Importance of Mental Health


With the recently tragic event of Washington State QB Tyler Hilinski taking his own life last night, we need to realize how important mental health is to not only people, but also students and student athletes as well. We shouldn’t have to talk about this just because someone took their life; it should’ve been talked about way before this.

On average, 40 college students take their lives due to stress, or they have social anxiety and feel like they don’t fit in. We don’t know why Hilinski took his life; he left a note, but the police did not say what the note said and left it to the family.

Family members of Hilinski said that please seek help if you feel depressed or out of place as there is a place for you in this world and people are willing to listen. We agree with as there is room for and people are willing to listen to your problems, whether it’s family issues, grades, stress, or social anxiety. Suicide is not the answer to any problem, so if you feel like this or know anyone with thoughts of suicide, please call the hotline at 1-800-273-8255 .