Holiday Sales


SALE!! Many see the word sale and think they are actually saving money but some stores bump up their prices and then put sale prices on their items to make it look like you’re buying something on sale. Many stores have been caught doing this on items to make a better or equal prophet than the items on sale.

One store that was caught doing this is Justice. “Perez took the chain’s owner, Tween Brands, to court, challenging Justice sales that claimed shoppers would get “40 percent off.” Her class-action lawsuit claimed that items were sold at a higher price so fleetingly the 40 percent off price tag was in fact the regular price” (Sheryl Harris, The Plain Dealer 20015). In 2015 Justice was caught having a 40% sale but then were found bumping up their prices so it wasn’t actually a 40% sale. This act is actually illegal and there can be federal punishment for the act. So when you see the word SALE! Don’t always believe it and check the stores regular prices first.