Online Shopping


Shopping online has some pros, but, sadly, it has just as many cons, if not more. Being able to be in the comfort of your own bed and not change out of your pajamas to buy the things that you need is such an amazing thing. It is also very important to be able to go to the store and try on the items that you want to buy to make sure that they fit you properly because it may not look like how it does on the model as it does on you. Unless the website has free shipping, you are going to have to pay an extra fee just to have it delivered to your house. Sometimes this cost can add up to an extra $8, in which it might cost more than the original item that you are wishing to purchase. If you get it in the mail and it does not fit correctly and there is not a store near you, you will have to send it back through the mail and, sometimes, pay ANOTHER fee. If there is a store near you, it is usually smarter to just drive there than have to go through the hassle of shipping and the extra costs that come with it.