Jenner’s Pregnancy Came By Storm(i)


Going on for about the past nine months, Kylie Jenner finally confirms what we have all been talking about. Kylie was in fact pregnant for nine months, yet kept it under wraps from the press and her fans the entire time. Not until the baby was actually born on February 1st, 2018, could the rumors finally be set in stone. After the baby’s birth, there were again rumors on what she named her little girl from Posi to Mariposa, yet these rumors were false. Kylie finally posted, on her instagram, a picture of her holding the had of her little girl with the caption “Stormi Webster” to put aside the fake names we all were guessing. At just 20 years old, Kylie’s friends and family expressed that she has always desired to be a mother, and therefore they have no doubt Stormi has a bright future. Although Kylie could have made million through her pregnancy, her decision to keep it a secret was only to benefit her and her baby’s health. Her fans wish her the best of luck and are so happy for not only her, but for Stormi and Travis Scott as well.