Houston Ties It Up


Last night, May 16th, The Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets were set to tip off Game 2 of the Western Conference finals. After losing Game 1, The Rockets needed to get a win to tie the series up before heading to Golden State for games 3 and 4. Before the game, Warriors’ superstar Stephen Curry joked about being attacked by the Rockets to try to get some easy baskets. His pre-game joke turned out to come true. The Rockets targeted Curry on 23 possessions in Game 2, the most that Curry has been targeted by a team all year. On top of being exploited on the defensive end of the court, Curry also played poor offensively. He finished the game with 16 points, and only make one three pointer out of eight attempts, which is very unlike him. In fact, just about the entire Warriors’ team played poorly, except Kevin Durant. He dropped 38 points in an otherwise embarrassing 127-105 blowout loss. The two teams will face off again Sunday, May 20th, for Game 3 of the series. It will be interesting to see what adjustments the Warriors will make to bounce back from their big Game 2 loss.