Knit Wits


“It is a wonderful, healing experience that allows students to bond while overcoming challenges. And *next week* I’m bringing snacks.”   -Kionna Babel, President of Knit Wits.

We attended a Knit Wit meeting on Monday, November 13, 2017, to experience the club for ourselves. We learned, from instruction from Mrs. Orth and members of the club, how to cast on and the beginning stages of knitting. All members were well experienced, yet extremely motivating and helpful to our amateur knitting abilities. Mrs. Orth supplied the colorful varieties of yarn so students could eventually create something that is personal to them.

After interviewing Kionna Babel, president of Knit Wits, we learned that she was in a knitting club at her previous school and was slightly disappointed when she found out Tremper does not offer one. She took matters into her own hands. In effort to provide a stress relieving after school activity, Babel worked with Mrs. Orth to create Knit Wits. Currently, the members of Knit Wits are knitting in effort to create at least 25 hats to donate to the Shalom Center. If you would like to help this important cause, meet right after school on Mondays in room 230 and join Knit Wits!