Distinction Between Sasquatch and Yeti


Is there a difference between a Sasquatch, A.K.A a Bigfoot, and a Yeti? Are they the same bipedal humanoid, or is there more than one? This is the questions many have asked for decades. Geography is the most important aspect of this tireless investigation. As many are aware, the Sasquatch is native to the North America’s Pacific Northwest region. Most sightings have been in Washington, but there are many accounts of others all over the United States.

The Yeti, or the Abominable Snowman, on the other hand, hails from more Himalayan regions, such as Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. He inhabits snowy climates while the Sasquatch prefers damp and chilly areas with lots of trees and protection from the media. The Yeti’s history dates back to pre-19th century and the Sasquatch dates back to Native American lore. These two creatures share the appearance of a gorilla-like stature and lack of civilized nature, that we know of. The Yeti is seen as having white hair or fur, and the Sasquatch is most often seen with very dark hair or fur.

What I suspect is that they are in some way relatives, genetically similar but not the same. Much like your cousins from Florida, you have different opinions, because we as northerners are inherently more versatile and hardy just as the Yeti is superior to the Sasquatch.  Whether or not this article is the cause of serious investigation into the alleged cover-up of the Bigfoot is out of my hands and is up to you, the reader. There is most likely more than one due to all the sightings, but the general population can never be sure.