The deputy wasn’t just hearing this faint, disturbing piano Mr. and Mrs. Meredith owned an ancient piano nearing its two hundredth birthday. This piano was always thought to be haunted, this piano would play a game of hot and cold with the lone deputy. This cursed house was playing a terrifying game on the deputy, as he walked through the house he saw clues of reaching a specific are the basement door as he reached there the dog quint began to bark almost as loud as the piano. Once he kicked the door open Quint stopped barking and began whining and the piano only played one key.

The basement was dark and quiet, the one thing Robert did not want to do or should do is enter the dark basement, the Deputy said to himself “I need to know whats down here” as he lit a match he immediately regretted this as there was the head of Mrs. Meredith almost fully consumed by decomposing. The deputy kept walking he saw bloodstains everywhere in sacrificial drawings even ducks Quint had helped hunt but they were not alive.

Deeper in this satanic basement the deputy continues towards the darkness trying to touch it with his light, when he meets the middle of the devilish basement he hears a voice and freezes realizing who it is it is Mr. Meridith about to kill the Deputy but one more voice much louder than anything the deputy had ever heard, it even shook the very ground he was on and lit every candle in the basement exposing everything there were five bloody skeletons around the Deputy and Mr. Meredith had no legs but was taller than The Deputy this of course was a sight for him he pulled out his gun and shot Mr. Meredith and it had no effect only bloodshot eyes and already lifelessness.

As Robert tried to run he was stopped by a force unimaginable, the Deputy only thought of one thing at this point, it was to live but by the way it looked he had no other way out except death by this point he raised his gun but the force caused him to through it across this hell hole, by this time it has already been one hour since he had left the station, he thought more would come and would die or he could be saved at that moment he heard sirens but faint probably more than a few miles away so did the dog and most importantly the piano it stopped playing the same key and started playing De Boself setting a bad tone in the already death house Robert was in.

As the other officers got to the house they came across a completely silent house they all went guns drawn to the back they had been warned about the dog but as they came across the dog it was mangled, dead. The officers had entered the house and followed a piercing red light from the basement the closer they got the more the ground shook. They had entered the basement the ground was acting like an earthquake was happening they had already passed the head and hoped nothing worse was down there so they continued in hopes to save their friend but they were to late The Deputy was tied up to the wall dead bloody and dismembered. Then the voice and Mr. Meredith.