Honoring California


When will the NRA say enough is enough? It is so very heartbreaking to see what our country has come to after the last few years of devastating violence. Approximately 120 miles from Sacramento,the  rural town Rancho Tehama experienced a traumatic scene on Tuesday, November 14th. Police claim the suspect ran over an elementary school’s gate with his vehicle, and began shooting randomly. Continuing their investigation, police found he shot his neighbors after participating in a fight with them. For now they are saying his fight with his neighbors must of have been correlated with him driving to the school.

The question is, how sick can someone be to take the lives of innocent children? This only goes back to the National Rifle Association and how this could have been prevented. The criminal had gone through seven areas of town randomly shooting out of anger. When his sister was questioned, she explained that he had a history of having sprees of rage. She elaborated by saying he would often get extremely upset over small problems or quirks. She also admitted he had no business owning a gun. In summary, it is our job as a nation to honor and never forget the four children that lost their lives.