Killing Net Neutrality Means the Death of Free Speech


Net Neutrality prohibits internet service providers from purposely slowing down your internet connection, censoring certain content, and blocking websites and applications. Net Neutrality is how the internet has worked in the United States forever, and it protects public libraries, schools, and you! The Federal Communications Commission intends to abolish Net Neutrality and allow internet providers the power to discriminate and control the websites you go on and what you see.

Right now, you probably have a deal with your internet service provider that allows you to pay a certain amount monthly and you get to use any website to say anything or find anything. Verizon plans to make you pay for specific sites monthly such as Google, Netflix, and YouTube. This is Orwellian at best and effectively kills innovation. It has caused an uproar on many social media sites. It will be officially proposed on December 14 and because Republicans have majority in the agency, it will likely go into effect early next year.

Net Neutrality needs to be protected. One way to do this is to call and email our senators, Ron Johnson and Tammy Baldwin. You can join protests in your area, show that the public will not stand the abolishment of an open internet. If you believe it is your right to not be unfairly charged and not have large corporations regulate what media you choose to view, you need to take action.

Senator Ron Johnson’s Office Number: (202) 224-5323

Visit or to find calling scripts and email the FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai.