Cody “No Love” Garbrandt


Cody “no love” Garbrandt grew up in Uhrichsville, Ohio, a small town in eastern Ohio.  Garbrandt, a professional UFC fighter, grew up loving anything that had physical contact from fighting, wrestling and boxing.  In Garbrandt’s high school sports career, his high school football team won state his senior year.  Garbrandt’s specialty was wrestling which led him to four state championships.  

He fell in love with the sport boxing too, and he happened to be really good at it.  The UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) would be the way Garbrandt’s career would follow; MMA being the rules the UFC follows helped Garbrandt perform to his skills on the ground and his boxing technique.  Garbrandt had a perfect record of  11-0 until November 4th, 2017, when Cody Garbrandt was defending his bantamweight title against powerhouse TJ Dillashaw.  Garbrandt had the leading edge knocking Dillashaw out in the first round, but Dillashaw was saved by the bell.  Garbrandt played aggressive the entire fight not giving up until Garbrandt made a technical error in the middle of round two causing Garbrandt to get dazed, and eventually the fight would get called off do to a knockout.  Garbrandt lost his title, is seeking a comeback, and would like a rematch.