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Nationwide Walkout Draws Estimated Crowd of 375 to Tremper Rally


The tension and emotion was thick enough to cut with a knife at Tremper’s silent walkout supporting gun reform and commemorating the lives of the seventeen slain students of Parkland’s school shooting one month ago. Students stood in silence around Tremper’s infamous painted rock for seventeen minutes, one for each student at Parkland, as administrators looked on at a distance. Prayers, condolences, and murmurs of change rippled through the crowd before and after the vigil, all asking the same question: “How will we change the future?”

Students across the country began to answer that question all across the country Wednesday, as walkouts at 10:00 a.m. began on the Eastern Seaboard and rolled across the nation, drawing media coverage at the largest rallies. The nature of the walkouts varied in both size and intent- from small clusters of students leaving school to rallies of thousands in major cities and Washington DC, students either remained silent in respect for the dead, or made their intentions clear by raising their voices against the organizations and legislators they feel have allowed the rampant killing of innocent Americans. According to The New York Times, students were heard chanting “Hey, hey, NRA, how many kids have you killed today?” as they marched through New York. Continue reading Nationwide Walkout Draws Estimated Crowd of 375 to Tremper Rally

Congratulations Mrs. Pacetti!!


Each school year KUSD holds a banquet in which recognizes different educators for various occasions. For the 2017-18 current year, business teacher Mrs. Susan Pacetti won the high school ‘Teacher of the Year’ title. In order to be nominated, letters of recommendation must be sent in regarding the person. A multitude of people, including, current teachers, former teachers, parents, current students, former students, and people in the community entered letters acknowledging Mrs. Pacetti’s dedication and involvement. There is a board then that reads through all of the letters and decides who is most deserving. They also put together a binder consisting of the top ten best letters after awarding Mrs. Pacetti. It refreshing for the Tremper community to see such a humbled and committed teacher represent our school.

The Last Donor


As the Tremper student government advisors, board, and members scramble to finish the final touches and confirm last minute details, Tremper students and the Kenosha community gets nervous to donate their blood. Being the largest blood drive in the state, there comes a lot of preparation in putting on a donation center this big. Tremper’s student government has put on this drive year after year saving hundreds of lives with the many pints of blood given to the Blood Center of Wisconsin. Many of the brave Tremper students, Kenosha community, and people from all over Kenosha sign up for this amazing cause to donate to those in need. After donating, there are beverages, food, and free Culver’s pints of custard given to all! Although it does take months and months of preparation to put on, the blood drive is great way to get involved and is an easy way for everyone to participate. Hopefully Tremper will continue to put on this blood drive for years to come!

Key Club: DCON Information


Key Club is a very interactive club in most high schools. At Tremper, Key Club is very important to students and is helping your community. DCON, the District Convention, for Key Club members to attend workshops in order to enhance their knowledge of certain positions within the club. They get to witness who will become the new district for the following year. DCON is March 16-18 this year, and students in the Wisconsin Upper Michigan (WIUM) district go to the Hyatt Hotel in Green Bay, WI to attend the convention. Continue reading Key Club: DCON Information

Student Partnership Perks


Student Partnership is a great way for students in high school to experience how controlling a classroom may be. Many students involved with Student Partnership aspire to become a teacher or affiliated in the education field. High school students can go other schools to get a perspective on how a classroom with students will be, without focusing on one’s own learning in their regular high school setting. Continue reading Student Partnership Perks

Orchestra Festival


This past weekend held the 54th annual KUSD Orchestra Festival. The festival was two days long and contained music from string instrument players. Players of all ages including fourth graders to seniors joined together to perform for over 2,000 people. Scott Plank, coordinator of fine arts in the KUSD district, put in a lot of hard work to make sure the festival ran smoothly. Each year, Plank and the orchestra teachers of KUSD come together to pick a guest conductor. This year, Kirt Mosier  was chosen to make stops at each of the high schools and middle schools to work with students in clinics. Mosier also engaged in a five hour long rehearsal on Saturday morning before the performance. Continue reading Orchestra Festival

How to Score a Play with Little Prince Composer Jarod Sturycz


I spoke to Tremper student Jarod Sturycz about his role in composing the original score for the Drama department’s production of The Little Prince, which opened last week in the Tremper auditorium. Jarod, who has been involved in several Drama Club productions, has written music before, but never a score for a performance. This first score was well performed, impressive, and above all, unique, so I asked Jarod about just what made this score work so well for the performance.

