iPhone X


There has been a constant buzz around school every since the new iPhone X was released. Everyone desires to have the new best thing, a and only a few people have actually gotten their hands on it. The new phone does not have a home button, but has a larger screen, slimmer size, and has the ability to take better photos. Students who have the phone are excited to show their classmates the new phone and enjoy the excitement and jealousy of their peers. It is an awesome new device that allows people to engage in the newest technology.

The phone has basically the same abilities and so many my proclaim how dumb the new phone is, but on the other hand, many people say that phone is way different due to the new look of the phone like the larger display. Another interesting addition to the phone is the new and improved camera. It is shifted do that it is now vertical. The back facing camera even includes a “portrait” mode that allows for specific modifications to occur before the photo is even taken. This feature is very appealing to people who are semi- interested in photography but do not have the means to purchase a well-known, high-end camera.