Fun Activities To Do In The Summer (For Cheap)!


In summertime, teenagers are either working or hanging out with their friends, which can be the most fun part of summer. For seniors, this is our last summer together before everyone leaves for college, so this summer definitely needs to be one of the best ones ever. Finding activities to do in the summer can be difficult, especially when you need to save money but still want to have fun. Here are some ideas to do in the summer on a budget:

Go to the Farmer’s Market downtown Lay out in your backyard
Set up a lemonade stand (to make money) Go on a bike ride
Plan a picnic with friends in a park or at the beach Paint on a canvas
Go to thrift shops Do a garage sale (to make money)
Attend any free music events in Kenosha Work out at home
Camp in your backyard Go to a local pool
Go to a local dog park Watch the sunrise/sunset
Attend a parade Go on a hike (at Devil’s Lake)


Now, here are some fun things to do that cost more money:

Attend Summerfest to see a great artist Go to the State Fair in Milwaukee
Go to Lollapalooza Go to a drive in movie theater
Spend a day at a water in the Wisconsin Dells Attend Country Thunder
Go mini golfing (at Action Territory) Spend a day at Six Flags Great America
Participate in a Color Run Go on a mini road trip or vacation