Interest in the Warriors?


NBA league sources told ESPN that Cavaliers’ star LeBron James would be open to listen to offers from the Golden State Warriors during his free agency period this summer. The sources confirmed that it would take a max deal for LeBron to even consider the offer. In order to sign him, the Warriors would have to move an asset or two to clear up the cap space.

However, this move seems very unlikely to many analysts. LeBron’s Cavaliers team has faced the Warriors in the last three NBA Finals. Many would call LeBron a “snake” if he went and joined his biggest rivals. On top of that, the Warriors would be overloaded with talent. If Lebron were to join, they would arguably have the three best current players in the league on their team: LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Stephen Curry. As intriguing as the offer may be, it would be best for LeBron’s reputation if he were to sign with anybody but the Golden State Warriors.