feel more confident in my skills when I’m actually taking the test. Also, I know that attitude has a huge effect on my performance; bracing myself at all, even if it’s just the night before, will inevitably put me in a better test taking mood.

Band aids : What’s the Point?


What are band aids used for? From my extensive experience of being a child for a chunk of my life, I can concur that band aids are used for boo-boos that one gets from falling and scraping a knee after falling off a bike or even getting a tiny scratch from playing on the playground. But what are they really useful for? Yes, they may give a barrier from germs reaching the wound, and even mixed with anti-bacterial cream should keep infection away, yet if you do not use a band aid,one will discover they are still perfectly fine. This makes it seem that Band-Aids are more of an emotional crutch used to ease the soft and worry-some minds of humans and cause torture. Continue reading Band aids : What’s the Point?

Summer is the Best Season


Summer is a time of being outside, swimming and no school. In the summer the days are longer and you have more freedom because you don’t have homework. In the summer you have many more options of clothing to wear. You can wear dresses, shorts, tank tops and many other comfortable choices. Less school is a benefit that provides us with much more freedom. When we are in school we have deadlines, and unless you have a job you usually don’t have deadlines. Continue reading Summer is the Best Season

The Experience of Journalism


Journalism in its own is a good experience. The class is very calm, no real stress, the assignments are easy to complete, and the class is nice and quiet. As long as you do your work, you may listen to music or really do whatever (except play inappropriate games). This class is also fantastic if writing is a favorite of yours. Every week you write is a different article; it can be about anything. After you write a rough draft, it is graded and any mistakes made are told to be corrected. This in turn helps you write far better than when you started. It is a fun class if you have friends to, mainly because if you finish early you can talk to them about whatever, and lastly the teacher is fantastic she is nice and always great at what she does.  

A Discourse on Journalism


The differences between writing for Journalism and writing for any other class are innumerable.  The Journalism teacher, Ms. Steinbrink, encourages students who often struggle drafting essays in English classes and World History papers to express themselves freely on any topic they choose.  Steinbrink’s class reminds students that writing can be refreshing and fun when assignments are not shoved down throats just to be repudiated in the grade book. This class creates a positive environment for writing with its many approaches to the subject.   Continue reading A Discourse on Journalism



Throughout life people of leadership roles have strolled through my life and impacted me. Whether it be someone as big as the few presidents that I have recollection of and the things they have done or it be someone as local as a teacher that inspired me or I looked up to. In a lesson that sprang into my life was that leaders are not forced upon people but rather chosen and born in a sense. Being chosen as one of the football captains made me realize that some people just possess that natural attribute to make them stand out as someone that people look to for guidance and ask for help. Throughout life I have been one to shy away from attention and to be outgoing but people still seemed to look up to me. This year when I had more than 60-70 people look to me for guidance, it made me break that shell and shyness to be outspoken and be out in front. I’m am now comfortable in my own skin and ready to take on that next chapter in my life where I might need to take the lead.

Spirit Week Attire


As Prom is coming up on May 5th, I interviewed a few people from my Journalism class to see what they had in mind to wear for Spirit Week, starting April 30th and ending May 4th. The themes for Spirit Week this year are: Murica Monday (dress in red, white and blue with stripes and stars), Tropical Tuesday (wear Hawaiian shirts, sandals, and leis), Wacky Wednesday (wear crazy socks, weird attire, and mismatch clothing), Throwback Thursday (wear your middle school and elementary school clothes that still fit), and Prom Shirt Friday ( wear a candidate’s Prom shirt to school). Here is what some of my classmates had in mind: Continue reading Spirit Week Attire

Prom Preparation


I interviewed a sample of students and asked what specific steps they are taking to prepare for Prom. With around one week left until the big night, students are spending hours afters school to complete their prom checklist. Senior Alaina Snider says, “I am going to start tanning next week Monday, and I have to get my nails done. I really need to practice putting fake eyelashes on too because I usually don’t. I’ve also been doing so many facemasks.” In contrast, Junior Sam Eggert states, “I have not done any face masks, but I have washed my face. All I need to do is go shopping for a new shirt and tie.” Continue reading Prom Preparation

Prose on Pizza Thursday


I love pizza. Everyone loves pizza. Pizza is the most versatile, unique, and delicious food there is (not to mention aesthetically pleasing to looks at). Endless debate occurs concerning the different types of pizza (does pineapple belong on pizza?, Chicago or New York style?, is vegan pizza actually pizza?); nevertheless, everyone can agree that pizza is simply the best. I am going to assume that there are at least 20 different pizzerias in the city of Kenosha, but as a high school pizza enthusiast that is stuck here for eight hours a day, I know too well that I can’t just go out and get pizza whenever I want. With this sad knowledge in hand, the school has created the perfect trap: Pizza Thursdays. By making pizza available in school, its appeal has increased exponentially, and each week, seemingly more and more students are fooled by this trap, generating a tornado of students, grease, and cash in the back of the cafeteria. The lighthearted, mildly amusing announcements simultaneously spawn a plethora of eye rolls and groans, yet incite enthusiasm in every student. Continue reading Prose on Pizza Thursday

Tremper’s Best Teachers


High school may be found as an annoying burden to most students, but Tremper has many amazing teachers that make the high school experience much more memorable and enjoyable. I recently took a poll in my Journalism class to conclude who the were some of the best teachers that work at Tremper and why.

Alaina claimed her favorite teacher to be her 10th grade English teacher Mr. Cicerale because of how easy he was to talk to and approach.

