Healthy Eating


Recently in my Anatomy and Physiology class, we have learned more about nutrition and the digestive system. To maintain a healthy weight, we must reduce the intake of processed and fast food. Because of the high sodium content, foods like these make it harder for your kidney to remove water weight. This relationship causes higher blood pressure. To avoid this conflict, try eating fruits and vegetables when you would usually eat a bag of chips or sweets. Eating healthy isn’t always as bad as it seems. There is a notion that eating healthy solely consists of dry salads and nasty sweets. In reality, when you maintain a healthy diet, counting calories and restricting carbs is not necessary. However, eating healthy, alone, will not only make you lose weight. A balance of supporting your body with the nutrients if needs and an exercise routine will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. With a healthy balance, there is room for small portions of sweets. There is a notion among many diet plans that you must restrict your body and your desires to succeed. But with a healthy balance of food and exercise, you will be successful in your weight lose or lifestyle change endeavors.