What are the main musical inspirations of the music of The Little Prince?

A: Some of the minor characters are based around elements from classic films like The Godfather and Once Upon a Time in America, both of which have some of the best scores in history, and musical motifs present in Elvis Presley’s work. The majority of the music lives in the atmosphere of the show’s story which is very much a collage of arid desert sequences and cosmic luminescence that all of the characters, one way or another, revolve around. To create this I became more in touch with nature and infused the ways it perplexes me into the score. Continue reading How to Score a Play with Little Prince Composer Jarod Sturycz

The Little Prince- Opening Weekend


Tremper’s third show of the 2017-2018 school year, The Little Prince, entertains all ages with its fun yet thought provoking storyline and intricate technical elements.  An adaption of the French children’s book of the same title, the play tells the story of a cynical aviator whose airplane goes down in the Sahara Desert, stranding him with limited resources.  Soon after his crash-landing, a mysterious little boy appears with many questions for the aviator. In describing his life and journey to earth, the young boy changes the aviator’s feelings about relationships, people, and life itself.  The show features many flamboyant characters, as Director Nicolas Cicerale and Assistant Director Mikey Kok decided to put a spin on the originals. A curtain made of stars, revolving stage platform, and an overall “just sketched” look set the scene for the beautiful story, while original music composed by Jarod Sturycz makes the experience more incredible still.  Featuring Rebecca St. Ange as the Prince and Dana Lehman as the aviator, this play is a must-see for all.


Upcoming AP Tests


AP Tests are coming up and many students should be informed about it since these tests could improve your college experience. March 15 2018, is the deadline to sign up for AP tests at Tremper. Each tests costs $94, and if you have reduced lunch, look for additional information about how your tests can be reduced also. Make sure to register on time so you do not have to pay the $45 late fee. These tests are important and essential for credits in college. AP classes are important to take so you can challenge yourself to experience a college-level class and go through the test for potential college credits. The tests start on Monday, May 7, and go through Friday, May 18, 2018. These days include two to four tests a day and the tests can range from 90 mins to three hours. Sign up on time for these tests so you can potentially get college credits!

“The Little Prince”


On March 2nd, the day after the first showing of “The Little Prince,” we interviewed the composer and director of the production, Jarod Sturycz and Nic Cicerale. They produced their opinions and responses to a few questions we had in mind about the overall production and the journey of composing the music used in the show. Continue reading if you are interested in seeing the show or just want a better understanding of what the show is.

Question: How was the mental journey of composing music for such a complex production?

Jarod Sturycz: “It was different then writing music for myself. Normally when I write music the story is more personal, but when I did it for “The Little Prince”, I had to infuse the elements of my own experiences with love into the love story within the play. Most of the production wasn’t stressful because the cast and crew were really supportive of my vision and they knew that it matched perfectly with the show.

We continued on to interview Mr. Cicerale on more of the process and effect that may have been considered confusing or raised questions within the symbolism of ‘The Little Prince.’ Continue reading “The Little Prince”



So I’ve been spending the past few weeks pouring my heart into something that has the potential to help save thousands of lives: the Tremper Blood Drive. I can almost ensure that you’ve seen me around, writing announcements, making posters, painting windows, registering donors during lunch, recruiting students during Check and Connect, and overall trying to run a day of organized chaos. I cannot stress enough how much our blood drive means to me, and I can guarantee that there are people that you know and see every single day that could benefit from a blood donation. Continue reading Donate

52nd Annual Choral Festival


Last Saturday, February 10th, over 1,300 choir students from the Kenosha Unified School District came together to perform in Indian Trail High School’s field house. Dr. Lee Nelson was the guest conductor for the 52nd annual Choral Fest. Nelson is the director of choral activities at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa. He got to rehearse with the combined middle and high schoolers on Thursday evening. Everyone got together for an early morning rehearsal on the day of the concert. Nelson expressed his amazement with the amount of people and work involved in the festival by saying, “I have to admit I never experienced anything quite like this. I think people should be inspired by the amount of work that has gone into this.” It was a wonderful night devoted to talented students and beautiful music. Continue reading 52nd Annual Choral Festival

It’s Not Too Late to Join Key Club!


