Dances Of Culture


Around the world, the vast cultures of foreign or familiar places have a dance. Dance is moving in a quick and lively way, and rhythmically to music, typically, but not always, following a sequence of steps. These dances are around the world, and cultures tie in to how these dances are performed, costumes, or occasions. Whether it’s the Bollywood dance in India, Japan’s Kabuki, Paraguay’s Traditional Dance, or the Middle East’s Belly Dance, each of them are crawling with vibrant colors, shiny jewels, or twirling skirts.

These colors, and costumes are symbolic of each place’s cultures. For example, in China, the Dragon Dance is performed during the Lunar New Year, usually at local and public places, for example, an amusement park for celebrations. This dance features fireworks, puppet dragons made of paper and bamboo, and parades of people manning the puppets, wearing colors of symbolic meaning for China.

In Japan, the Kabuki is a classical Japanese dance drama, that tells a story throughout the dance. This dance drama originated in Kyoto, and has been performed for 400 years. Talk about historic culture!