Lil Pump


Rapping in this era of time has evolved into a lot of bass and auto tune.  The rap is called trap music where they talk about designer clothes money and other essentials.  Rapper known as Lil Pump grew up in South Florida and is 17 years old, rapping was the only way out for him.  Lil Pump was not the brightest kid in school, getting kicked out of high school in the ninth grade but then going to an opportunity high school but getting kicked out of that as well.  

Pump has a very bad history with drugs and violence.  The rapper Smokepurp took Pump took him under his wing to help him pursue his rap career.  Lil Pump got known in the end of 2016 and started making more music to produce more money.  Pump at the age of 16 only wore designer clothes and drove a new Porsche.  Now Lil Pump has his focus set on making music but since then he has crashed his Porsche.