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Back to America


On Tuesday, November 7th, three UCLA freshmen basketball players were arrested in China for shoplifting. The freshmen were Cody Riley, Jalen Hill, and, most famously, LiAngelo Ball. LiAngelo Ball has faced the most criticism for his actions due to the fact that he in the younger brother of Los Angeles Lakers’ point guard Lonzo Ball. The players were suspended for their first game against Georgia Tech. The University has not announced what further disciplinary actions will be taken upon the players. Continue reading Back to America

Should College Athletes Get Paid?


In 2011 CBS and NCAA combined together to televise an event called March Madness where 64 collegiate Division 1 basketball play in a tournament. Since the two emerged in 2011, March Madness has made the two over 10 billion dollars. Not only is this number shocking due to it being in the millions, but the college basketball don’t get a single penny of this billion dollars. NCAA is an abbreviation for National Collegiate Athletic Association in the United States. Continue reading Should College Athletes Get Paid?

Committing to College


In the high school wrestling world, athletes are giving their verbal commit earlier than ever. Freshman and sophomore wrestlers are committing to schools before using all their visits or seeing their options. Some of this is pressure by the coaches to commit by giving them “deadlines” before their offers would expire. Mixed with the hype and eagerness to post their commitment via social media, kids sometimes take offers that will not make them happy in even a few months let alone sometimes three  years. Continue reading Committing to College

Salary for College Athletes


College sports have the most competition out of all level of sports.  The reason why college sports are so competitive and exciting to watch is because the players know if they show their skill on the field, court and such they will make it to the professional level where they have the ability to make an income.  Playing college sports means a lot of workouts and missing school due to traveling. Continue reading Salary for College Athletes

College Football Week 7


Week seven of college football went down this week, led by huge performances from teams like TCU and Washington, and upset losses from Michigan and Oklahoma. This week was full of excitement, and at the halfway mark of the regular season, more is to come.

Teams on the rise this year and to keep an eye on are TCU, Georgia, Washington State and Wisconsin. These teams haven’t been considered power schools for some time, but they all are undefeated heading into next week. These teams could be ready to jump into the playoff all year, and take out the teams on top. Continue reading College Football Week 7

Ejection Rules


College football, in the recent years, has implemented a rule for dirty tackles.  The tackles being a player leading with the crown of their helmet which is the top part of the helmet.  The rule has always been up to debate because although the rule is necessary, it is used in many obviously and no reason at all.  The result of the penalty of the hit results in the player getting removed for the rest of the game.   Continue reading Ejection Rules

Early Season College Football


Rankings Talk

NCAA football kicked off a few weeks ago, and the season is beginning to get in full swing. Most teams have played four games thus far, and they have been action-packed. At number one in the nation, Alabama is dominating as they have for years past. Bama is the obvious #1, but behind them, there are some shake-ups. Clemson, Oklahoma, Penn State and USC sit in the other Top 5 spots, all at 4-0 records. Georgia and TCU have risen into the Top 10; Georgia coming off of two great wins vs. Notre Dame and Mississippi State, and TCU having knocked off previously #7 Oklahoma State. Underdog teams Southern Florida and San Diego State remain undefeated and climb the Top 25. As for the teams on the other end, Florida State and Oregon have dropped out of the Top 25; Florida State after being upset by North Carolina State, and Oregon falling to a mediocre-looking Arizona State. Miami has also shot up to #14, after being unranked, as they sit with a 2-0 record. Notre Dame and West Virginia have both moved back into the Top 25, each at 3-1. Continue reading Early Season College Football