Link Crew

BY Raeanna Maegaard

The informational meeting for Link Crew applications was today in the auditorium during all C&C classes. Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Chase gave the basic information of Link Crew sign ups, and we even got the chance to hear about our current cabinet’s thoughts and opinions regarding everything Link Crew stands for. Some shared of their purpose for joining, and others spoke of the fantastic opportunities it has presented them with. For me, Link Crew has been a great way to challenge my problem solving skills and take on new responsibilities. The newfound leadership and social skills I have developed has made my Link Crew experience worthwhile thus far. For current sophomores or juniors looking to join our organization, I strongly encourage it! And even for our current freshman, who look to their Link Crew leaders in admiration or as an outlet for motivation, I would advise you to consider joining in your future years at this school, as a way to become more involved with school events or clubs, and as a way to step out of your comfort zones and meet new people! The payoff of new experiences and new friendships or relationships with the people I have met through Link Crew have been awesome!