Mitchel and Bekah both agreed that their favorite teacher was their 11th grade English teacher, as well as our amazing Journalism teacher Ms. Steinbrink. They both enjoy her laid back teaching style and her humor. Continue reading Tremper’s Best Teachers

Cons of Pizza Thursday


Pizza Thursday is a great opportunity to allow different clubs and organizations throughout the Tremper student body to raise money to support the needs and wants of their members. Every Thursday, there is an announcement made to the whole school in hopes that it will hype up their customers. And because of this weekly reminder, before and during the beginning of every lunch period, there is a flooding line of customers eager to purchase their slice of pizza. Continue reading Cons of Pizza Thursday

Why You Should Vote for Emma Jones


A few days ago, Tremper just announced their 2018 prom court. There are some great candidates this year, but one I am particularly excited for is Emma Jones. So please enjoy the reasons I have come up with.

One reason that Jones should be prom queen is because of her personality. Jones is very sweet and kind and can make anyone laugh. I am sure that you would want your queen to be humorous. Also, Jones has an amazing sense of style. She can pull off anything. When she comes into my journalism class, I think to myself, I would look like an absolute idiot if I tried wearing that, but Jones pulls it off. Continue reading Why You Should Vote for Emma Jones

Why Australia’s Schooling is Intelligently Scheduled 


In America, schools usually have summer breaks due to regulations of how many school days must be issued. Summer break is adored by American students and will never cease to be an event because of how popular it will always be. But in Australia, the summer break is only six to eight weeks compared to America’s usual 10 weeks, which would be entirely more intelligent in a sense of educational distribution. Continue reading Why Australia’s Schooling is Intelligently Scheduled 

The Death of Middle-Ground Speech


In making this case I must state that I am fully cognizant of the classic example of the old generation complaining about the “Kids these days!” However, it is my hope that any reader would accept the following as more criticism of modern culture than a petty complaint, and not liken me to an old codger when I am still a child in the eyes of the law. It is with that in mind that I make my case for the murder of the neutral sentence at the hands of the average teenager. In some Orwellian culling of language, I have noticed fewer and fewer instances of adjectives that are not one of the “big four“ as I think of them- “love”, “like”, “hate”, and “kind of” in the speech of my peers. My generation has noticeably become more and more polarized in speech, and the more descriptive and precise sentences that describe the footings in between have suffered. Continue reading The Death of Middle-Ground Speech

2018 Senior Mock Awards – Our Thought and Votes


Boy – 3 Peas in a Pod: Thomas Sachen, Matthew Udry, Zander Huang
Girl – 3 Peas in a Pod: Alexis Kessel, Morgan Garski, Lizzie Wellman

Boy – Best Car: Mikey Kok
Girl – Best Car: Sierra Lyon

Boy – Best Dancer: Jordan Squires
Girl – Best Dancer: Brianna Gesiorski

Boy – Best Dressed: Mitchel Hudrick
Girl – Best Dressed: Nia Daniels

Boy – Best Hair: Mateo Cotto
Girl – Best Hair: Corinne Springer
Continue reading 2018 Senior Mock Awards – Our Thought and Votes

Expiration Dates


Americans throw away a staggering amount of food everyday which can have a negative effect on the environment, and the extra food could be used by those who may need it. Many times that people throw items away are due to food and drinks being past the expiration date printed on the packaging of most items when, in reality, these expiration dates don’t mean that the food has spoiled, they are simple ploys to force people to buy more food. Food producers determine the amount of time in which their food tastes the best and print the label accordingly, not actually finding the true amount of time that a food item is edible for. This way people either eat or throw away their food more often and buy more, raising the profit levels for the producer. Ways to make sure that food is still good include looking at its coloration, smelling it, and feeling it. If the food seems normal in all of these categories, it should be fine to eat.

Why Starbucks?


Why do people like Starbucks and say it’s better than Dunkin Donuts and other coffee places they haven’t even tried? I’ll tell you why, people like the name brand. Some people don’t even get coffee and they say it is better. Let me clarify for anyone that is this kind of person, you cannot say coffee is better one place when you haven’t even tried it! Some people even say there is no difference between the way Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts roast their beans. They lie. Starbucks over roasts their beans so they are a bit burnt while Dunkin’s doesn’t. I’m sure they do other things that are different which change the taste, but that is the biggest difference in my opinion.

Our Generation Deserves More Input Than Any Other on Gun Control


Last week’s mass shooting in Parkland has reignited the gun control debate in America yet again following the killing of seventeen students by shooter Nikolas Cruz. One week later, the debate has yet to lose significance in the public eye, as students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School have vowed to inspire real change in gun control policy. More so than any other mass shooting, students of Parkland have rallied support for their side of the gun control debate on social media, the news, and the press. This unwillingness to recede into silence over the massacre in their school should demonstrate to lawmakers how serious this generation is about inspiring real change, and the leaders of this movement should not be dismissed as typical teenagers. After the loss of seventeen of our peers, our oft-mocked and stereotyped generation now has the chance to show the world how much we can do to better the country. Continue reading Our Generation Deserves More Input Than Any Other on Gun Control

Best Sandwich Place in Kenosha


In Kenosha, there are many different choices to get a delicious sandwich. Some places may go with the traditional sub sandwich, but others such as Panera prefer a homemade style club sandwich. With there being so many places to get a delicious sandwich, we took it upon ourselves to see what the people liked the best. The top choices came out to be the local Hungry Head and the chain of Jimmy Johns. Surprisingly Subway came out close to the bottom.