Cross Country Season


Cross country is not your average sport. Everyday the team spend hours running. Their workouts vary from 400 meter repeats to long eight miles runs. No matter what that day consists of, they are always forcing themselves to push themselves. If the average person was to look at their workouts for the week, they were be appalled by the intense workouts the athletes work their bodies to the breaking point.

This season they had one day off in the week, Sunday, although they were still expected to run. Compared to other schools in KUSD, they run longer distances more often than others do. Overall the team did pretty well even though they suffered from a few injuries. There were girls who developed shin splints and knee injuries which kept them from participating in the workouts. For those who ran in the meets, they did pretty well. They often times had over 10 PR’s (personal records) in the meets. This season was extremely hard both mentally and physically, but they would not trade this time with the cross country team for anything!