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Link Crew


Join Link Crew to guide ninth graders through their first year of high school! Although only for juniors and seniors, Link Crew Leaders help transitioning freshman adapt to the high school experience “by adapting, supporting, and advising,” said junior Link Crew Leader, Jack Robbins. Advised by Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Chase, this energy filled club provides fun activities for everyone involved. Continue reading Link Crew

Knit Wits


“It is a wonderful, healing experience that allows students to bond while overcoming challenges. And *next week* I’m bringing snacks.”   -Kionna Babel, President of Knit Wits.

We attended a Knit Wit meeting on Monday, November 13, 2017, to experience the club for ourselves. We learned, from instruction from Mrs. Orth and members of the club, how to cast on and the beginning stages of knitting. All members were well experienced, yet extremely motivating and helpful to our amateur knitting abilities. Mrs. Orth supplied the colorful varieties of yarn so students could eventually create something that is personal to them. Continue reading Knit Wits

HIE THEE TO THE HALL: Madrigal Feaste Arrives Soon at Tremper


The annual Madrigal Feaste is almost here! The show celebrates its 43rd birthday this December, bringing with it the massive set in Tremper’s cafeteria and hundreds of performers for four nights. But beyond the visible aspects of the performance like the set, performers, and show, the audience is rarely given a look behind the scene’s of KUSD’s biggest show. Hundreds of hours of work go into the show, from rehearsals to set building to production, and no 36 hours are more integral to the show than the Feaste Retreat, a weekend of singing, improvisation, and shredded vocal cords. Based on my experience as a jester, here’s what you can expect from this year’s Feaste after a day and a half in a hotel with its most prominent performers. Continue reading HIE THEE TO THE HALL: Madrigal Feaste Arrives Soon at Tremper

Finishing the Season with a Splash


On Friday, October 27th, and Saturday, October 28th, many of Tremper’s Swimmers and Divers competed in their last meet of the 2017 season at either the JV conference invite or the Varsity Conference meet. The JV invite took place at Case on Friday where many underclassmen experienced their very first big competition. To finish out their successful season, many upperclassmen swam their best times, with seniors leaving their last mark on the team. Continue reading Finishing the Season with a Splash

Last One, Best One


On Saturday, October 7th, Tremper hosted its annual fall Homecoming. Open to all students, this year was one of the most attended Homecoming dances in the past few years numbering at around 800 tickets bought. Leading up to the dance, many Student Government sponsored events were held throughout the week such as powder puff, spirit wear week, the candidate assembly, as well as the spirit assembly where the king and queen were crowned, and the annual parade Friday night leading up to the big Homecoming football game. Continue reading Last One, Best One

Homecoming Week


The week of October 2 to October 7, Tremper  was hosting 2017’s Homecoming. To start the week , Monday was “Hippie Day!” Students came in there most peaceful and outgoing outfits to dress up like a hippie. It was very enjoyable seeing all the outfits and they were all quite cute! Also, Tremper had a Car Show from 4-6pm and it was interesting to see all the clasic, older cars in Tremper’s parking lot. Continue reading Homecoming Week

Opinion of Powderpuff


Powderpuff football at Tremper is not viewed as an important event. The game is a one night only event that consists of a girls flag football game. This event is fun to participate in due to the gender roles being flipped. This is a time that the spotlight is on the girls and they  are allowed to play a “manly” sport without feeling shamed. Throughout the last few years, I have heard about three people bring up the game. That is ridiculous! Continue reading Opinion of Powderpuff

Out With a Bang


As a Tremper High School senior, I have been to all four Homecoming dances since I was a freshman, and I can confidently say that this year was by far the best. From the theme to the music, I, as well as all of my friends, were extremely impressed. The DJ was constantly taking requests from the attendees and picking songs according to the mood being presented by the crowd. Also, the dance’s major success had a lot to do with the energy from the students. Walking into the gymnasium, you could instantly sense to positive vibes. I believe that the whole student body can safely say that Mr. Hardy, along with the rest of his Student Government members, really out did themselves with this one!