Education System Worsening


Though they are not always as appreciated as they should be, teachers are the foundation of our future. They instill all of their knowledge into children that will one day operate the world. Teachers of all grades are responsible for the education of their students, whether it is pre-k or high school. These educators are not given enough resources and are obligated to purchase most of their materials on their own. In 2010, Scott Walker was elected as the Wisconsin Governor, and since then our education system has progressively worsened.

Teachers who got their degrees and licenses before Walker was elected are not as compromised as the newer teachers. The newer teachers are at an economic standstill. He proposed a law that makes it simple for anyone to become a teacher, including someone who does not even have a bachelors degree, and even does not require a teachings license. The teachers that began before Walker and received their Masters Degree are able to make the maximum amount for a teachers salary. Now, a Masters Degree is not as valuable, because they will hire anyone. There are a lot of problems that may not be resolved until he is out of his position. Therefore, it is our job as a society to participate in voting and look out for our future leaders.