Mr. West


It has been over two years since we have seen new music from Kanye West. 2016’s The Life of Pablo was a huge success and Mr. West, himself, said, “The next album will be even better” in a 2107 interview with West has been in the news lately due to many remarks regarding his love for Donald Trump. Media and Kanye fans have blown up everything the rap icon has said. West posted a picture of him wearing a MAGA hat to his Twitter page, immediately after he lost over 4.4 thousand followers. West has always been subject to ridicule, but has always emerged to justify himself. So, what better time to release two new singles.

West has a new album slated to release in June. Due to the recent media activity, West decided to drop two new singles, titled Lift Yourself, and Ye vs. the People. Lift Yourself  features a two minute long EDM instrumental followed by what West teases as “incredible bars.” However, the line simply says, “Poopity-scoop, Scoopity-whoop , Whoopty scoopty poop.” Is West alluding to the madness surrounding him on Twitter with this gibberish? Or does this carry some sort of underlying message? In the end, West is most likely trolling listeners with this joke of a song.In the second single, Ye vs the People,  Kanye discusses his political differences with rap mogul, T.I. , as “The People”. West preaches about his political beliefs and the way the public views his stance on these issues. West’s most powerful lines include, “I know Obama was heaven sent, but ever since Trump won it proved I could be president” and, “Yo Tip, I hear your side and everybody talk, though but ain’t going against the grain everything I fought for?” Ye vs the People has legitimate meanings, which West never fails to produce. Of course, West will receive hate for this song too, as always.