Kentucky School Shooting


On January 23rd, a fifteen year old male student at Marshall County High School opened fire on his school. Apparently the suspect walked into school at 8:57 am and immediately began shooting in the commons. The student aimed randomly at a range of 14 to 18 people. Seeking safety, students first got down and were pouring out of the school. A total of 18 students were injured by gunshots, including a very bright special needs student, Daniel Austin. His mother was interviewed and explained that there was no reason anyone would ever want to hurt her son. She continued to say there is a good chance his arm will have to be amputated. Though these students were only wounded temporarily, two innocent students lost their lives. Bailey Nicole Holt was murdered on the scene while  Preston Ryan Cope passed in the hospital. It is so heartbreaking that society is becoming immune to these horrendous tragedies.