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Verse: Part II of VI

BY JAROD STURYCZ – The Abstract Section

It’s been five days! Not a word from —–!

Why won’t anybody tell us anything?

                                                                                Who knows how bad that fire was? I just want to                                                                                        see  him. I can’t focus on anything.


—–! You’re OK! Oh my god, we were-! —–,

your face…your hair…oh.

                                                                              [—–’s voice has become strained and raspy. Part of his

                                                                                 neck and head have been badly burnt.]

It’s good to see you guys….I got a haircut, I guess.

                                                                           Ha ha ha ha agk agk! [a nasty-sounding cough comes

                                                                               over him]

Hey, woah, are you alright? Be careful.

                                                                            Yeah, I’m OK. I just have to keep drinking water and it

                                                                            should get better–not gone–but less painful.

That’s good because we need you on these new

tracks, man. We’ve been worried sick about you

and, well, the nerves sort of pushed us to make

this beat that we think you could say your piece on.

                                                                                …I’ll try.


Different Traditions On Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day is celebrated all around the world. Valentine’s Day can be either happy and exciting, or it can be an absolute terrible and lonesome feeling, and most people are usually feeling lonely. There isn’t another day where so many people eat chocolates, watch romantic comedies or smold with love. There are many traditions around the world, but how do they celebrate Valentine’s Day? Continue reading Different Traditions On Valentine’s Day

Using Quizlet


Anyone can use Quizlet to learn and study for all subjects. Anyone can join by signing up on the app or online. Once you have created an account, you can use it to create your own set of study cards or access your teachers’, friends’ or families’ study sets. Quizlet is especially good for high school students and college students. After you have set up your account, you can use the learn, cards, write, match, and test sections to study.

Continue reading Using Quizlet

Homecoming Week


The week of October 2 to October 7, Tremper  was hosting 2017’s Homecoming. To start the week , Monday was “Hippie Day!” Students came in there most peaceful and outgoing outfits to dress up like a hippie. It was very enjoyable seeing all the outfits and they were all quite cute! Also, Tremper had a Car Show from 4-6pm and it was interesting to see all the clasic, older cars in Tremper’s parking lot. Continue reading Homecoming Week