Packers Lose Second Straight Game


The Green Bay Packers have lost again. This time against their division rivals the Detroit Lions 30-17. The Packers have a major quarterback problem. The backup quarterback Brett Hundley had a lackluster performance. He also looked unimpressive. He put himself in a difficult position to throw the ball when he decided to escape non-existent pressure. He missed a wide open player early in the game. This was an easy and massive win for the Lions. They were never in danger of losing the game.

Head coach Mike McCarthy is going to be asked about the Packers signing Colin Kaepernick so that he can solve the quarterback problem. And when he was asked about a potential signing for Kaepernick, he said that he does not want any veteran quarterback because it was unfair to Kaepernick and the other Packers quarterbacks.

The Packers are going to need to figure out their problem before they travel to Chicago to take on their division rivals the Bears because the Bears’ defense has been improving and Green Bay could be on the verge of losing. The Lions will visit the winless Cleveland Browns next week.