Oshkosh West Tournament


On Saturday, September 23rd, the Tremper girls’ tennis team participated in the annual Oshkosh West tournament. Considering Tremper’s number one varsity player, Olivia Valentine, was out with a calf injury, the team refused to suffer. Though I generally play number two singles at tournaments, I had to step up and play Olivia’s spot. After having to play up, I realized there is an obvious difference between playing two and one. The matches would definitely be a challenge, but I needed to have confidence to get me through what would be three tough matches.

Tremper’s two and three doubles team both came in first place. Number two doubles consisting of Caitlyn Dolan and Lauren Mossman, and three consisting of Kate Bertog and Hannah Matthews.This means that both teams participated and won all three matches they played this day. Our number three player, Kara Clark, took fourth, while our four singles player, Brianna Pacetti, took sixth. Our number one doubles team, Madalyn and Bryce Bigelow, took second place. I lost both of my matches to very respectable teams, and the last player had defaulted.

Given the day was rough enough, I was definitely not upset that I did not have to play a third match. Out of eight teams, the Tremper girls’ tennis team finished fourth. Most of the participating teams were either at our level or better. Though we were forced to play in exceptionally hot conditions, our team, as usual, pushed through.