KUSD’s Oklahoma! Review


Oklahoma! was a surprising standout in the 2017-2018 KUSD Theatre Season.  The show highlighted many actors and actresses of the program that have not held many leading roles, and it was refreshing to see the talent and energy of these young performers.  The show itself had a different, more intricate storyline than I was expecting, making it all the more entertaining.  

To begin with, I would like to focus on the women of the show, specifically Sara Glidden as Laurey Williams, Jackie Labbe as Aunt Eller, and Makayla Fedler as Ado Annie Carnes.  Sara Glidden was an amazing high soprano and wielded a vibrato much more mature than most other high school girls.  She was slightly quiet compared to her male counterpart, Luke Cloherty, but her quiet voice was sweet and fit her character well.  I was very impressed by Jackie Labbe as well; her commitment to her character was evident as she utilized many dynamic changes in her voice to create humor in certain situations.  She combined a classic southern accent with second soprano vocals to portray the perfect motherly character.  Makayla Fedler as Ado Annie Carnes just so happened to be my very favorite in the show (besides Grant, of course).  Fedler was an amazing first soprano!  Her tone quality was fantastic, she never swayed in staying perfectly in tune, and her use of vast volumes perfectly fit her character.  I was astonished by her talent.  

The male cast was equally amazing, with Luke Cloherty, Julian Wilkerson, and Grant Enwright showcasing their incredible vocal talent.  Cloherty, playing the romantic Curly McLain, had a great tenor voice and sang expressively throughout the whole show.  There were minor volume issues in his performance, as he sometimes overwhelmed other characters, but otherwise he was simply a very strong performer.  Julian Wilkerson stood out a lot to me due to his rich tone and expressive voice, not to mention the fact that he was an unbelievable actor.  To finish, Grant Enwright made this entire show!  It was evident by the sheer amount of applause during bows that he had charmed the audience with his lovable character and obvious talent as a tenor and personality.  The entire cast was made up of amazing performers and, in conclusion, I loved the show.