Join Key Club! It is a great way to give back to your community, meet new friends, and gain service hours. Key Club stands for Kiwanis Educating Youth, meaning it allows students to branch out and build character by giving leadership positions such as President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Bulletin Editor. Continue reading It’s Not Too Late to Join Key Club!

Link Crew


Join Link Crew to guide ninth graders through their first year of high school! Although only for juniors and seniors, Link Crew Leaders help transitioning freshman adapt to the high school experience “by adapting, supporting, and advising,” said junior Link Crew Leader, Jack Robbins. Advised by Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Chase, this energy filled club provides fun activities for everyone involved. Continue reading Link Crew

Knit Wits


“It is a wonderful, healing experience that allows students to bond while overcoming challenges. And *next week* I’m bringing snacks.”   -Kionna Babel, President of Knit Wits.

We attended a Knit Wit meeting on Monday, November 13, 2017, to experience the club for ourselves. We learned, from instruction from Mrs. Orth and members of the club, how to cast on and the beginning stages of knitting. All members were well experienced, yet extremely motivating and helpful to our amateur knitting abilities. Mrs. Orth supplied the colorful varieties of yarn so students could eventually create something that is personal to them. Continue reading Knit Wits

HIE THEE TO THE HALL: Madrigal Feaste Arrives Soon at Tremper


The annual Madrigal Feaste is almost here! The show celebrates its 43rd birthday this December, bringing with it the massive set in Tremper’s cafeteria and hundreds of performers for four nights. But beyond the visible aspects of the performance like the set, performers, and show, the audience is rarely given a look behind the scene’s of KUSD’s biggest show. Hundreds of hours of work go into the show, from rehearsals to set building to production, and no 36 hours are more integral to the show than the Feaste Retreat, a weekend of singing, improvisation, and shredded vocal cords. Based on my experience as a jester, here’s what you can expect from this year’s Feaste after a day and a half in a hotel with its most prominent performers. Continue reading HIE THEE TO THE HALL: Madrigal Feaste Arrives Soon at Tremper

Finishing the Season with a Splash


On Friday, October 27th, and Saturday, October 28th, many of Tremper’s Swimmers and Divers competed in their last meet of the 2017 season at either the JV conference invite or the Varsity Conference meet. The JV invite took place at Case on Friday where many underclassmen experienced their very first big competition. To finish out their successful season, many upperclassmen swam their best times, with seniors leaving their last mark on the team. Continue reading Finishing the Season with a Splash

Last One, Best One


On Saturday, October 7th, Tremper hosted its annual fall Homecoming. Open to all students, this year was one of the most attended Homecoming dances in the past few years numbering at around 800 tickets bought. Leading up to the dance, many Student Government sponsored events were held throughout the week such as powder puff, spirit wear week, the candidate assembly, as well as the spirit assembly where the king and queen were crowned, and the annual parade Friday night leading up to the big Homecoming football game. Continue reading Last One, Best One

Homecoming Week


The week of October 2 to October 7, Tremper  was hosting 2017’s Homecoming. To start the week , Monday was “Hippie Day!” Students came in there most peaceful and outgoing outfits to dress up like a hippie. It was very enjoyable seeing all the outfits and they were all quite cute! Also, Tremper had a Car Show from 4-6pm and it was interesting to see all the clasic, older cars in Tremper’s parking lot. Continue reading Homecoming Week

Opinion of Powderpuff


Powderpuff football at Tremper is not viewed as an important event. The game is a one night only event that consists of a girls flag football game. This event is fun to participate in due to the gender roles being flipped. This is a time that the spotlight is on the girls and they  are allowed to play a “manly” sport without feeling shamed. Throughout the last few years, I have heard about three people bring up the game. That is ridiculous! Continue reading Opinion of Powderpuff

Out With a Bang


As a Tremper High School senior, I have been to all four Homecoming dances since I was a freshman, and I can confidently say that this year was by far the best. From the theme to the music, I, as well as all of my friends, were extremely impressed. The DJ was constantly taking requests from the attendees and picking songs according to the mood being presented by the crowd. Also, the dance’s major success had a lot to do with the energy from the students. Walking into the gymnasium, you could instantly sense to positive vibes. I believe that the whole student body can safely say that Mr. Hardy, along with the rest of his Student Government members, really out did themselves with this one!